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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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Title Screen

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Developers: MercurySteam, Kojima Productions, Climax Studios (Windows)
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows
Released internationally: August 27, 2013 (Steam), August 30, 2013 (Retail)
Released in JP: December 16, 2010
Released in US: October 5, 2010
Released in EU: October 8, 2010
Released in AU: October 19, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow kicks the franchise European-style, serving as a reboot and radically shifting the gameplay to the third dimension. Again. The game was quite well received at the time, and had sold around a million copies just two months after release. Despite that, the game has not aged well in some fans' eyes, and ultimately spelled the beginning of the end for new Castlevania games as a whole. Outside of casinos, at least.

Debug Menu

A debug menu can be accessed by hacking the PS3 version of the game.

Method Code
Memory (PS3) 00014C94 38C00003
00014C9C 90D6002C
Eboot (PS3) OGP 6000000093D9FC949356002C
COP 38C0000393D9FC9490D6002C

Once active, you can access it on the pause menu and see the following options:

Option Effect
Change Level Allows the player to load any level in the game. Levels are indexed by chapters. Upon selecting a level, the game will ask if the player wants to play in trial mode. Selecting yes will enable the trial for the selected level. Also sets the player's experience points to 1000000 after loading a level.
Game Version Shows the game's version in the upper right corner of the screen along with some debug messages.
Listener in Camera Seems to affect the position of the listener, which affects the volume of sound effects and make them sound like they are further away.
God Mode Gives unlimited health, magic, daggers, fairies, holy water, dark crystals and concentration and makes the player immune to hitstun and knockback.
Beefed Up Unlocks all upgrades and sets health, magic, daggers, fairies, holy water and dark crystals to max.
Killing Machine Increases damage dealt by a lot.
Play Scene Allows the player to watch any in-game cutscene from the current level.
Play Video Exclusive Allows the player to watch almost any video file and pre-rendered cutscene in the game.
Next Checkpoint Warps the player to the next checkpoint of current level.
Previous Checkpoint Warps the player to the previous checkpoint of the current level.
Finish ALL Sets every level to completed in Knight difficulty with all trials completed (with the exception of DLC levels not having their trials flagged as completed). Also unlocks all extras, artworks, characters and skills entries, though the skills themselves won't be unlocked without the necessary items.

The Debug Menu also enables the Cheats menu in the Extras without having to input the Konami code and works perfectly with the DLCs.

(Source: Codemasters Project)

Unused Video File

A pretty strange video file not accessible from the Debug Menu can be found in the game files of the PS3 version of the game. The file is named working.bik and is located in the PS3_GAME/USRDIR/Video directory.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Skill Entries

CLoS Skills Menu With 2 Unused Skills.png

There are 2 unused skill entries in the game. Although the skills themselves are unlocked from start, the entries in the book are never unlocked during normal gameplay, rendering their artworks and descriptions unused. They can either be unlocked using the Finish ALL option from the Debug Menu or the All Combos cheat in the Cheats menu using either the Debug Menu or the Konami code during a loading screen. Once unlocked, both skills are located between Area Attack Combo and Rising Strike under Advanced Moves.

Air Direct Attack

A series of direct attacks while airborne. You will be in the air longer than with a normal jump, allowing additional moves to be performed.

Air Area Attack

A series of area attacks while airborne. You will be in the air longer than with a normal jump, allowing additional moves to be performed.

(Source: Original TCRF research)