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Evolving dramatically from the 1996 art program FutureSplash Animator, Flash is a mature, famous development platform for animations, programs, and games. Once popular and loved (or at least tolerated), its luck fell dramatically starting in the mid-2000s due to high levels of CPU and battery usage, poor support on non-Windows platforms, a very public snub by Apple, and the tides of public opinion - and Adobe's own management - gradually turning towards HTML5.

Ultimately ceased development and distribution (and remotely disabled some of the final versions of the player!) on January 12, 2021, so those interested better have saved those Flash files up so they can help out with this section! Thankfully, fan archival projects such as the Flashpoint Archive (formerly BlueMaxima's Flashpoint) have been created with the sole purpose of keeping these games alive past Flash's death.

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