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According to Nintendo Dream, Jupiter (not to be confused with Jupiter Entertainment) is a Japanese video game company founded on June 11, 1992 by Makoto Nakayama of Intelligent Systems. Their motto is "Let’s Play! Let’s Smile!".

Other than video games, Jupiter are known for their work on accessories (such as the mascot touch pen series or hardcover series), peripherals, papercraft products (such as the Magic Craft series; perhaps best known for Pokémon Craft, which Jupiter promoted on the Satellaview). The Pokémon Pikachu and Pocket Sakura dedicated consoles were also worked on by Jupiter.

Jupiter are perhaps best known for the Picross series, of which they have produced countless games beginning with Tamori no Picross, but their first game was actually Kooky no Quiz Carnival in 1994.

Jupiter often works with another company, such as Creatures for the Game Boy Camera.