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Konami Computer Entertainment Japan was a former development division of Konami, created in April 1996 after the fith development studio of KCE Osaka broke off.

In 1998, this studio was merged with Konami Computer Games Aoyama, and, a year later, with KCE Shinjuku. From then, KCE Japan was separated into two distinct studios:

  • KCEJ East - Consisted of the former Shinjuku studio. Were known for primarily developing manga and anime licensed games.
  • KCEJ West - Consisted of the former Aoyama studio and original Osaka branch. Was known for being home to Hideo Kojima, who created Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders, and Boktai. It was also involved with the development of some Bemani home ports.

In April 2005, KCE Japan, as with most of Konami's other development divisions, merged back into its parent company, while the original Osaka branch became Kojima Productions.


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