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The Amiga and the Atari ST are released to the world, the former becomes the next big thing in Europe, blowing away every computer in performance released at that point. Tetris is quietly created for the Electronika-60 by students at a Russian academy.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the video game industry remains quite burned out from all the poor-quality titles. Nintendo uses some very crafty marketing techniques to bring the Famicom out of Japan, marketing it as the Nintendo Entertainment System to make it sound less like a video game system and more like a toy, with R.O.B. the Robot tagging along to further sell the guise. These aspects, along with the NES' flagship title, Super Mario Bros., would plant the seeds for a complete revival of the video game industry. Intel releases the 80386 (more commonly known as i386), the first 32-bit microprocessor for PC's.

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