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Capcom releases the first home console game for the NES Mega Man and the modern fighting game granddaddy, Street Fighter, is released into arcades. Konami releases the stealth action series Metal Gear. Sierra suddenly gets adult with Leisure Suit Larry, which becomes a huge hit at homes. A struggling Square makes Final Fantasy as a farewell gift, only for it to be not only a huge success, but one that completely reverses their bankruptcy. The Master System is released in Japan, but with a nifty FM chip that no one outside of Japan had the luxury to hear. Along with the Master System comes Phantasy Star, which set Sega's foot into the RPG genre. NEC in collaboration with Hudson Soft releases the PC-Engine in Japan. Not only do IBM PC and clone users get VGA and 3.5" floppies, but Ad Lib sound cards finally introduce a decent sound standard to machines.

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