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Sega enters the 16-bit era. The Mega Drive released in Japan on October 29, 1988 competing against NEC's PC Engine and Nintendo's Famicom. Unfortunately the launch was overshadowed by the then recent release of Super Mario Bros. 3. By the time the Super Famicom released, Sega was in third place in the console market behind NEC and Nintendo.

Meanwhile in America, the console was rebranded as the Genesis as the trademark for Mega Drive was already registered in North America. Nevertheless, the Genesis released was released nationwide in August 1989 and quickly outsold NEC's TurboGrafx-16 while also taking market share from Nintendo's NES. Around the same time as Nintendo released the SNES in North America, Sega unleashed Sonic the Hedgehog onto the world. Sega would be the leader for several years but in the end the SNES outsold the Genesis in North America.

Renowned for its diverse library, and its many sports games.


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