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The very first CD-ROM add-on for a video game console ever to be produced, the TurboGrafx-CD was released at a time when the media was still in its infancy. The add-on was not much of a success in the U.S., due to the TurboGrafx-16 itself never getting much traction in the U.S. However, it was very popular in Japan, where it was known as the PC Engine CD-ROM² System, and its lack of region protection (unlike HuCards) helped spur its popularity among importers.

Later CD-ROM² discs require the use of an upgrade card called the Super System Card, which updates the system's BIOS and adds extra RAM (an updated model of the add-on was also released in Japan that have the BIOS and RAM upgrade built-in). These games were labelled Super CD-ROM² discs in both, Japan and the U.S. A third standard of CD-ROM² discs, known as Arcade CD-ROM² discs, were exclusive to Japan and required one of the two Arcade Card upgrades that were available, depending on which model of the CD-ROM² System add-on you're using.


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