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The Xbox One was Microsoft's attempt to create a full-on always-online multimedia set-top-box, combining games, television and streaming into a single Kinect-centric package. It... didn't go over well with gamers, to put it lightly, and Microsoft have spent the years since pivoting into a dedicated games platform with a focus on crowd-pleasing features like backwards compatibility and cross-platform multiplayer with computers, and even Switch players.

The console also proved to be remarkably resilent to hacking attempts, and the copy protection remains completely uncracked to this day. As such, don't expect any exclusives to be on this site, though thankfully the vast majority of its catalogue got a PC port, at the very least.

An upgraded version, the Xbox One X, was released in 2017, adding more horsepower under the hood to enable better support for 4k resolutions. As there are no games that require the Xbox One X, this category will also cover that system.

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