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Cave Story/eShop version

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This is a sub-page of Cave Story.

One of the stranger ports in terms of both regional differences and unique features, such as being the only version to have a difficulty select for Curly Story, as well as a stereoscopic 3D effect. Not to be confused with Cave Story 3D.

Leftover Command

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The script for the post-boss cutscene in Wind Fortress still contains the <ACH command. This seems to be a leftover from the Steam version, where it was used to unlock achievements.

Destroyed G-CLONE!<ACH0048<WAI0140<NOD

Curly Story Difficulty Select


While not as impressive as the Switch version in terms of unique content, this version has the dubious honor of a difficulty select for Curly Story, complete with unique palette swaps for the Easy and Hard difficulty modes.

Sprite Errors

Although it's pretty much identical to the base story's difficulty select and the other versions of Curly Story, the sprites do contain a few graphical errors. These would corrected later on in the Switch release, which added the ability to play Curly Story in both graphical styles.

Image Notes
Cavestory mychar curly halloween.png
Very poorly downscaled sprites from Curly's Halloween costume in CS+ (Samus' Varia suit).
Cavestory Mychar.png
The MyChar for normal difficulty contains Quote's Mimiga Mask sprites by accident.

Map Differences

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  • The Shack's look was cleaned up, adding background tiles to cover up the "naked tiles" of the original map.
  • An extra block was placed near the Missile chest in Bushlands.
  • A current in the Living Waterway was moved upwards one tile.

Regional Differences

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Cavestory nemesis eu.png

Almost every regional release has a few bizarre changes worth mentioning, whether they're visible in-game or not.


  • Contains the files for the Machine Gun Challenge (albeit in a broken state), see below.
  • Tileset for the Nemesis Challenge is broken, seemingly due to it drawing from the base game's Outer Wall spritesheet rather than the intended custom one.


  • The US version stores its spritesheets in the strange, seemingly proprietary .tex format, contrasting with every other port, which uses .png.
CaveStory BulletsTransparent.png
CaveStory BulletsOriginal.png

In the US version only, transparency effects were added to nearly every projectile, ranging from just changing the anti-aliasing (i.e. the Level 1 Machine Gun's bullets), to making the smears transparent (as is the case with the Level 1 & 2 Blade), or even making the entire projectile transparent like with the Level 2 and (unpopped) Level 3 Bubbler projectiles.

For whatever reason, this effect is not present in any other version of the game. Perhaps this was a side effect resulting from the graphic files' conversions from .tex to .png? Even in the Nintendo Switch version, which adds a variety of visual effects to gameplay, the bullets lack the transparency seen here.


  • Has a unique splash screen animation, see below for more info.
  • Unused sprites relating to the above animation.
  • Contains a copy of stage.tbl, the file used to store maps.


  • Contains the Machine Gun Challenge in-game, see below for more info.

Machine Gun Challenge

Despite pretty much every other challenge level (at the time) being in this port - Wind Fortress, Nemesis Challenge, etc - the Machine Gun Challenge, strangely enough, is nowhere to be seen.

Well... kind of, but not really.

Unused Files

Example of the broken tiles and collision in the starting map

In the Europe version of eShop, the files for the Machine Gun Challenge are present in the mods folder, though they include the wrong tileset and aren't compatible with eShop due to the scripting (TSC) files being encrypted (as CS+ and the original freeware version use). As eShop uses plaintext TSC, attempting to make the game load the level will simply result in a black screen, as the game is unable to read the script and therefore can't run the starting event - which includes fading the screen in.

However, if the TSC files are converted to plaintext, it is possible to load it, albeit in a corrupted state - collision and tileset placement is randomised, making progression basically impossible. At the moment it's unknown what causes this, as the files can be loaded via fan-made modding tools and appear to be perfectly intact.

Korean Version

In the Korean version and the Korean version only, the Machine Gun Challenge can be unlocked in-game, fully functional. Why it can only be found in this version and no other is also currently unknown.

Unused Graphics

Cavestory jpeshopintro.gif
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The Japanese version contains a unique animation on its splash screen.


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  • Deletes and the Time Bomb found in Egg Corridor? don't damage the player when they explode. This can also be found in the DSi version.