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Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

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Title Screen

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

Developers: Skip Ltd., Vanpool
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: October 8, 2015[1]
Released in US: October 9, 2015[1]
Released in EU: November 6, 2015[1]

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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  • There's leftover debug and test files in the shader folder known ds_debug.shbin and test00.shbin.
  • There's a debug file the script folder known as debug.nb.
  • There's a glitch you can do before the World 3 boss which brings up an invisible debug menu that can play its intro and defeated cutscenes. Look more into this.

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash is the fifth entry in the series and its first 2D outing. Chibi-Robo must travel across the world to stop aliens from taking it over. The game features bizarre gameplay choices like a spin wheel to randomly select levels and forcing you to grind coins in order to fight the final boss without warning you beforehand. Also many, MANY shameless product placements.

This game is infamous for being so much of a failure that it killed the Chibi-Robo franchise as a whole. After years of other Chibi-Robo games struggling to see commercial success, Zip Lash was universally panned by critics and was one of the biggest commercial flops of any game published by Nintendo. Put simply, this game blows.

Dummy Tracks

In the stream folder, there's three tracks named DUMMY_HOK_STR, dummy_hzmt, and dummy2. They don't contain any music, so it's very likely they were used as placeholders.

Unused Text



Tidying up trash, sir? How thoughtful! If this were the full game, we could turn it into watts back at the Chibi-House.


This concludes our demo. Do you want to close this software and visit Nintendo eShop?


Oh, Chibi-Robo, sir! I forgot to mention something very important.


This is as far as we can go in the demo version of this software, but here's a little preview of how the game will continue.


Do you want to close this software and visit Nintendo eShop?



Increase/decrease snacks

Designate problem (view order)

Designate problem ("giving"--)

Confirm snack effect (all snacks)

Right before clearing all correctly

Confirm clearing all toys

Free talk


Please hand over


Have NPC's snack

Do not have NPC's snack

Have all snacks

Do not have all snacks


View dialogue only

From handing over snacks


Receive money

After receiving money


Clear only that NPC

Clear all NPCs


View only post-handover dialogue

From the handover spot


After 1st request received (No intro)

View introduction event


Do nothing



entry debug ; 一番最初に読むマップ名を指定します dashboard 0 ; 起動直後からデバッグ情報を表示する

  • collision_disp 0 ; コリジョンのワイヤーフレームを表示する
  • msglabel_disp 0 ; メッセージスタジオのラベルを表示する
  • freemem_disp 0 ; 空きメモリサイズを表示する
  • depth_level 30 ; 立体視の基準面(カメラNearからの距離)
  • stereo_factor 100 ; 立体視の調整%(デフォルト値に掛ける倍率)
  • script_debug_menu 1 ; スクリプトの$DEBUG_MENU変数を1にする
  • script_debug 0 ; スクリプトの$DEBUG変数を1にする
  • cbr_immortal 0 ; ちびロボのワッツ減らない
  • longthrow_debug 0 ; ロングスローのデバッグ機能 初期青玉30コ、パワースロー有効、反射有効
  • sand_disp 0 ; 砂の矩形を表示する
snd_from_hio 1 ; サウンドアーカイブをHIO経由で読み込みます