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Chicken Run (PlayStation, Windows, Dreamcast)

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Title Screen

Chicken Run

Developer: Blitz Games[1]
Publisher: Eidos Interactive[1]
Platforms: PlayStation, Windows, Dreamcast
Released in US: November 13, 2000[1]
Released in EU: November 24, 2000[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
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A game based on the same-titled stop-motion animated movie.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics


ChickenRun PS1 Plan 1.png

A crude blueprint screen.


A wide variety of opening credits, seen in some early prototype builds.

ChickenRun PS1 cols.png

A generic collision node.


Leftover graphics from an unused splash screen sequence.


Crude placeholder sprites of the hourglass timer.


ChickenRun crude pad.png

A crudely drawn D-pad.

ChickenRun PS1 GENERIC house.png A green outline of a house.


ChickenRun PS1 GloverTexture.png

A texture leftover from Glover.


ChickenRun PS1 fowler COCK.png

Among Fowler's textures is a low-brow innuendo.


ChickenRun PS1 CTRL.png

A PlayStation controller setup.


The following images are present only in the PlayStation version.

ChickenRun PS1 Oct10 2000 title.png

A title screen leftover from a October 10th, 2000 build.

ChickenRun PS1 sadface.png

A crudely drawn sad face.

Unused menu graphics in the traditional PlayStation TIM format.

ChickenRun PS1 rocky eyes.png

Among Rocky's textures is a duplicate of his eye texture with a message likely referring to programmer Chris Wilson.

Unused Models


ChickenRun PS1 Edwina.png

A model of the character Edwina, who in the film is killed and eaten by Mrs. Tweedy. She has no skinning or animations.

Blitz Games Leftovers

Various models leftover from Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, Action Man: Destruction X and The Little Mermaid II, respectively.

Debug Menu

By using the GameShark code 300AA1CE 0001 in the PlayStation version, a debug menu can be accessed from the main title screen. It contains several functions, such as several level warps, a model viewer and a sound test menu. The controls are as follows:

  • Left / Right - Change menu
  • Up / Down - Change selection
  • X / Circle / Start - Enter
  • Select - Enter (cutscene list in levels)
  • Square / Triangle - Enter (free camera in levels)

Level Warps

Level warps for all three of the game's acts. Curiously, Act 3 is labeled as "Act 4".

Act 1 Act 2 Act 4
A1 Coop1 Night 5% A2 Fowler 1 85% A4 Fowler 1 85%
A1 DogChase Mesh 5% A2 Workhut2 90% A4 Barnext Night 70%
A1 Egg Hut 75% A2 Workhut1 90% A4 Construct Hut 5%
A1 Fowler 1 85% A2 Workhut3 90% A4 Coop1 Night 5%
A1 Garden Nite 75% a2 Barnext Day 90% A4 Coop2 Night 5%
A1 House Ext Nite 5% A2 Catapult Mesh 5% A4 Coop3 Night 5%
A1 Hut 17 75% a2 Cogchase Mesh 2% A4 Coop4 Night 5%
A1 Workhut1 95% A2 Coop1 Day 5% A4 EggHut 5%
A2 Coop2 Day 5% A4 Engine Hut 5%
A2 Coop3 Day 5% A4 Flymachine Mesh 5%
A2 Egg Hut 90% A4 Garden Nite 5%
A2 Eggroom 5% A4 House Ext Nite 5%
A2 Engine Hut 90% A4 Hut 17 75%
A2 Fireworks Mesh 5% A4 Lounge 5%
A2 Garden Day 5% A4 Kitchen 5%
A2 House Ext Day 5% A4 OldBarn Nite 50%
A2 Hut 17 75% A4 Pie Barn 5%
A2 Old Barn Day 50% A4 Scenic hut1 70%
A2 Scenic Hut 1 90% A4 Scenic hut2 70%
A2 Scenic Hut 2 90% A4 Scenic hut3 70%
A2 Scenic Hut 3 90% A4 Scenic Hut 4 90%
A2 Scenic Hut 4 2% A4 Scenic Hut 5 5%
A2 Seesaw Mesh 5% A4 Scenic Hut 6 5%
a2 Toolshed extr 5% A4 Toolext Night 5%
A2 Toolshed Day 5% A4 Toolshed After 5%
A2 Wings Hut 90% A4 Toolshed Nite 5%
A4 Wings Hut Mesh5%
A4 Workhut1 5%
A4 Garden 5%
A4 Workhut2 5%
A4 Workhut3 (Flynn) 30%
A4 Workhut4 5%
A4 tunnel 5%
A4 eggroom 5%


Seems to contain testing levels.

Level Description
Training 1 A small pathway, only containing a dog as an enemy.
The level does not load with free camera.
Training 2 Freezes the game.
Training 3 A rather empty level, containing two dogs.
The level does not load with free camera.
Training 4 Freezes the game.
Training 5 Freezes the game.
Training 6 Freezes the game.
Training 7 Freezes the game.
Kitchen FMA Warps to a cutscene in Act 3, when Nick and Fetcher retrieve binoculars to Ginger.
Piebarn FMA Freezes the game.
Tunnel FMA Warps to a cutscene in Act 3, when Nick and Fetcher retrieve poles to Ginger.
Garden FMA Freezes the game.
Workhut1 FMA Freezes the game.
Workhut2 FMA Freezes the game.
Workhut3 FMA Freezes the game.
Workhut4 FMA Freezes the game.
Lounge FMA Freezes the game.
House Ext FMA 5% Warps to a cutscene in Act 2, when Ginger calls Rocky to search for objects. Strangely, Rocky does not display his walk animation.
Toolshed extr FMA 5% Freezes the game.
Big Mesh Test 0% Freezes the game.
Box Test 0% Trying to access this level normally causes the player to fall out of bounds due to the lack of collision.
Test: Christest 5% Freezes the game.
Test: Crashtest 5% Freezes the game.
Test: Davetest 5% Freezes the game.
Test: Daytime Coops 6% Warps to a rather unfinished version of one of the maps. There are no walls on the front and left corners.
Test: Fence 5% Warps to a completely empty map, save for ground collision.
Floor Test 0% Trying to access this level normally causes the player to fall out of bounds due to the lack of collision.
Test: Fly Mesh Copy 5% Freezes the game.
Test: Flynntest 5% Freezes the game.
Test: Fredtest 5% Warps to a very diverse testing map, with various platforms and several dogs.
Test: Stevetest 5% Seems to have the same function as Fredtest 5%.
Test: Fredtest 115% Warps to a different testing map. It contains Mr. Tweedy and Mrs. Tweedy enemies.
Test: Hut 17 Fma 5% Freezes the game.
Original Test Level1 0% Seems to have the same function as Training 1.
Test: Nighttime Coops 6% Warps to a rather unfinished version of one of the maps. There are no walls on the left and rear corners.
Test: Tomtest 5% Freezes the game.
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Seems to have the same function as Fredtest 5%.
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX Seems to have the same function as Fredtest 5%.


Seems to mostly contain UI and minigame functions.

Function Description
Startup Warps to the startup menu, though the initial graphic is colored red instead of blue.
Credits Warps to the game's staff roll.
Inventory Warps to the inventory map.
Video 25fps Displays a video.
Video 20fps Does nothing.
Video old Does nothing.
Catapult Warps to the "Spring Chicken" minigame.
Fireworks Warps to the "Fowl Shot" minigame.
Seesaw Warps to the "Weight Expectations" minigame.
FMA test Does nothing.
Options Warps to the main options screen.
Crate Warps to the final boss.
Engine Warps to the "Poultry in Motion" minigame.
Dog Chase Warps to the Dog Chase sequence from Act 1.
Construct Warps to the "Hen at Work" minigame.
Wing Warps to the "Chicken Wings" minigame.
Egg Laying2 Warps to the "The Bunty Eggs-Press" minigame.
Debug Gallery Goes through the bonus pictures in order.
Splash Warps to the Act Result screen.
English Changes the game's text strings to English.
French Changes the game's text strings to French.
German Changes the game's text strings to German.
Italian Changes the game's text strings to Italian
Spanish Changes the game's text strings to Spanish.


A model viewer. Of the list, "Rope", "Gloves" and "Test" freeze the game.



A sound test menu.