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Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games

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Title Screen

Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games

Developer: UFO Studio Asia[1]
Publisher: UFO Interactive[1]
Platform: Wii
Released in US: March 1, 2011[1]

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games is the second game in the Chuck E Cheese's series of games for the Wii and Nintendo DS, the same series that released DSiWare games in 2012.

Unused Graphics

homeManual.tpl has a leftover operations manual from Balloon Pop Festival, this is also in Party Games.

Chuck E Cheese's Sports Games - Texture0.png

Unused Model

To do:
Get a comparison of these models.

Found in data/Baseball/mdl is two files of a ball, one with the extension .old and one with the extension .brres, the difference between these are one is darker and one is brighter.

Development Text

MT_TargetIndex.xlsx is a file found in data/MTP/Model which shows some stuff about the unlockable minigame, Mr Munch's Target Practice.

		Mr.Munch's Target			
		Binary Index	Detail		ความกว้างของเป้า
		MT_Bullet	โมเดลกระสุน		
	ยกเลิก	MT_Target_01	Money 10		
	ยกเลิก	MT_Target_02	Money 50		
		MT_Target_03	Target Helen		1.332
		MT_Target_04	Target Munch		0.755
		MT_Target_05	Bullet +2		0.609
		MT_Target_06	Bullet +5		0.323
		MT_Target_07	หลอดไฟ ปิด		0.586
	ยกเลิก	MT_Target_08	หลอดไฟ เปิด		
		MT_Target_09	คะแนน 100		0.882
		MT_Target_10	คะแนน 300		0.736
		MT_Target_11	คะแนน 500		0.551
		MT_Target_12	คะแนน 1000		0.381
		MT_Target_13	ลูกศรสลับด้าน		1.008
		MT_Target_14	เป็ด		0.723
		MT_Target_15	jackpot		0.851
		MT_Target_16	no bullet		0.323
		MT_Target_17	bonus x2		0.756