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Columns Crown

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Title Screen

Columns Crown

Developer: WOW Entertainment
Publishers: THQ (EU/US), Sega (JP)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: February 4, 2002
Released in US: December 13, 2001
Released in EU: December 7, 2001

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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While the Columns games are generally pretty good, Columns Crown falls pretty short in quality, not to mention that by the time it was released the series' formula was being seen as dated.

Unused Menu Graphics

There seems to be graphics for an unused menu.

The first set of options are drawn in what seem to be the same font as the "GAME OVER"/"LINKS" text instead of the normal menu's more generic style:

  • 2P VS MODE
  • 2P VS MODE (yes, again)

After this, some (very poorly-drawn) Japanese options are listed:

  • ランキング (Ranking)
  • こうかん (unknown, possibly the trade feature?)
  • おぷしょん (Option)

After that, some other options appear in a different palette and layout:


None of these are seen on any of the in-game menus.

Unused Font Stuff

There's a whole font that seems to take several more pages of characters than is actually needed, but the Japanese version will need to be checked first.