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Commandos: Strike Force

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Title Screen

Commandos: Strike Force

Developer: Pyro Studios
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in US: April 4, 2006
Released in EU: March 17, 2006

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Commandos: Strike Force is an FPS spin-off in the Commandos series.

Unused Kill Image

There's an unused score image for killing the Fedora wearing Gestapo Agent who only appears in a cutscene in the mission The Wolf's Den and in multiplayer called "foto_aleman_gestapo.dds"

It is in at least the Russian version of the game, appearing in: GlobalRU.pak/Menus\Textures\Retratos Notably, this depicts the PS2 version of this Gestapo Agent who has a slightly different design (Reusing the Multiplayer Gestapo character model but with different textures.) infact most of the Score images for killing the various targets appear to use their early promotional screens/PS2 designs.

CommandosStrikeForcePS2GestapoAgent.png CommandoStrikeForcePCGestapoAgent.png

Unused Score Bonus

In the file "Juego.cfg" which is located in the game's config folder, there is an unused score bonus called "fPointsPerAlliedSaved 25.0". There is notably once instance in the mission Trapped where the player can save some Soviet soldiers who oddly don't count as a secondary objective unlike other missions so it's possible this Allied save bonus was intended to be used when saving Allies but this mission wasn't updated with a secondary objective bonus.

Unused Loading Screen Behavior

Normally, the loading screens never display all 3 Commandos, they only display the "initial" Commandos in a level, so even in the levels where the player plays all 3 Commandos at some point, only the initial Commando/Commando Duo is displayed. However if the player unpacks a map's PAK file, and goes to the *LevelName*.scn file and decodes it, there's text near the top of the level that reads: ".INICIO_COMMANDO 0 .INICIO_SNIPER 0 .INICIO_SPY 0" with any Commandos that appear on the loading screen having a 1 instead of a 0. If all three are set to 1 and the level's files are repacked, the game will actually display all 3 Commando portraits on the level's loading screen, with The Spy's portrait being pushed to the left further than any of the portraits are normally seen.

Unused Three playable Commandos Behavior

While never done normally, the game actually does function if 3 commandos are playable at once fine. (such as if the code is edited in the "A Cold Reception" mission to spawn the Spy at the start)

The game will have the character switch order be Green Beret, Sniper then Spy.

Cut sequences from Resistance

The Level Resistance is a Spy only level, involving the player performing various tasks around an occupied town. However in the game's subtitles as well as recorded voice lines for all languages, there are leftovers from an unused sequence where the player would have taken control of The Sniper and Green Beret.

While a sequence somewhat similar to the rescue exists, it just involves a small patrol of 3 Germans investigating the hideout that the player deals with and the mission ends with only The Spy, it appears that in an early version of the level that the player would have had a much more indepth sequence of rescuing the resistance fighters using the other playable characters.

This appears to have been somewhat re-used, the player is given an optional task to sabotage the train tracks in the final game but doing this somehow results in one of the trains exploding, this may be re-using some of this cut sequence.

Some of the text also states that the Wehrmacht troops would have started executing civilians which doesn't happen in the final game.

"Green Beret: Colonel."

"Spy: Let me guess... the enemy didn't thank us for blowing up their train, did they?"

"Green Beret: Yeah, they seem to have lost their sense of humour."

"Green Beret: We were trapped, but I managed to sneak out to get some help."

"Spy: Where's Hawkins?"

"Sniper: I'm here sir."

"Spy: All right Captain, you and the Lieutenant, go and rescue our allies."

"Spy: I'll see what more I can do before we get out of here. We'll meet at the resistance's HQ. Understood?"

"Green Beret: Understood."

"Resistance: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Who are you?"

"Green Beret: Shit! Calm down, it's me, Captain O'Brien!"

"Resistance: Captain? Is that really you? What about the Nazis?"

"Green Beret: They'll be back soon enough, so hurry up. Get out and hide!"

"Sniper: What do we do now Frank?"

"Green Beret: Not that I mind Bill, but this was meant to be a quick and quiet in-and-out op."

"Green Beret: Let's get back to Resistance HQ."

"Spy: Captain, we've alerted every enemy within a fifty mile radius."

"Spy: I don't like the way we did it, but our mission here is almost complete."

"Green Beret: By the way. We're fine, thanks for asking sir."

"Spy: Anyway, I still have something to do."

"Spy: Wait here, and for god's sake, this time stay quiet. Understood, Captain?"

"Green Beret: Understood."

"Tristan: Colonel! The Nazis are going to execute civilians for helping the resistance!"

"Spy: And this surprises you?"

"Spy: With the noise we've made I wouldn't be surprised if they executed the whole town."

"Sniper: We've got to stop them sir."

"Green Beret: I'm with Hawkins."

"Spy: This isn't a damn democracy, Captain. We're soldiers and we follow orders."

"Green Beret: And our orders are?"

"Spy: We hit the enemy one more time. Then we get the hell out of here."

"Green Beret: Psssst... Colonel!"

"Spy: Captain?? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Green Beret: The supply train stationed here?... Our French friends have decided to blow it up!"

"Spy: Have they lost their minds! We're not ready to attack yet! Order them to stop."

"Green Beret: No can do. They didn't listen to me before and they're not going to start now."

"Spy: Damn. All right then, you'd better help them."

"Green Beret: Should we expect an ambush?"

"Spy: Good grief Captain. Just get on with it."

"Green Beret: All right boys, what's the plan?"

"Resistance: Well sir, we want to plant explosive charges in every wagon and then get away as fast as we can."

"Green Beret: Is that the whole plan?... Well, I like it. It has the charm of simplicity. Let's do it!"

"Plant explosive charges."

"Blow up the train."

"Resistance: It's going to blow!"

"Sniper: There goes the last one, Captain. What do we do now?"

"Green Beret: You have to make sure those civilians are safe, and then..."

"Arnaud: Nazis! Nazis incoming!"

"Green Beret: Shit! Everybody take cover!"

Unused Global Text

In the game's various "Global" paks (GlobalEK for instance is the English language version) there is a folder called "Texts" which contains objectives/subtitles for all missions as well as a "universal" text file, which contains text used universally in the game across all missions. This contains various unused text.









There is nowhere the "Hide" text is used, previous Commandos games allowed some characters to hide under beds and in certain areas so it appears this mechanic was intended to return before being scrapped.

Morphine appears to have been a cut healing item as only medikits are used in the final game.

The Piano Wire, Commando Knife and Silver Dollar text strings are never used as weapon/item names are only given when picking them up and these items are always in the player's inventory with no way to see them.

There are no text alerts in the final game for if a Commando the player is not currently playing as is under attack.

There is also unused text for picking up ammo for every firearm ("GARAND M1 AMMO" for instance), only the Walter PP and the Sniper rifles have independent ammo pick-ups in-game and picking up a second weapon for ammo just lists the weapon name and doesn't call it ammo.

Unused Icons

In the gfx/textures folder for any level, there is a large amount of HUD icons, these icons are present even in missions that do not use some of the relevant icons as it appears it was copied/pasted for every level.

In the file "INTF_02A.PNG" there is an unused icon of an unused French flag symbol in a circle, these circles are used on the HUD for combat-focused levels as an indicator of how many Allied troops are alive but this specific one isn't used.

In the file "INTF_02B.PNG" there are unused icons of an Binoculars HUD Icon and a unused Morphine Syrette icon, while Binoculars exist exist this icon is never used as Binoculars are activated by pressing right mouse button with a weapon that can't be aimed.

Unused Grenade Texture

In the PS2 Prototype, there is an unused texture for a Model 24 Stielhandgranate. This is a German grenade that would have made sense to be used by enemy forces but the final game has them reuse the American MK2 Grenade that the player can use.

Early weapon icons

In the PS2 Prototype, there is an early set of icons called "ARMAS" that appear to be early weapon icons. They are far smaller than the icons used in the final game and appear to be placeholder/reuse icons from the isometric games for some items.

Prototype Panzers! Intro

What appears to be an early intro to the mission "Panzers!" that is different to the original version is in the PS2 prototype. All of the dialogue is in Spanish.