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Creepy Castle (2016)

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Title Screen

Creepy Castle

Developer: Dopterra
Publisher: Nicalis
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 31, 2016[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Creepy Castle is a side scrolling RPG where you play as a bunch of bugs trying to save the world from something, which always involves the Possessor for some reason, even when he has nothing to do with what's happening.


CC2016 Mirror.gif
Unused Enemies
CC2016 SubCuts.png
Unused Cutscenes
Poor Bee got robbed of his wife.
CC2016 CardPhase0.png
Unused Rooms
Why is there a whole card game in here?
CC2016 SubLore.png
Unused Text

Unused Charachters


Charachter ID 1 belongs to Bee, He is completely functional, and can be used to beat any of the freeplay scenarios if edited in. Because he's a boss in scenario 1, not all of his sprites ended up unused, but most of them did.


Charachter ID 4 belongs to this little green guy called Moonson (not to be confused with Monsoon). He's a charachter from a cut scenario called Brotherhood, that ended up bein replaced with Depth, trying to use him in a battle will cause the game to crash, as the code that loads the battle portraits doesn't know what to do with him (and also because he doesn't have a battle portrait).

CC2016 moonsonspecial 1.gif CC2016 moonsonspecial 2.png CC2016 moonsonspecial 3.gif CC2016 moonsonspecial 4.png CC2016 moonsonspecial 5.png CC2016 moonsonspecial 6.png

He also has a special attack, which doesn't seem to have an animation script, so it freezes the game if you try to use it.

Unused Items


CC2016 HandY.png CC2016 HandP.png CC2016 HandB.png

Before there was a dynamic inventory slot to battle and act, there used to be two seperate items to do that, these hands are the leftover act item, one for each charachter color (exept green).


CC2016 Cross.png

A cross, it was most likely either ment to be the item you'd use to kill vampires with insted of the garlic, or an icon for interacting with a shrine.

Ant Queen

CC2016 AntQueenItem.png

"Ant Queen is in your party!"

It's the Ant Queen herself! It's exact use is unknown, but some of the leftover code suggests that it was ment to be used in the escape sequence as a trigger to make her start following you.

Attack Icons

CC2016 BeeATK.png "Sting enemies"

CC2016 GreenATK.png ""

Battle icons for Bee and Moonson, because you can't play as them, you can't see them in normal gameplay.

CC2016 UnknowATK.png

There is also this icon which isn't linked to any charachter, but resembles a lot one of the sprites used in Ant Queen's special attack.

Special Attacks

CC2016 BeeSPATK.png "[SPECIAL] Volt Stinger"

CC2016 GreenSPATK.png "[SPECIAL] -"

These are the special attacks for Bee and Moonson, because you can't play as them, you can't use them in normal gameplay.


CC2016 Gauntlet.png

"Grants great strength."

The Gauntlet is an unfinished key item that can be used to pick up and move a (also unused) pushable block, you can't move the block trough stairs, and can't fall down while holding it.

Question Mark Orb

CC2016 Orb.png

A white orb with a question mark on it, it's unkown what it would've been used for.


This hearts are healing items used in old pre-release versions of the game instead of food. The Red Heart is the 2HP food equivalent, the Yellow Heart is the 4HP food, and the White Heart is the 9HP food.

The Cross Heart, however, has no equivalent in the final game, it functions like the red heart, exept it only works while standing in a shrine. (which makes it pretty useless)

Unused NPCs


CC2016 Tom.gif

Tom is a NPC found out-of-bound in the IUS Site, you can see him on the Kickstarter trailer in the same place you find Crackle. If you interact with him, he has this to say to you:

TOM: Hello fellow worker. Are you a guard from the Marble Atrium? I have some suspicions about this project we are all endeavoring towards.

TOM: The so-called universal traveler at the helm of this operation... her name is Ant Queen. I question her motives.

TOM: This whole clockwork furnace she provided the blueprints of- it is supposedly able to bridge universes upon its completion.

TOM: But I don't think it really can. Ant Queen is wasting Darking's time with this, and using her resources here to some secret end.

TOM: What's more, today she was given clearance to modify the Heartbreaker... which itself took nearly a decade of development!

TOM: I fear she may be conspiring to depose our lord Darking and take rule of us all.

Grey Florian

CC2016 Florian6.gif

A grey florian that is found out-of-bounds near the mining area that only says "..." when interacted with, given the fact the planet is being mined out of it's life, this florian is probably either dead or dying.

Unused Graphics


CC2016 Background1.png

This... thing is a background sprite that is found out-of-bounds in the main map of Ghostly Mysteries near the area you fall to get to Plague Knight's boss fight.

Game Over Sprites

CC2016 GameOver1.png CC2016 GameOver2.png CC2016 GameOver3.png

These sprites were ment to appear on the game over screen, the most intresting thing about them is the pink charachter in the middle one, which seems to be Krystal's old persona Mingo[2].

Depth Statue

CC2016 DepthDeco.png

A statue from the Depth interation of the charachters.

Asura Block

CC2016 Asurablock1.png CC2016 Asurablock2.png

A block modeled after the boss Asura, considering the fact that it has a deactivated version, it seems like this would've been some sort of roadblock that would be removed by beating him.


Most of them are just blacked out versions of regular sprites.

However, some of them appear to be older iterations of certain characters:

Silhouette Final
CC2016 Silhouette15.png
CC2016 Silhouette15Final.png
CC2016 Silhouette16.png
CC2016 Silhouette16Final.png
CC2016 Silhouette17.png
CC2016 Silhouette17Final.png
CC2016 Silhouette18.png
CC2016 Silhouette18Final.png

And there's also these two that don't resemble anyone form the final game:

CC2016 Silhouette19.png CC2016 Silhouette20.png

Possessor's Tileset

CC2016 PossesorStuff1.png CC2016 PossesorStuff2.png

Related to the stuff Possessor spawns during Possessed Darking's fight.

Non-Enemy Portraits

CC2016 PortCilrag.png CC2016 PortMeteor.png CC2016 PortBlank.png

Portraits for a Cilrag, the Meteor and a blank one.


CC2016 sparklemask.png

A sprite that should've appear with the player death sparkle.

Old Triggers

CC2016 Trigger1.png CC2016 Trigger2.png CC2016 Trigger3.png CC2016 Trigger4.png

Very old triggers, evidenced by the mention of Pumpkid and Skullboy.

Butterfly Bestiary Icon

CC2016 ButterflyIcon.png

An icon ment to be used for Butterfly's bestiary entry, because there's no fight against her, you can't unlock her entry.

Unused Objects

Pushable Block

CC2016 pushable1.png CC2016 pushable2.png

The pushable blocks that you can use the glaunted on.

Bulletin Board

CC2016 BulletinBillboard.png

It functions as a NPC, the only instance of it in the game is placed out-of-bound near the IUS teleporter, and it has this to say:


Unused Music

bgm_optionalboss (Off The Beaten Path)

This was ment to be played for optional non-cameo bosses, but the only boss that fits this category (Dopplebugger) plays "Untrue Reality" instead.

Unused Sounds

Audio Notes
Audio clips from the unused card game.
An unused note sound from Hopper's fight.