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Curse of the Azure Bonds (DOS)

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Title Screen

Curse of the Azure Bonds

Developer: Strategic Simulations
Publisher: Strategic Simulations
Platform: DOS
Released in US: April 1989

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Debug Modes

There are two parameters that can be used with start.exe. These parameters are entered without minus signs and with spaces.

The first parameter is STING and it does the following:

  • Skip the title screen.
  • Allow debugging by pressing Control + D. The output from this mode will be shown in DEBUG.TXT.
    • Any code run by the program is logged.
    • Control + Z dumps what affects each party member has.
    • Control + C quits the program.

The second parameter is Wooden and has these effects:

  • Skip copy protection.
  • Get maps for all of the areas.
  • When the player is in a training menu, press J. Training is free, there is no class limitation and the EXP required is given after doing the training.
  • Alt + X or the - key kills all the enemies, complete with a message saying "The Gods intervene!".

Thus, using both parameters would amount to typing start STING Wooden in the DOS command prompt.

(Source: Simeon Pilgrim)