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Dark Castle (Mac OS Classic, 1994)

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Title Screen

Dark Castle

Developer: Delta Tao Software
Publisher: Delta Tao Software
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released in US: December 1994

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

ahahah— WHOAH!!

...oooYEHeh-euh, oooYEHeh-euh, oooYEHeh-euh...


Hidden Strings

CSTR resource 609 speaks for itself:

This software is the property of
Delta Tao Software, Inc.
If you distribute this software
or any derivative of it in any
fashion we may and will come
after your ass and take
everything you have and
everything you will every get
anywhere in the universe for
all of time.

**Warning** the code contained
in this product is god-like
and perfect. When we work on it
choirs of angels gather around
and sing. Mortals must keep out.
This code is so blindingly
beautiful that your eyes will
melt if you look at it.

Copyright (C) 1994 Delta Tao
Software, Inc. All rights
Use by license only.

The DC Data file contains a curious CSTR (128). Is this the Black Knight's real name?

Liar! There is only one Hurm. And it is me. Not you. You shall be punished.

Black & White Support

This remake will only run in 256 colors, but it seems like there were plans at some point to include the original game's monochrome graphics too. PICT 32101 ("B&W Splash") is a dithered monochrome version of the about box header, and DLOG 32100 is an alternative about box that uses it.

Dark Castle (Mac OS Classic, 1994) - BWSplash.png

You can trick this image into showing itself by switching the screen to "Black & White" after launching the game, and then selecting "About Dark Castle". (Trying to do anything else in this state is likely to provoke an empty black window and/or total crash.)

Unused Audio

There are a few unused sound effects in the data files.

Prince Duncan saying "Whoa!" (likely the same sound used in Beyond Dark Castle).

A short whistling sound.

A less ominous, more breathy take of the sound that plays when you start a new game.

Demo Version

The demo version of Dark Castle only allows the player to play Trouble 3, Shield 1, and Fireball 1, and most of the content not used in those rooms was removed. However, some specific content was not removed:

  • Animations for the Wizard, Burning Eye, Magic Broom, Dragon, and Gargoyle (these only appear non-animated in the instructions in the demo).
  • The fireball and shield sounds (Prince Duncan cannot get either of these powers in the demo).
  • The unused "Whoa!" and whistling sound from the full version.