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Darkest Dungeon

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Title Screen

Darkest Dungeon

Developer: Red Hook Studios
Publisher: Red Hook Studios
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: February 3, 2015 (Early Access), January 19, 2016 (Full Release)

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To do:
DLC content, and some new discoveries.

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Recruit, train, and lead a team of flawed heroes against unimaginable horrors, stress, famine, disease, and the ever-encroaching dark.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Discontinued / Unused / Watered-Down Mechanics


Religion was a scrapped system that was supposed to affect heroes more than it ended up doing, according to the developers and some bits of content spread out mostly in the localization. All that remains by now is the tags within character's .info files (Detailing stats and other such information) that specify if a character is religious or not, the ability to make camping skills trigger certain effects when used on religious/non-religious characters, and formerly a restriction preventing the Abomination class from going into a quest alongside religious characters. The last part can be modded in or replicated into a modded character.

 <entry id="str_quirk_name_devout"><![CDATA[Devout]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_devout"><![CDATA[Rejects pagan beliefs and many occult practices.]]></entry> 

A camping skill for the Vestal class mentions working only if the Vestal is religious. While this seems normal, since religion in its final form ended up working through tags on each character, it is impossible for the Vestal to not be religious unless one modifies her .info file so that she's no longer tagged that way.

The old barks for Abomination and Religious classes refusing to work with each other also still exist in the localization.

 <entry id="str_incompatible_party_abomination_religion"><![CDATA[Those of faith have no tolerance for those with my condition.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_incompatible_party_member_abomination_religion"><![CDATA[I will not serve with this... creature.]]></entry> 

Class Bonuses

Heroes' information panels used to have a blank section called "Class Bonuses". These were planned to explain various bonuses unique to a class, like the Antiquarian's unique loot, even though she was added much later. Eventually characters with such mechanics were added, but not all classes had such innate bonuses that go beyond effects on their skills, and the "Class Bonuses" section was removed.


Originally Hunger wasn’t the only “event” during the dungeon, there were a couple more events which could randomly happen during the dungeon. Aside from these, hunger was also present, pretty much exactly like it is in the current game. Below is a description of them all, as well as the art they used.

 <entry id="HAPPENINGS" />
    <entry id="str_hap_title_food_spoilage"><![CDATA[Food Spoilage]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_spider_bite"><![CDATA[Spider Bite]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_foul_spores"><![CDATA[Foul Spores]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_lost"><![CDATA[Lost]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_haunting_apparation"><![CDATA[Haunting Apparition]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_map_fragment"><![CDATA[Map Fragment]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_monster_tracks"><![CDATA[Monster Tracks]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_secret_door"><![CDATA[Secret Door]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_jostled_free"><![CDATA[Jostled Free]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_shaft_of_light"><![CDATA[Shaft of Light]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_cruel_wind"><![CDATA[Cruel Wind]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_ascending_shaft"><![CDATA[Ascending Shaft]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_haunting_noise"><![CDATA[Haunting Noise]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_inhuman_cry"><![CDATA[Inhuman Cry]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_walled_up"><![CDATA[Walled Up]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_title_will_o_the_wisp"><![CDATA[Will-o-the-Wisp]]></entry>
    <entry id="" />
    <entry id="str_hap_content_food_spoilage"><![CDATA[Some of your rations have spoiled!]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_spider_bite"><![CDATA[A hero feels a pinpoint stab and looks down to see a menacing spider scurry away.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_foul_spores"><![CDATA[Foul spores hang in the musty air.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_lost"><![CDATA[All sense of direction has been lost.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_haunting_apparation"><![CDATA[Ahead, a shadowy form crosses the hall and merges into the wall.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_map_fragment"><![CDATA[An old discarded parchment has what looks to be a floor plan on it.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_monster_tracks"><![CDATA[Misshapen footsteps are clearly visible in the damp floor.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_secret_door"><![CDATA[SECRET DOOR!!!!]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_jostled_free"><![CDATA[An item has gone missing, perhaps fallen from a lazily closed pack.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_shaft_of_light"><![CDATA[A beam of brilliant light has somehow penetrated the deeps.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_cruel_wind"><![CDATA[An icy wind sweeps through the corridor, threatening to extinguish even the most spirited torch.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_ascending_shaft"><![CDATA[ASCENDING SHAFT blah blah]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_haunting_noise"><![CDATA[What sounds like a morose howl echoes through the dark.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_inhuman_cry"><![CDATA[A piercing cry, which no human mouth can possibly make...]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_walled_up"><![CDATA[A section of wall is crudely sealed--perhaps it leads elsewhere?]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_hap_content_will_o_the_wisp"><![CDATA[A dancing light ahead seems imbued with life. It is slipping away...follow it?]]></entry> 

Embarking Restrictions

Before the "Radiant" Update, the game would display this text box and prevent you from embarking on your quest if you attempted to enter a dungeon with less than 4 heroes.

 <entry id="town_confirm_embark_not_enough_heroes_question"><![CDATA[You don't have four heroes available for a quest. 
You will need to recruit more heroes at the Stage Coach or remove some heroes from treatment.]]></entry> 


An unused virtue.

<entry id="str_virtue_name_prosperous"><![CDATA[Prosperous]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_virtue_description_prosperous"><![CDATA[Increased treasure draws]]></entry>

Forced Retreat

At some point in the game's development, it was made possible for an afflicted hero/a hero carrying a certain quirk to act out and force the team to retreat from their current battle. Players reacted negatively to this and Red Hook ended up disabling this feature. However, many characters do have barks related to this, and bosses still disable this act out passively while they are fought. This can be modded into being operational again, as it is still in the code, the chances of it being used were just set to 0.


Until a certain point in time, each dungeon in the game used to reward exclusively one type of heirloom. Though there's still some preference to the loot it'd spawn within the dungeon and to the offered heirlooms on boss quests, this system is no more. There is also an unused heirloom that was likely related to this older system.

Penance Hall's Unused Debuff

Originally, the Penance Hall in the Abbey could apply a damage debuff on heroes who spend a week within it.

<entry id="str_flagellation_add_buff_townFlagellationDMGLowDebuff_story"><![CDATA[{colour_start|town_activity_log_building_name}{?building_name}%s:{colour_end} {colour_start|notable}{?hero_name}%s{colour_end} is feeling {colour_start|town_activity_log_negative_result}{?description}%s{colour_end} after a vigorous round of flagellation.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_flagellation_add_buff_townFlagellationDMGLowDebuff_story_desc"><![CDATA[weak with blood loss]]></entry>

Keeping Trinkets After Party Death

You used to be able to keep your party's trinkets if they were all killed in battle. This was later removed, and much later replaced with the Shrieker, a boss which spawns when you have lost enough trinkets of a high enough rarity and can be killed multiple times to re-obtain them.

<entry id="menu_options_element_keep_battle_quest_fail_trinkets"><![CDATA[KEEP TRINKETS?]]></entry>
 <entry id="menu_options_element_tooltip_keep_battle_quest_fail_trinkets"><![CDATA[This is what happens to carried trinkets when you have a total party wipe.]]></entry>

Camping Mechanics

Camping buffs used to last until the next camp, as the localization implies. Within the localization there also exists a string for when a Camping Skill's effect requires a specific quirk, but this isn't actually supported.

<entry id="buff_description_campingAttackBuff"><![CDATA[Increases ACC until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingAttackBuffRanged"><![CDATA[Increases ACC with ranged attacks until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingCritBuff"><![CDATA[Increases CRIT until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingCritBuffRanged"><![CDATA[Increases CRIT with ranged attacks until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingDefBuff"><![CDATA[Increases DODGE until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingDmgPercentBuff"><![CDATA[Increases DMG until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingDmgPercentBuffLargeMonsters"><![CDATA[Increases DMG vs large monsters until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingDmgPercentBuffRanged"><![CDATA[Increases DMG with ranged attacks until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingHPPercentBuff"><![CDATA[Increases HP until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingProtPercentBuff"><![CDATA[Increases PROT until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingSpeedBuff"><![CDATA[Increases SPD until next Camp]]></entry>
    <entry id="buff_description_campingStressResistBuff"><![CDATA[Increases Resolve until next Camp]]></entry>

Unused Quirks

The Localization file for the game's current build, as well as even its very first build in some cases, includes many strings of text that are left unused in the final game or describe things not even implemented. Among these are...quite a lot of quirks. There are some sections these can be divided into.

Regional Quirks

"[dungeon] Scrounger" quirks used to mention in their description that they affect loot within their respective dungeons. This functionality did not make it to the final game. Additionally, all dungeons were also meant to have "[dungeon] Master" and "[dungeon] Survivor" related quirks, which also did not get implemented, but are still mentioned in the localization.

The titular Darkest Dungeon area used to have a full set of quirks as well, mentioned in the localization, but none of these exists in-game.

Completely Unused Quirks

These quirks do not exist in the current game under any form.

 <entry id="str_quirk_description_leprosy"><![CDATA[Leprosy...]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_necrophobia"><![CDATA[Intense fear of dead bodies.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_tither"><![CDATA[Tither]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_tither"><![CDATA[Pays extra gold for all Abbey activities.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_organized"><![CDATA[Organized]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_disorganized"><![CDATA[Disorganized]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_double_vision"><![CDATA[Double Vision]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_gave_it_all"><![CDATA[Gave It All]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_in_the_zone"><![CDATA[In The Zone]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_inspired"><![CDATA[Inspired]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_light_sleeper"><![CDATA[Light Sleeper]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_necrophobia"><![CDATA[Necrophobia]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_pack_mule"><![CDATA[Pack Mule]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_predator"><![CDATA[Predator]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_survivalist"><![CDATA[Survivalist]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_too_boastful"><![CDATA[Too Boastful]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_tootheache"><![CDATA[Toothache]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_cruelty_conscious"><![CDATA[Cruelty Conscious]]></entry>

Altered Quirks

These quirks exist in the current game, under altered names or with altered descriptions.

 <entry id="str_quirk_name_tetanus"><![CDATA[Lockjaw (Tetanus)]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_improved_balance"><![CDATA[Chance to resist being pushed or pulled in battle.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_weapons_haggler"><![CDATA[Amateur Weaponsmith]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_armor_haggler"><![CDATA[Amateur Armorsmith]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_stomach_cramp"><![CDATA[Stomach Cramp]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_name_torn_rotator_cuff"><![CDATA[Torn Rotator Cuff]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_calm"><![CDATA[Reduced damage for first two rounds of combat.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_wasting_sickness"><![CDATA[Life drains with each step...]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_clotter"><![CDATA[Stops bleeding really well.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_lurker"><![CDATA[Becomes stronger in the dark.]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_quirk_description_syphilis"><![CDATA[The Great Pox...a sign of indiscretions.]]></entry>

Unused Items

Ancestor's Urn

It is likely the Urn heirloom was intended for the Cove or the Darkest Dungeon, as they were the only dungeons without a unique heirloom, and both were added only later in development (or in the case of the Darkest Dungeon, removed and then later re-added). Nevertheless it remains unused and is still in the files. The localization refers to it as:

<entry id="str_inventory_title_heirloomurn"><![CDATA[Ancestor's Urn]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_inventory_description_heirloomurn"><![CDATA[(NOT CURRENTLY USED)]]></entry>

Bronze Necklace

Within the trinkets' art folder, there is an unused sprite of a Necklace. While it is located in the trinkets folder, the sprite is seen in pre-release footage as a piece of loot. The localization, still present in the current build, supports that it is indeed unused loot as it has a flavour description instead of stats, and is internally referred to in the same way loot items are. It was used in the demo, any strings and art mentioning it are likely leftovers from back then.

<entry id="str_inventory_title_jewellerybronze_necklace"><![CDATA[Bronze Necklace]]></entry>
<entry id="str_inventory_description_jewellerybronze_necklace"><![CDATA[A simple necklace fashioned out of bronze.]]></entry>


In the trinket art folder, there's a sprite of an item titled "Sketchbook". It isn't mentioned in the localization, nor it is used for any backer trinkets or any normal obtainable trinkets. Its only appearance in-game is in an old screenshot posted on Twitter by one of the devs before the game was available on early access. It was likely present in the demo as that build made its way to PAX of that year.


Similarly to the Sketchbook, this trinket has been in the game's files since the very first build and still is, and is not used nor mentioned in the localization.

Medicinal Herbs

This item is located in the files alongside the other quest items. However, it isn't used. In fact, the localization doesn't refer to it either, and its name, "Medicinal Herbs" is also the name of a supply item that is used in the game, although the art is different.

Unused Box Placeholder

This trinket was never actually used, it served as a placeholder sprite for trinkets which didn't yet have their own art, throughout the game's entire lifespan.

Old Obsidian Dagger's Art

Before the Colour of Madness DLC released, the Obsidian Dagger trinket used to look different. Its blade was a normal blade rather than matching the colours of obsidian and thus its name.


Rope was an item intended to be used to cross over certain obstacles. While it is shown in various pre-release concepts, it actually has no associated sprite in-game and never has in a publically available build, though it is mentioned in the localization. It existed (though without a purpose) and had its own sprite in the PAX 2014 demo builds, however. It is likely any strings mentioning it are left from the demo.

<entry id="str_inventory_title_supplyrope"><![CDATA[Rope]]></entry>
<entry id="str_inventory_description_rope"><![CDATA[Useful for crossing hazards and various other things.]]></entry>

Ancestor's Portrait

Not to be confused with the trinket under the same name, this was a quest item. Much like the Rope supply, it never had any sprite associated with it, and it is mentioned still in the localization. A sprite for this item was present in the PAX 2014 demos. From the developers' commentary on it, it seems that this item was scrapped and turned into the Portrait heirloom that is in the final game, as they were both heirlooms, and from the Urn's name, one can understand that the original naming scheme for heirlooms referred to them as the Ancestor's.

<entry id="str_inventory_title_quest_itemancestor_portrait"><![CDATA[Ancestor's Portrait]]></entry>
<entry id="str_inventory_description_quest_itemancestor_portrait"><![CDATA[Though painted a hundred years ago, the resemblance to you is uncanny.]]></entry>

Unused Skills

Bear Traps

A camping skill titled "BEAR TRAPS" is found alongside other skill icons, with a placeholder icon. In the localization it is written among Bounty Hunter's campskills, implying it might've belonged to him.


An unused campskill, all that remains of it is the placeholder icon.

Perimeter Alarms

An unused campskill, only mentioned between Highwayman's campskills in the localization (implying it belonged to him, potentially).


One of Graverobber's campskills before it was replaced with Snuff Box. It had a 50% chance to find 4 food when used. Not only was it mentioned in the localization and functional, it also had its own icon.


An unused "default" campskill all characters were intended to have, much like Pep Talk and the other shared camp skills. It would heal 12 stress on use. Every character had a special set of barks for it, implying their hobbies. Strangely enough, even the later added DLC classes have strings for this skill, despite it being scrapped years before they were added.

<entry id="bounty_hunter+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[A little time to reflect on my strategies.]]></entry>
    <entry id="bounty_hunter+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Hold this apple on your head. Now stand still.]]></entry>
    <entry id="bounty_hunter+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I will practice.  Train.  A professional adheres to a regimen.]]></entry>
    <entry id="crusader+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Shhh! I am praying!]]></entry>
    <entry id="crusader+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Go away! I am reading my Versebook!]]></entry>
    <entry id="crusader+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[No, I'll not play dice with you! I am studying the Verses!]]></entry>
    <entry id="grave_robber+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[You -- idle one! Hold my yarn!]]></entry>
    <entry id="grave_robber+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Yes, I carve tiny tombstones. Mementos of my exploits.]]></entry>
    <entry id="grave_robber+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[These stab holes will simply not do!  Where's my needle and thread?]]></entry>
    <entry id="hellion+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Bet none of you can throw a knife as well as I. Eh?]]></entry>
    <entry id="hellion+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Wrestle me. I crave an easy victory. (grin)]]></entry>
    <entry id="hellion+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I am learning to read. It is a rare skill among my kind.]]></entry>
    <entry id="highwayman+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA["... with the night for his throne?" Hmm... tricky.]]></entry>
    <entry id="highwayman+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA["... and he always came home?" ... No, no...]]></entry>
    <entry id="highwayman+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA["... like a dog to a bone?" ... Still not right!]]></entry>
    <entry id="jester+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[It's called juggling. You never been to a circus?]]></entry>
    <entry id="jester+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[What do I do for fun? You're joking, right?]]></entry>
    <entry id="jester+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I'm practicing my sneering. Pretty good, huh?]]></entry>
    <entry id="leper+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Here we sit, the calm in the eye of the storm.]]></entry>
    <entry id="leper+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I must be cautious when stretching my ligaments, lest they tear, of course.]]></entry>
    <entry id="leper+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Pass this pipe around. The smoke dulls the senses.]]></entry>
    <entry id="occultist+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Why, I am documenting the journey, of course. Care to read?]]></entry>
    <entry id="occultist+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Some quiet, please. I am on the verge of breaking the cypher.]]></entry>
    <entry id="occultist+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Sigh... it is too dark to study my rituals here.]]></entry>
    <entry id="plague_doctor+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Some bark of aspen? Or maybe boiled cerato leaf? Hmm...]]></entry>
    <entry id="plague_doctor+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Hold that wound still. My sketch is nearly done.]]></entry>
    <entry id="plague_doctor+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[May I lance that boil? The pus is intriguingly gray!]]></entry>
    <entry id="vestal+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Busy yourself elsewhere. I am praying for your soul.]]></entry>
    <entry id="vestal+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Yes, I shave my legs. What of it?]]></entry>
    <entry id="vestal+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Have you thread? I've torn a seam in my temple garments.]]></entry>
    <entry id="man_at_arms+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Leave me to reflect on the day's battles.]]></entry>
    <entry id="man_at_arms+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[How did that one blow slip past my guard..?  I must think...]]></entry>
    <entry id="man_at_arms+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I learned to carve during the lulls of the Cyprian campaign.]]></entry>
    <entry id="arbalest+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Put this apple on your head and close your eyes.]]></entry>
    <entry id="arbalest+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I will stick with you until wanderlust strikes again.]]></entry>
    <entry id="arbalest+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Dice? What's the wager?]]></entry>
    <entry id="houndmaster+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[...and that's when I learned the hound could sing!]]></entry>
    <entry id="houndmaster+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Cooking meat robs it of its nutrifying essence.]]></entry>
    <entry id="houndmaster+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[It is certain that anyone in politics has been corrupted in some fashion or another.]]></entry>
    <entry id="abomination+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I only ever had time for my crucible and scrolls.]]></entry>
    <entry id="abomination+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Oh I've loved before, but all were forgotten in the laboratory.]]></entry>
    <entry id="abomination+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Care to see my drawings for a mechanical hand?]]></entry>
    <entry id="musketeer+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[My father can reload a musket as quick as a wink!]]></entry>
    <entry id="musketeer+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[When we return, I am certain the club will initiate me.]]></entry>
    <entry id="musketeer+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Whoever smells like that should die of shame and disgrace.]]></entry>
    <entry id="antiquarian+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[They sang this at an oasis in the Red Desert.]]></entry>
    <entry id="antiquarian+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[Note the curved filigree. This is centuries old.]]></entry>
    <entry id="antiquarian+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[These rations are terrible. Not even salted!]]></entry>
    <entry id="shieldbreaker+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[I must stretch.]]></entry>
    <entry id="shieldbreaker+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[In through the nose, out through the mouth.]]></entry>
    <entry id="shieldbreaker+str_bark_hobby"><![CDATA[What do you call your constellations here?]]></entry>

Hook and Slice

Bounty Hunter used to have a skill called Hook and Slice, which was both a pull and a bleed. It was later removed and replaced by Caltrops.

Heinous Icon

Bone Bearer used to have another buff skill, called Heinous Icon. While it was removed, the localization still includes it, and the effects file still includes its effects. It buffed the target's speed and prot.

<entry id="str_monster_skill_heinous_icon"><![CDATA[Heinous Icon]]></entry>

Hot Shot

The Skill “Hot Shot”, which targets all heroes, is used by the Brigand Matchman after the Brigand Pounder is dead. However, after the update that came with the Colour of Madness DLC, all of the Brigand Pounder’s summons die when it is defeated, therefore, outside of mods this skill can no longer be seen in-game, although it is fully functional still.

Unused Curios

Aged Cask

A curio known as Aged Cask is present in the files and has its own art and animation, though it is not used. It is also mentioned in the localization. The only "use" of it is in the background of the boss room of the first Darkest Dungeon quest.

<entry id="str_curio_title_aged_cask"><![CDATA[Aged Cask]]></entry>
  <entry id="curio_tooltip_investigate_aged_cask"><![CDATA[Uncork the cask and take a drink...]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_content_aged_cask"><![CDATA[A dusty, long-forgotten cask of some vintage spirit sits in your path.]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_nothing_aged_cask"><![CDATA[The cask is empty, long since drained at some extravagant celebration.]]></entry>

Arcane Lectern

This curio is in exactly the same situation as Aged Cask. However, it was seen in the PAX 2014 demos, although with the art of another curio, which uses some of the same strings.

<entry id="str_curio_title_arcane_lectern"><![CDATA[Arcane Lectern]]></entry>
  <entry id="curio_tooltip_investigate_arcane_lectern"><![CDATA[Investigate the lectern...]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_content_arcane_lectern"><![CDATA[A stone pedestal carven in the shape of some nameless creature.]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_nothing_arcane_lectern"><![CDATA[The lectern's purpose and value have long since been forgotten.]]></entry>

Musty Tome

Musty Tome is a quest curio mentioned in the localization. While it does have a sprite associated with it, it isn't used and the image is exactly that of a Stack of Books curio, only with a purple glow reflecting that it's a quest goal. In the early PAX 2014 demos, a curio under this name and art was present, only difference was that it had no glow at all, as no curio at that point did.

<entry id="curio_tooltip_investigate_musty_tome"><![CDATA[Flip through the book...]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_title_musty_tome"><![CDATA[Musty Tome]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_content_musty_tome"><![CDATA[An ancient tome with mysterious gilded lettering.]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_nothing_musty_tome"><![CDATA[The dessicated book crumbles away when touched.]]></entry>

Oily Nitre

A curio only mentioned in the localization and nowhere else, nor does it have any associated art.

<entry id="curio_tooltip_investigate_oily_nitre"><![CDATA[Harvest the lichen...]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_title_oily_nitre"><![CDATA[Oily Nitre]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_content_oily_nitre"><![CDATA[The walls crawl with patches of dark and moist fungi.]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_nothing_oily_nitre"><![CDATA[The lichen is unremarkable.]]></entry>

Troubling Portrait

Another curio only mentioned in the localization that lacks any associated art.

 <entry id="curio_tooltip_investigate_troubling_portrait"><![CDATA[Study the portrait more closely...]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_title_troubling_portrait"><![CDATA[Troubling Portrait]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_content_troubling_portrait"><![CDATA[Deep black eyes gaze upon you from the curios visage of an ancestor past.]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_nothing_troubling_portrait"><![CDATA[The cracked and dusty painting is plain, and too large to transport.]]></entry>

Votive Table

A curio that was mentioned in the localization, and depicted in early pre-release concepts.

<entry id="curio_tooltip_investigate_votive_table"><![CDATA[Investigate votive_table!]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_title_votive_table"><![CDATA[Votive Table]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_content_votive_table"><![CDATA[Dusty half-burned candles are strewn about an ornate carved stone table.]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_curio_nothing_votive_table"><![CDATA[The table is disused and plain.]]></entry>

Old One Statue

A curio mentioned in the localization, that shares its art with the Shambler Altar.

<entry id="str_curio_title_old_one_statue"><![CDATA[Statuette of Elder Gods]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_curio_content_old_one_statue"><![CDATA[An intricate statue tricks the eye with unnatural shape.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_curio_nothing_old_one_statue"><![CDATA[The statue is but a misshapen decoration, and far too heavy to lift.]]></entry> 

Developer Content

Developer Message Via Journal

In the final quest of the Darkest Dungeon and thus the final quest of the game as it is the final boss, there's a hidden journal page one can find if they press up against a certain wall and enter the secret room it reveals. The note reads:

<entry id="journal_page_title_0"><![CDATA[A strange note, written on bloody human flesh.]]></entry>
  <entry id="journal_page_text_0"><![CDATA[You examine the ragged piece of flesh, it reeks of sweat and tears.  A series of crude gouges in the skin pulsate and seep blood. They seem to form a pattern! You can just make out the following: "We at Red Hook Games, are deeply grateful for your support and your time spent in the Darkest Dungeon! Good luck in the coming battle..."]]></entry>

Hunger Tiles

Visible only in the secret debug mode, there is a special icon for Hunger tiles on the map, which are normally invisible.

Unused Strings

These are unused strings that do not quite fit into other categories.

Affliction Descriptions

Initially, the player was meant to be able to hover over the affliction icon of an afflicted hero and get a description of the affliction.

<entry id="str_affliction_description_abusive"><![CDATA[Anger flows forth into action. Might is survival. The weak must fall.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_affliction_description_depressed"><![CDATA[Cast off, adrift, in a dark sea amongst jagged rocks.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_affliction_description_fearful"><![CDATA[Fear has overwhelmed the hero, whose every thought is now turned to self-preservation.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_affliction_description_irrational"><![CDATA[Two and two make three while six and seven break free.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_affliction_description_masochistic"><![CDATA[Pain is pleasure to the Just, to the Willing, to the Surivor.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_affliction_description_nothing"><![CDATA[None Description]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_affliction_description_paranoid"><![CDATA[Wolves lie in wait behind every tree; diseases are in every meal; avarice behind every friend.]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_affliction_description_selfish"><![CDATA[“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”]]></entry>

Sacrificial Stone's Unused Interactions

There are two unused interactions for the Sacrifical Stone curio. The food one is actually functional...except it is impossible to use food on a curio.

<entry id="str_curio_sacrificial_stone_provisions_purge"><![CDATA[The offering is rewarded!]]></entry>
 <entry id="str_curio_sacrificial_stone_torch_effect"><![CDATA[The gods favor the sacrifice but demand blood!]]></entry>

Unused Skill Names

Turtle and Pickpocket are completely unused, while the others seem to have been placeholders for Highwayman's skill names as even though the code name is different, the localized name isn't.

<entry id="str_monster_skill_swine_block"><![CDATA[Turtle]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_monster_skill_pickpocket"><![CDATA[Pickpocket]]></entry>
  <entry id="combat_skill_name_factotum_bold_slice"><![CDATA[Bold Slice]]></entry>
  <entry id="combat_skill_name_factotum_pistol_shot"><![CDATA[Pistol Shot]]></entry>
  <entry id="combat_skill_name_factotum_point_blank_shot"><![CDATA[Point Blank Shot]]></entry>
  <entry id="combat_skill_name_factotum_grape_shot_blast"><![CDATA[Grapeshot Blast]]></entry>

Unused 0 Light Barks

These barks are supposed to play while heroes are in total darkness, except they don't due to a typo. They can be enabled by adding an underscore between torch and 0.

<entry id="str_bark_torch0"><![CDATA[We can use this blackness against them. Strike before they see it.]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_bark_torch0"><![CDATA[Are there any torches left?]]></entry>
  <entry id="str_bark_torch0"><![CDATA[Now our enemy's back is up against it. We must remain steadfast.]]></entry>


A bark referring to a mechanic that isn't even in-game, though it seems to be related to town activities as it is listed between various strings belonging to the town activity log.

<entry id="str_bark_arrested"><![CDATA[I've made a huge mistake.]]></entry>

Unused Effects

These are effects present within the effects file, but inactive due to their referenced code being removed, due to being removed from their respective enemies' attacks, or in some cases due to a typo.

effect: .name "Errant Bleed" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 150%  .dotBleed 6 .duration 3    .on_hit true .on_miss false
effect: .name "Cell Weaken" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 150%  .combat_stat_buff 1 .speed_rating -4 .on_hit true .on_miss false
effect: .name "Lifedrain 1" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 20% .lifedrain 3    .on_hit true .on_miss false
effect: .name "Lifedrain 2" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 20% .lifedrain 5    .on_hit true .on_miss false
effect: .name "Lifedrain 3" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 20% .lifedrain 7    .on_hit true .on_miss false
effect: .name "Anti Heal AoE" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .antihealaoe 1 .chance 100% .on_hit true .on_miss true
effect: .name "GodsFavorBlood" .target "performer" .chance 100% .curio_result_type "positive" .combat_stat_buff 1 .crit_chance_add 15% .curio 1    .on_hit true .on_miss true    .apply_once true .queue true
effect: .name "Shrouded AOE Bleed" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 150%  .dotBleed 3 .duration 3 .on_hit true .on_miss false .can_apply_on_death true
effect: .name "Drum Stress DoT" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 70%  .dotStress 3 .duration 3    .on_hit true .on_miss false
effect: .name "drowned_anchored_knockback" .target "target" .push 3 .chance 200% .on_hit true .on_miss false .queue false .can_apply_on_death true
effect: .name "Ghoul Stress 1" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 75% .stress 10    .on_hit true .on_miss false    .queue true
effect: .name "Madman Snipe Stress 1" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 100% .stress 8    .on_hit true .on_miss false    .queue true
effect: .name "Madman Snipe Stress 2" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 100% .stress 13    .on_hit true .on_miss false    .queue true
effect: .name "Maggot Nibble Debuff 1" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 100% .buff_ids MAGGOT_STUNRESIST_D1 .duration 3 .on_hit true .on_miss false .queue true
effect: .name "Maggot Nibble Debuff 3" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 120% .buff_ids MAGGOT_STUNRESIST_D2 .duration 3 .on_hit true .on_miss false .queue true
effect: .name "Maggot Nibble Debuff 5" .target "target" .curio_result_type "negative" .chance 140% .buff_ids MAGGOT_STUNRESIST_D3 .duration 3 .on_hit true .on_miss false .queue true
effect: .name "siren_uncontrol" .target "target" .chance 100% .buff_ids "DEBUFFRESIST20" .on_hit true .on_miss false

Unused Enemies

Uca Major

Most of the enemies that only start to spawn on veteran / champion level quests and above have lower level versions internally. The Uca Crusher however has both a tint unique to his apprentice version, and a special name for it mentioned in the files, "Uca Major".

Gargoyle (apprentice)

Like the Uca Major, this is the apprentice version of the Gargoyle enemy. It doesn't have a unique name but it does get a unique tint. It is technically used, although at a ridiculous edge case. It is a possible spawn if a player stalls for too long and allows the enemies to call for reinforcements in the apprentice Ruins.

Squiffy Ghast's Corpse

Squiffy Ghast has a drawn corpse sprite, although it leaves no corpse on death. Through Colour of Madness' endless mode it is technically used at the ending screen showing the enemies the player has killed in his run, but in base game it remains unused.

Default Corpse Sprites

When corpses were just added to the game, they looked the same no matter what enemy died to spawn them. This unique appearance was removed later and replaced with a special corpse for every enemy that drops one.

Bone Bishop

Bone Bishop is an enemy mentioned only in the localization. A modded enemy based on the scrapped concept (combining it with another scrapped monster from the early monster sketches) was later made, but outside of the name and possible visual influence, they share nothing more. Worth noting is the fact that Bone Bishop's name is written in the same format that the Necromancer's, the first Ruins boss, is written in. This could imply Bone Bishop was intended to be a boss.

<entry id="str_monstername_skeleton_bishop"><![CDATA[Bone Bishop]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_monstername_skeleton_bishop_A"><![CDATA[Bone Bishop]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_monstername_skeleton_bishop_B"><![CDATA[Bone Bishop]]></entry>
    <entry id="str_monstername_skeleton_bishop_C"><![CDATA[Bone Bishop]]></entry>

Outdated Graphics

Old Quest Select Screen

Before the Colour of Madness DLC, the quest select screen's map of all of the dungeons did not include any of the dungeons added after release (Courtyard and Hamlet). This was the old map.

Old Armour/Weapon Art

Here are all of the old weapon and armour equipment art present before they were changed into the system present today. The borders changed colour based on the level, but the sprites did not. More can be found in the specific uploads of the artists who drew them.

Old "By Hand" Icon

The icon for interacting with curios and obstacles without any equipment, "by hand", used to be different.

Old UI

Most of the UI icons got redesigned later on.


In the very first Steam early access build, before Cove was playable, assets of it were present in the files. Its "mash" files defining enemy encounters were copied from Weald (though the boss they contained was the Necromancer) and the curios, trap and obstacle found within it were copypasted from Ruins. Its index number was 0, and it was set as unreleased so it wouldn't show up. The doors this early Cove used were also copied from Weald. The only room background it contained was also from the Weald. Below are the early versions of actual Cove textures and Cove enemy textures it contained.

Old Cove Hallway Art

Old Cove Enemy Art

Deep Stingers were the only graphically finished Cove enemy at that point in time. While most of the area's monsters were already present, they did not use the art they do currently. The Drowned Thrall enemy was mostly finished, all that it lacked was the art for its explosion skill.

Darkest Dungeon

Much like Cove, in the very first Steam early access build, before this area was playable, assets of it were present in the files. Its "mash" files defining enemy encounters were copied from Ruins (the boss encounter listed was a ghoul, and two skeleton arbalists) and the curios, trap and obstacle found within it were copypasted from Ruins as well. Its index number was 4, and it was set as unreleased so it wouldn't show up. The doors it used were also copied from Weald. Below are the images of the wall textures present in its files. Strangely enough, it also contained some backgrounds that were actually older Weald hallway tiles.