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Daytona USA (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Daytona USA

Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega Model 2)
Released in JP: August 1993 (location test), March 1994 (official release)
Released in US: April 1994
Released in EU: April 1994

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:

do dododo dodo dodo dodooooooo, DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAA! ♫


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Development Text

Present at 0xBEC in the main CPU is some development related text...

Trace Faults
Operation Faults
Arithmetic Faults
Floating-Point Faults
Constraint Faults
Protection Faults
Machine Faults
Type Faults
IP :
(Source: Ferrox)

... as well as these strings, located at addresses 0xA208, 0xF4A8, 0xF558, 0x1E2C0 and 0x297F0 respectively:

handle mode
WARNIG Out of Main Road

This small piece of text is only present in the later revision of the game featuring advertising for the Sega Saturn game console, at address 0x1CA40.


A rather noteworthy string can also be found at 0x21420:


This error message can be triggered by editing the bit at address 0x28666 in the file epr-16724a.6, which will cause it to be immediately displayed in the 8x8 tilegen font when the attract mode starts, also bringing the game to a complete halt before any 3D graphics are shown.


Finally, at the start of the file `epr-16488a.ic12` is the following text:

*DAYTONA       *
*  HANDLE      *
*    CONTROL   *
*      PROGRAM *
SEGA V19940919  

epr-16488.ic12 has the same text, but with the date V19940309 instead.

(Source: Tanza, wsxdrfvyhn)

Unused Models


A strange, mostly untextured model of a driver with a texture mapped head. Seemingly used during the earlier ending sequence (similar to Virtua Racing) before being replaced by a "Victory Lane" ending, with all the cars driving around the track.

Unused Textures

Background graphic from an unused test track.

Daytona USA unused BG.png

Unused opponent car numbers.

Daytona unused1.png Daytona unused2.png

Unused 'Track', 'START', 'CHECK' & 'GOAL' textures.
These signs were intended to appear over the starting line on the Beginner track but were replaced with the live leaderboard close to the end of development. They can be seen in early footage of the game.

Daytona unused16.png Daytona unused5.png Daytona unused4.png Daytona unused3.png

Unused textures for the Beginner track. These are possibly early versions of the garage textures for the pit lane.

Daytona unused6.png Daytona unused15.png

Unused road signs for the Advanced track.
These indicate that there may have been plans for falling rocks or deer.

Daytona unused7.png Daytona unused8.png Daytona unused17.png

Unused road signs for the Expert track.
The last of these was possibly not used since due to the positioning of the arrows, it presents the optical illusion that it is taller on the right side than the left.

Daytona unused9.png Daytona unused12.png Daytona unused20.png Daytona unused10.png Daytona unused11.png

Unused graphics for 'TIME EXTENSION'.
These are a very similar font & size to the 'GOAL' or 'GAME OVER' textures and also appear next to them in the texture atlas so it is possible that they were indented to be mapped to polygons and animated.

Daytona unused13.png

Daytona unused14.png

Unused opponent car arrows pointing diagonally left & right. Only the arrow pointing directly downwards is used in the final game.

Daytona unused18.png Daytona unused19.png

Revisional Differences

Some later versions of the game (with ROM name of daytonas in MAME and the Model 2 Emulator) came with optional advertising for the Sega Saturn in the attract mode. On those versions, the advertisement can be toggled from the Promote Saturn setting in the test menu.