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Dead Rising 2

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Title Screen

Dead Rising 2

Developer: Blue Castle Games
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows
Released in JP: September 30, 2010
Released in US: September 28, 2010
Released in EU: September 24, 2010

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Document the following:

Chuck Greene needs to get out of Fortune City, give his daughter her zombrex, and combine weapons to kick some zombie ass.


I've covered early plot points, y'know.
W samuraisword.png
It's a disappearing trick. You'd be the perfect graphic.

Debug Menu

To do:
  • Cross-check with Dead Rising Wiki for other info if needed.
  • Screenshots. Lots of screenshots of the Quickie Menu.
  • Find another link for the 360 version's debug XEX.

The update 1.02 blocks the debug menus. Don't update it.

There's a lot in the debug menus but what can be said is that there's a number of ways to access them. All builds can share the master.ini, but the executable file for each must be modified to allow usage of the debug menus. Multiple options for the master.ini file exist.

  • PS3 version.
    • In the Eboot.elf go to offset 0xF4680C and change the value to read 00 instead of 01 and save it. Resign it and replace the normal Eboot.bin.
  • PC version.
To do:
Compare modified EXE file to the unaltered version. Write method of modifying it once looked into.

Create a file named master.ini containing the following contents. The file uses C++ style comments so any line that begins with // will be ignored.

deadcode.consoleLines = 0

DefaultMission = Zombrex1
boss_use_scoops = true

// online specific settings
online_enable_tel_me = true
online_log.prefix = "$h:$M:$s:$m $f#$v > "
// new traffic system for online. It will be removed once it stablize and becomes the default
online_enable_new_p2p_traffic = true

online_debug_dlc_disabled = true
online_platform_dlc_disabled = false

enable_quickie_debug_menu = true

enable_dev_only_debug_tiwwchnt = true

online_debug_dlc_disabled = true

//nat type check
disable_nat_type_checking = true

// FE main menu cinematic background
enable_mainmenu_scene = true

// removing this will remove Debug Jump / Debug Enter from main menu
enable_debug_jump_menu = true
telemetry_changelist_prefix = 10

RenderZombieStats = true
debug_show_loading_time = true
show_chuck_info = true

Another one that can be used, but can often cause freezing is below.



size_window_x = "1280"
size_window_y = "1024"
OverrideRenderSettings = "True"
RenderFullScreen = "False"

DrawCameraPosition = "True"
RenderLocalPlayerPosition = "True"
show_camera_info = "True"

disable_online = "True"


The PS3 Debug Menu uses buttons of an Xbox 360 controller. Mapped as follows.

PS3 360

Unused Cutscenes

Two incomplete cutscenes remain in the game's data.

The first, labeled "010_outbreak", features the Juan Lee model supposedly getting eaten by a zombie. Although the respective video shows the scene in the Arena (cutscenes will play regardless of the current area loaded), the placement of the scene files suggest that this scene would be played after Chuck gets knocked unconscious in the elevator. Further, there is an unused and unfinished area in the arena backstage of what seems to be the arena seats. This is likely where this cutscene would have taken place if it were finished. Seeing as the Juan model was used as a placeholder in many scenes, as well as the low quality voice acting, missing animations, and odd placement, this scene seems to have been scrapped fairly early in development.

The second scene, much more thoroughly finished, is labeled "054b_hack_the_gate". The placement of the file suggests it would have been played after Chuck successfully closes the safehouse doors during case 6-4.

Unused Animations

Dead Rising 2 originally had a winchester. The only remains of it are its sound files, an icon, and these animations. It is unknown what the dancing animation was to be used for, but since it has "cowboy" in the animations name, it most likely had something to do with the cowboy outfit.

There exists a cut animation for a sniper rifle melee attack, where Chuck thrust the rifle forward. When added into the game, it doesn't function very well, and Chuck will commonly shoot instead.

Unused Characters

There is a number of unused characters found in the data with varying levels of completeness.


  • There are notebook entries and models for seven survivors that were likely to have been used during the tutorial levels.
    • Three of which, named Julius Reinke, Oscar Dingman, and Dale Kerpan seemed to be security guards for the arena. Dale's model seemed to have been used for the dead security guard found in case 1-3, but his notebook entries are still unused.
      • These three characters were restored for the spin-off game, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
    • Three more, named Taylor Nightinggale, Sarah Stayer, and Marvin Horner, seemed to have been regular civilians.
    • The last, Gary Peake, has a notebook entry, however, he does not have a notebook picture, and he uses a placeholder model.
  • Each of the four looters have a notebook entry, and are named Reinhold, Banchester, Tarquin, and Septimus. These names, and the notebook entries/portraits, are not seen in the final product.
  • Two more characters, named Dmitri Kazlov and Simon Bostwick, appeared to have been helicopter pilots. They are the only unused survivors that don't use the generic "Was seen during the Fortune City Outbreak" placeholder text.
  • And finally, all the survivor models and notebook entries from Dead Rising 2: Case 0 are present on the disc.


  • The zombie in the letterman jacket, seen in the beginning of the game, has an unzombified variant that's unused in the final game. It's unknown what it may have been for, however it's possible it was to be used in the unused cutscene above in place of Juan.
  • The first two cutscenes in the tutorial are pre-rendered, and as a result, the actual model for the Terror is Reality employee is not used in the final game (although a bloody variant is used later on). However, this model is still in the files and is fully usable via modding.
  • The protesters seen on the television during the scene in the Area locker room are only featured in the pre-rendered video, but the models for the characters still exist in the game's files. Interestingly, one of the protesters, labelled "Mackenzie", has a zombified variant which is completely unused.
  • Rebecca is a very odd case with regards to her character models. First, she has four versions: her cutscene model, and three different versions of her field model, which are exactly the same. Her hair on the field models are inconsistent with her cutscene model, sporting the same hairstyle she apparently sported earlier in development, as seen in the artbooks. At some point her hair was changed, and the cutscene model was updated, but none of the field models seems to have been due to an oversight. Also, while all three of her field models are used in-game, there is no difference between them, so it's unknown why there are separate models.
  • Stacey also has three unused models, each of which only feature a certain part of her body. The purpose of these models is unknown.
  • TK has four models in the game's files. His plain model, his model with a coat, his model with the bandages on his neck, and his model with the coat AND bandages. However, the fourth one is never used.
  • There is a survivor model labeled "srv_girlfriend", however this model is severely unfinished. A finished, zombified variant exists, but it remains unused.
  • A number of test models exist, using the same model and textures, except with different colors.
  • The model for Slappy actually DOES have a head under the mask, which looks eerily like the mask itself. This is never seen in the final game.
  • There's an unused model of a dumpster that's almost identical to the one in the Silver Strip. This one, however, is slightly smaller, and has one of its doors open.
  • The survivor Woodrow Rutherford has an unused poker model that contains a cut glasses model and a cut Mega Man helmet model.
    • The model also uses a low quality version of Woodrow's hair.

Unused Areas

There exist multiple unused files for areas present in the game. Only 2 of them have models however.

dr1_paradiseplaza, dr1_foodcourt, highroller, lighting, machine_room, and testlevel only have a spawn point with no models, so attempting to load them will lead to a black abyss. Strangely, dr1_paradiseplaza has coding for PP stickers, both in Dead Rising 2 and Off The Record.

There are also multiple files starting with x_ that have coding for items to spawn in, and a mission attatched to one. Some have the names of rooftop areas, indicating that they might be early files of those areas.

In the out of bounds area of the Yucatan Casino, there exists an unused unloaded Food Court. It is mostly untextured, and the globe says "International Plaza".

There also exists a test version of TK's Overtime arena. It completely uses placeholder textures and is very different from the final game.

Unused Weapons

  • Basketwork Couch: A cut two handed item. It can be spawned, but will be invisible if you do. Dropping the item will crash the game.
  • Black Vase: A third vase item. It is all black, though that may be due to a missing texture. Chuck can throw infinite vases and the vase becomes partially transparent when held and goes through Chuck when its held.
  • Flare: It is not the flare Sullivan uses in the final battle and is the most complete scrapped weapon. Has its own icon.
  • Wheel Barrow: Self explanatory. Can be picked up, but turns invisible.

The next weapons do not have any coding, but their models still exist in the files.

  • Hoe: A cut weapon that most likely used the same animations as the leaf rake. The handle is green, and at the end is a black part. It also has its own icon.
  • Parking Meter: Self explanatory. No animation that would fit with this type of weapon works properly, as it will go out of Chuck's hand. Has its own icon. This weapon was brought back in DR4. The texture is not mapped properly.
  • Fried Rice: Fried rice with chopsticks in a purple bowl. Most likely cut due to there being no Chinese restaurants. Reuses the coffee icon.
  • Tomato Juice: Uses the same model as the orange juice, but is red and has different text. Has its own icon. If coded into an item, it will go invisible if picked up. Strangely, its model is also used as a lure item, most likely eitherfor testing, or its a joke that cranberry juice looks like blood.
  • Cranberry Juice: A large bottle of cranberry juice and was most likely a two handed item. If given coding, the game will crash upon being picked up.
  • Yardstick Drink: A long bottle with a straw in it. It will clip through Chuck's face if he drinks it.
  • Pancakes: Self explanatory. Like the fried rice, it reuses the coffee icon.
  • Broken Tennis Racket: A broken version of the tennis racket. It's possible that originally, the racket was a melee weapon, rather than a projectile weapon.
  • Bloody Mary: A cut alcohol item.
  • Martini: A cut alcohol item.
  • Screwdriver Drink: A drink in a cylinder shaped glass with a lemon and a straw.
  • Tranquilliser: Seems to have been a cut weapon for Randy Tugman. Since it also has an icon, it most likely was also a reward for after you defeat him.
  • Hedgeclippers: A weapon that would've returned from DR1, but never made the cut. Strangely, if not held, it will play an animation of it opening and closing.

Unused Ending

Within the game's text files, an "Ending E" is mentioned. However, that is the only mention of the ending, as there is no viewable cutscene nor any other data pertaining to the ending. An "Ending E" is also present and used in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.


Fortune City is geographically incorrect. Yucatan Casino is a level above the Platinum Strip, but is also on the same level as the Palisades and the Food Court, but the Food Court and the Palisades are on the same level as the Platinum Strip. Similarly, despite being lower than the Slot Ranch Casino, the Royal Flush is also on the same level as it. Also, the entrance to the Atlantica rooftop and the actual Atlantica rooftop are a distance away.

Save File Corruption

If the game is unable to load a save file, it brings up the textbox shown below, then changes the save file slot to show "Damaged Data". While this error can happen due to possible save file corruption or hard drive failure, as stated, this can also happen if a checksum error happens in certain files in the compressed datafile.big archive, such as missions.txt (the file that dictates parameters for main and side missions). If any files are significantly altered from what they were when the game was originally saved, trying to load this save can also bring up this error, alongside displaying "Damaged Data", although the data is most likely not actually damaged, and the save can be loaded with altered datafile.big components by selecting the Restart Story option.