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Deus Ex

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Title Screen

Deus Ex

Developers: Ion Storm, Westlake Interactive (Mac)
Publishers: Eidos Interactive, Aspyr Media (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in JP: February 9, 2001
Released in US: June 22, 2000[1]
Released in EU: September 2000

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
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Deus Ex is the epic story of a sunglasses-at-night guy who drinks soda he found in back alleys, gibs little Chinese boys with rocket launchers, lets gangbangers murder a man's daughter then says to him "What a shame.", and discovers A BOMB in a helicopter.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Unused Audio
Unused Textures
Level Remnants
Conversation Comments
Game of the Year Differences

Debug Menu

Oh my god JC a debug menu!

Once you've enabled cheats by adding -hax0r to the command line arguments, enter the console command "legend" to open up an in-game debug menu. The dump system can be enabled by adding the following lines to User.ini, with Name being whatever you like.

  • Load Map - Load any map in the game. The "travel" option is whether the current flags, inventory, skills, etc. should be kept, and if the map should be loaded how it was left.
  • Edit Flags - Allows you to view and edit any and all event flags set by the game.
  • Add Dump - Creates a dump containing the level, user's name, game version, player location and view. Can later be loaded with 'View Dumps'.
  • View Dumps - Allows you to load one of the previously created dumps.
  • Invoke Con - Sets the flags necessary for specific conversations to play.
  • Show Class - Allows data on specific objects to be viewed, enter a class name at the top (like "PaulDenton") then use the checkboxes to toggle data to display.
  • View Quotes - Launches a secret credits-style scroll sequence (normally accessed by typing "quotes" during the credits) featuring various quotes from throughout development. Yay!
  • Play Music - Allows you to listen to all the music in the game, along with all their variations (action, conversation, death, etc.).

Unused Animations

Greasels have unused animations for attacking while in water, with their legs swimming while they attack. The animation is unfinished in that the spit doesn't spawn at the end of the animation, however this can easily be implemented.

Rats have an unused swimming animation, however this seems unfinished with the model morphing in the process.

Sniper rifles have an unused scoping animation.

The PS20 has an unused shooting animation where it isn't discarded.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

The PS20 has unused faces for a muzzle flash, back from when it was bullet based.

Original Flash
DeusEx1-PS20-NoMuzzleFlash.png DeusEx1-PS20-MuzzleFlash.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Enemies


There is an unused, low detail, SecurityBot4 enemy in the game. This version has the same weapons as SecurityBot3, but has 50 EMP HP instead of 40. It doesn't have any unique sounds apart from its move sound, which is a higher pitch version of the repair bot's. Its collision size is also 27.5 instead of SecurityBot3's 25.35.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Models

A model and texture for a 'CardReader' exists in the files, however no code exists for it. This card reader would be used with the cut access card item to open linked doors and can briefly be seen in pre-release footage.

Prototype Final
DeusEx-DeusExComputec0104.png DeusEx1-CardReader.png

The 'TestBox' model is a red, green, and blue box with the words "DO NOT PLACE" written on it. The model usually isn't seen in game and is used for items with no world model, such as grenade ammo and NPC weapon ammo. If ammo has this model set it will use the item's name for the message when receiving ammo, rather than the ammo's name. This box can be seen in-game by carrying a body to the end of the training segment and then starting a new game, when picking up a body after this the game will be unable to place it in the player's hands and the spawned POVCorpse will be left where the carcass was, displaying this mesh.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Menus

A menu to create custom color themes can be opened with the cheat ShowRGBDialog. The loading of themes works however the saving doesn't have any programming for the save button, and just overwrites the current theme.

A color theme called "Dark Blue" exists but goes unused. Despite the name it is actually 100% red.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cut Characters

Some classes are named, but not referenced anywhere in game. These are likely cut characters. The models were reused in other parts of the game. Margaret Williams' model is used for "Charlotte" in the La Porte de l'Enfer level. Michael Hamner's model is used for "Antoine" in the La Porte de l'Enfer level. Nathan Madison's model is used for Vinny in the Underworld Tavern in chapter 8.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cut Features

  • The developers were at one point planning on having the AI speak when they changed who they were targeting, but nothing was ever done with it.
  • AI were planned to check for allies in the area where they throw/shoot explosives, but it was never coded.
  • The black bars during conversations were meant to fade in, but it was cut as it doesn't work.
  • The light augmentation was planned to be upgradable with a brighter light and a bigger size, but was cut.
  • The ability to add goals and notes longer than 255 characters was planned but never completed.
  • More unique sounds for menus were planned but never implemented.
  • Pressing the key bound to 'drop item' was intended to drop whatever item you had selected in your inventory, but never implemented.
  • A conversation option for trading items with NPCs exists, however all code past that was removed.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cut Mechanic

Each computer has an "accessLevel" defined for each user. When logged in via a username and password this sets the user's skill level to either this account's accessLevel or the user's skill level, whichever is higher. Skill level affects computer usage in the following ways:

  • The amount of time taken to hack into a computer before options can be used.
  • The amount of time left to use the computer after the hack finishes before an alarm sounds.
  • The amount of money you gain from ATMs.
  • Advanced or master skill is required for changing turret states.

As the first two are only used for hacking they don't interact with the accessLevel variable. ATMs do not have the accessLevel variable at all. The only situation left is turrets, leaving the mechanic useless for personal computers, however the turret option in security computers is enabled by default and disabled only if the user's skill level is under advanced and the computer was hacked, meaning that even security computer accounts with untrained or trained accessLevel still have access to changing turrets. It's unknown what this mechanic was intended for as many accounts throughout the game have levels manually defined.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cut Text

01_Bulletin03, a bulletin to be found in the first UNATCO visit:

Terrorism -- War Without Fronts</B>

How do we fight an underground threat, one with no defined territory, base, or -- often -- known leader? We look to military history.

The casebook example of how to manage civil unrest is the Hamlet Evaluation System (HES) developed by the United States military during its occupation of South Vietnam in the 20th Century. Since population centers in that country contained both Communist rebels and loyal citizens, the towns were ranked on a scale from 1 to 5, five being the safest. The monthly reports of local commanders, useful in Vietnam for maintaining contour maps of ideology concentration, have provided many components of the UNATCO Sector Field Report.

The modern UDU (UNATCO Deployed Unit) has been modeled on the CAP (Combined Action Platoon) deployed in Vietnam, a 15-man rifle squad responsible for a single hamlet. CAP-protected villages typically earned a 2.95 HET score, compared to a 1.6 average in the same region. CAP units performed in many mission roles, but they primarily worked with indigenous police to strengthen ideological ties. Like CAP units, UNATCO teams are primarily concerned with building safe communities.

-- Joseph Manderley, Director, UNATCO

01_Bulletin04, a bulletin to be found in the first UNATCO visit:

Stopping Terror -- A New Perspective on Freedom</B>

When one maniac can wipe out a city of twenty million with a microbe developed in his basement, a new approach to law enforcement becomes necessary. Every citizen of the world must be placed under surveillance. That means sky-cams at every intersection, computer-mediated analysis of every phone call, e-mail, and snail-mail, and a purely electronic economy in which every transaction is recorded and data-mined for suspicious activity.

We are close to achieving this goal. Some would say that human liberty has been compromised, but the reality is just the opposite. As surveillance expands, people become free from danger, free to walk alone at night, free to work in a safe place, and free to buy any legal product or service without the threat of fraud. One day every man and woman will quietly earn credits, purchase items for quiet homes on quiet streets, have cook-outs with neighbors and strangers alike, and sleep with doors and windows wide open. If that isn't the tranquil dream of every free civilization throughout history, what is?

-- Anna Navarre, Agent, UNATCO

10_Email02, an email from Nicolette to her mother:

From:</B> NicDuClare//UnderNet.37923.38.834
To:</B> BethDuClare//UnderNet.324.823.2
Subject:</B> Weekend

Hey Mom, just wanted to let you know I'll be coming home this weekend... school is still hassling me about that intrusion attempt on one of their data wells, but it wasn't as if I really did anything -- just took a look around. I might have opened a few doors to the underground tunnels, too, but that was just for fun, no big deal (one of the cataphiles I know said there might be an entrance down there). I was hoping when I got back we could talk about it, and... maybe they'd listen to you, since they don't seem disposed to listen to me.

Anyways, kiss and hug, and I'll see you soon.


10_Book08, a book somewhere in Paris:


...with the new government regulations it has become almost impossible to get any work done after sundown...the <I>sourd-muet</I> bots will supposedly only attack known terrorists, but I do not trust them, and neither does anyone else. They all head home before dark. I stay and try to get a little work done so the American MIS woman gave me a passcode for the security system (rzelazny/shadowjack), but it is difficult to make any progress when no one is around to give me the information I need...

Some damaging zones also have unused strings for their damage.

Level String Comment
09_NYC_ShipFan This area is extremely HOT Used in the section where you jump between platforms
10_Paris_Catacombs High Levels of Radiation Detected The large radioactive room before the greasels

Broken Shake Triggers

The outro cinematic at the missile silo and Helios' ending are meant to make the screen shake.

To fix the missile silo version:

  • Ensure that the trigger's instigator is set to the player in some way.
  • Add ViewShake(DeltaTime); to DeusExPlayer.Interpolating.PlayerTick(float deltaTime).

To fix the Helios ending version:

  • Add ViewShake(DeltaTime); to DeusExPlayer.Paralyzed.PlayerTick(float deltaTime).
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Conversation Camera

Editing ConWindowActive and ConWindow's VirtualKeyPressed function to re-enable pressing F1 to toggle the interactive camera allows the player to press F1 while in a conversation to toggle debug mode. In this mode a window with stats will appear on the left. The mode offers different controls, depending on if the camera is in the Speakers or Actors mode, which depends on the camera angle mode. This mode works best with the audio files deleted, otherwise the lines will automatically progress when the audio finishes, changing the camera.

Camera Type Camera Mode
CP_SideTight CT_Speakers
CP_SideMid CT_Speakers
CP_SideAbove CT_Speakers
CP_SideAbove45 CT_Speakers
CP_ShoulderLeft CT_Speakers
CP_ShoulderRight CT_Speakers
CP_StraightAboveLookingDown CT_Speakers
CP_StraightBelowLookingUp CT_Speakers
CP_BelowLookingUp CT_Speakers
CP_HeadShotTight CT_Actor
CP_HeadShotMid CT_Actor
CP_HeadShotLeft CT_Actor
CP_HeadShotRight CT_Actor
CP_HeadShotSlightRight CT_Actor
CP_HeadShotSlightLeft CT_Actor

In CT_Speakers mode:

Button Effect
Left Increases the centerModifier by 0.1. Which doesn't seem to do anything anymore.
Right Decreases the centerModifier by 0.1. Which doesn't seem to do anything anymore.
Up Increases the heightModifier by 0.1.
Down Decreases the heightModifier by 0.1.
A Increases the distanceMultiplier by 0.1.
Z Decreases the distanceMultiplier by 0.1.

In CT_Actor mode:

Button Effect
Left Decreases the camera's X offset by 0.1. Moving left.
Right Increases the camera's X offset by 0.1. Moving right.
Up Decreases the camera's Y offset by 0.1. Moving up.
Down Increases the camera's Y offset by 0.1. Moving down.
A Decreases the camera's Z offset by 0.1. Zooming in.
Z Increases the camera's Z offset by 0.1. Zooming out.

If holding CTRL:

Button Effect
Left Increases the camera's yaw by 100.
Right Decreases the camera's yaw by 100.
Up Increases the camera's pitch by 100.
Down Decreases the camera's pitch by 100.
A Increases the camera's roll by 100.
Z Decreases the camera's roll by 100.

Generic controls:

Button Effect
⇧ Shift Holding shift while doing the commands above moves by x10.
Page Up Cycles to next camera.
Page Down Cycles to previous camera.
Space Writes camera info to the log file.
↵ Return Toggles the camera between CT_Actor and CT_Speakers mode.
Ctrl + F9 Saves a screenshot. This requires no editing and is always available.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Female JC

While the idea would be implemented in the sequel, it was here since the beginning – the titling of the player model as JCDentonMale, the choice of the gender-neutral name JC, and the fact that your gender is rarely referred to (e.g., guards saying "Thought I saw someone -- a guy in a coat." when you're spotted).

Ford Schick

After you save Ford, he says he'll return to the Smuggler's Lair...but never actually does. This is because the flag that gets set when you rescue him is (mistakenly?) set to expire at the end of Mission 3 (the hangar mission). If you go to the lair during Mission 8 and use the command "Summon FordSchick", however, he will appear.

Ford has a set of complete and recorded conversations thanking the player and offering advice on what to do, complete with offering the character aug upgrades. However this conversation is highly unpolished as it is missing conversation branches for if the player has no room for the object and the object cannot actually be received as he attempts to give an "AugmentationUpgrade" instead of the correct "AugmentationUpgradeCannister".

Credits Secrets

If cheats are enabled, you can type the following codes for messages and some secret effects.

Code Effect Message
QUOTES Shows developer quotes after the credits have scrolled. QUOTES ENABLED!
DANCEPARTY See the unique fourth "ending". DANCE PARTY ENABLED!
THEREISNOSPOON Replaces all non-UI textures with the Matrix texture. MAY TRICKS MODE ENABLED!
IAMWARREN Activates an EMP field around the player. GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT!

Before showing the quotes a sound plays, which when reversed says "buy more copies of Deus Ex".

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Image Mismatches

  • Image01_GunFireSensor has the prefix of 01, suggesting it was at one point meant for Liberty Island, however it's used in 06, Hong Kong, instead.
  • Image02_BobPage_ManOfYear has the prefix of 02, but is only found in 03, 04, and 09.
  • Image01_TerroristCommander still mentions "Hair: None", due to his old model being bald.
Prototype Final
DeusEx-DeusExdt0214.png DeusEx1-Image01 TerroristCommander.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Naval Shipyard Security Bots

The security bots in the storage building have flamethrowers, a quality unique to them and not present in any other bots. This may be a remnant of the E3 1999 build, where security bots are shown using flamethrowers from 0:42 to 0:47.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Missing 747 Room

The lower right of the 747 image shows an additional door to a room on the top level, where the cockpit would be. This door is missing, however by removing a wall an extended area that could possibly be used as a room is revealed.

Map In-game Without Wall
DeusEx-747Diagram.png DeusEx-747Wall.png DeusEx-747SansWall.png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Mini-sub Interiors

Mini-subs have an interior that is not normally seen due to the opaque window. It's possible this was hidden as the water can be seen inside the submarine when it lowers.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Geometry Errors

The intro level has two skyboxes in it, one for the Paris segment and one for the New York segment. However, the engine has no support for multiple skyboxes per level, making the Paris one always get used, making the New York skyline during its segment unused.

Original Edited
DeusEx-IntroVanillaSkybox.png DeusEx-IntroEditedSkybox.png

In Battery Park chapter 2 a light is trapped inside a wall, possibly due to the wall being moved back to make AI pathing easier. In chapter 3 and 4, the wall is in the proper position.

Chapter 2 Chapter 3
DeusEx-BatteryParkLight02.png DeusEx-BatteryParkLight03.png

At the Missile Silo, some geometry at the stairs doesn't appear due to being prioritized before a subtraction brush.

Original Edited
DeusEx-SiloVanillaStairs.png DeusEx-SiloEditedStairs.png

At the Missile Silo, some geometry at the bottom of the elevator doesn't appear due to being prioritized before a subtraction brush.

Original Edited
DeusEx-SiloVanillaElevator.png DeusEx-SiloEditedElevator.png

Unused Level Remnants

White House

A "White House" level was scrapped early in development, but contrary to speculation was not due to government intervention. Rather, it was deleted because "a few thousand little square rooms would be really boring".


Some of the furniture models were completed, and can be summoned (prefix "WH"). Also completed were high-detail models of the President and his wife, who in the final game appear in the opening video for two seconds at a distance.

(Source: Edge Magazine: The Making Of Deus Ex)

WHChairPink also has 6 separate textures for its seat and its back, so this may not be how they were intended to appear.

Mead Family

The President, Philip Mead, and his family were likely meant to have bigger roles in the White House level. While mentioned by name and portraits can be found of Philip Mead, he and his wife, Rachael Mead only appear briefly during the intro segment when Manderley is talking. Sarah Mead is unable to be found in the game, but her model was recycled as "school girl" who can be found in Tonnochi Road and the Lucky Money club.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Secret Service Agents

There was also supposed to be Secret Service agents that would patrol the cut White House level. Their textures ended up being re-colored and used for the MiB agents instead. The actor can still be spawned in world with the class SecretService.

Moon Base

At some point during the Deus Ex development, there was a mission in which JC Denton would have been asked to travel to the moon to confront a rogue, malevolent AI named Ada, but much like the scrapped White House and Texas Border missions, the moon level never made it into the final game. However, some of the textures for the moon base are still present within Moon.utx.

Mission 08

Mission 08 still has references to a character called Thomas Dieter, telling him to appear if Harley Filben is dead. If he was talked to then Stanton Dowd would appear, like if you talked to Filben. In the final version, Filben can't die, and there are no other references to Dieter in the code.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Developer Mistakes

Newspaper in JC Denton's Office


There is a newspaper in JC Denton's office the first time you go into UNATCO. Unfortunately, it can never be read in normal gameplay without noclip as opening the door destroys it. The paper reads:

French Connection Found in Rubble  APR -- New York  
Recently released evidence from last year's bombing of the Statue of Liberty supports growing rumors that link the incident with the French terrorist group "Silhouette."  Already members of Congress are calling for immediate cessation of diplomatic relations between the United States and France unless the responsible parties are brought to justice.  
"Rash accusations will not reverse the damage that has already been done," said UNATCO Director Joseph Manderley.  "Both France and the U.S. subscribe to the UNATCO charter and we are committed to the full and ongoing investigation of this horrible crime."  
An anonymous e-mail received from an individual purporting to be the Silhouette "Minister of True Lies" denies all responsibility.  "For that, you must go to the center of the maze," the e-mail said in part. 
(Source: Original TCRF research)

OceanLab Medical Bot

DX OceanLab Medbot.png

In the OceanLab labs there is a medical bot in one of the flooded compartments, only problem is that going to the area that contains the key to the room usually loads the medical bot, which makes it drown before you can use it.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Map Oddities

747 Warp

In the 747 hangar there is a warp to the stowage area of the 747 hidden off the map behind the rudder of the 747. In game this isn't used as the loading ramp of the 747 closes as you approach it and the warp has been moved. This may have been due to being able to skip Paul's conversation by going inside this way. There is no warp to the hangar from this location on the 747.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Liberty Island

On Liberty Island there are objects outside the playable area when returning.

On the first return:

  • The gas grenades on the statue are replaced with LAMs.
  • A barrel is added beside the one that is missing, possibly showing an old layout for the area.

On the second return:

  • A crate with a lockpick inside exists on the statue.

On the third, final, return:

  • The camera on the exterior of the statue is higher and further away from the wall, being held by a metal brush.
  • There is an alarm high up beside it which makes it useless as it is too high for enemies to use.
  • The camera and alarm both have 25% strength instead of the camera in the first level's strength of 10%, and the turret has a max range of 768 instead of 1400 in the first level, both different than the default of 512.
  • There are more LAMs outside the statue, one on a wall and one beside it floating in mid air.
  • The container containing a gas grenade normally now has 10mm ammo in it instead.
  • The gas grenades placed on the walls normally are now all LAMs, instead of just two from the first return.
  • The crate containing a lockpick besides the camera is still there from the first instance.
  • There is one NSF thug on the island, carrying a pistol and a crowbar instead of a mini-crossbow and crowbar like the first level.
  • A crate and two pigeons can be found outside UNATCO.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Tonnochi Road

DX Tonnochi Road Map Oddity.png

The backside of all the buildings in Tonnochi Road are covered with one of the advertisement textures, likely the placeholder texture when building the level.

UNATCO Level 4 Hallway

DX UNATCO L4 Hallway.png

On the first 3 visits to UNATCO, the hallway to the MJ12 lab on level 4 is present despite being completely inaccessible at this point. However, there is no warp to the MJ12 lab in the hallway.

Weapons and Items

Renamed/Repurposed Objects

Many of the otherwise final items exist, but summoning them reveals they may have had entirely different concepts than was finally implemented. For example, the electronic scrambler grenade used to confuse bots is named "WeaponNanoVirusGrenade", indicating it would have possibly been some kind of highly-lethal version of the gas grenade to infect humans with Gray Death.

Cat Scratch

Within the list of NPC-specific attacks is a listing for cat scratches. Unlike dogs (which bite you), cats simply run away when you step on them.

Rat Bite

As with the cats, rats have an unused weapon and instead run away.

Hidden Text Within Music Files

Within many of the games UMX files, some of the samples used are named as to have hidden messages within them. Most of these are just credits from the composer of the file, but within a few there are various messages. Many of these are simply fragments of sample text from other modules, providing some information about where some of the samples in the soundtrack were sourced from.


This file contains credits, but also contains one quote that reads: What is your cause, and who do you obey?


This file contains 3 little messages that read: Nightwatch, free her, temptation.
Another sample titled "antti a. mikkonen" refers to the birth name of Aleksi "Heatbeat" Eeben, and is taken from his module "aquarium people".


This file contains a note from one of the composers, Alexander Brandon. It reads: my favorite ambient tune in DX... and it was Michiel's first 5 patterns that got it started - Alex. The quote refers to the other composer Michiel Van Den Bos.


This file contains fragments of 3 messages: for the origin.systems, red...your hungry, and namely the scene and all the great artists in.
• The first message is from one of the samples in "M16C.MOD" from Crusader: No Remorse, composed by Andrew Sega.
• The second message is from one of the samples in "amber poison", also by Andrew Sega. The full message is a lyric from "The First Taste" by Fiona Apple.


This file contains one long message from composer Alexander Brandon. It reads: with my bowing out of Straylight productions and the release of this project you may note similarities between this piece and the style of necros (andrew sega)
if so, there is no shame as this is probably going to be my last MOD released to the public and what better way to pay homage to one of my personal favorites and colleague in arms
there is no doubt he and others have had a profound impact on my music and as my friend Josh Rodman says.. 'its one of your strengths.. don't shy away from it' peace... 2000


This has a simple message inside that reads: greets to the DX team song is dedicated to Steve Vai.


Two more fragments of messages from other modules: I changed my name from and this one.
• The first message is from "Universe Electric" by Alexander Brandon, referring to his change of handle from "Siren" to "Sandman".


This has 3 hidden messages within it that each read: Samples from Necros, Sybaris, Maelcum, and elsewhere, I've only got one thing to say... GETUPANDDANCEYOURASSOFF!, and wee.. hellos to Chris and Bryan :)


Another message fragment: lame you are, and to wha. This one is from "Collage" by Andrew Sega; the original message reads Don't rip tunes and stick your name on them. It just shows how talent-less and lame you are, and to what lengths you will go to get a tiny smidgen of respect. -necros


One of the samples has the name tel.: +358-86-27-8-39, taken from the author's contact info in the module "uudenkuun sointumaa" by Aleksi "Heatbeat" Eeben.


One more message fragment in this song: sitting by the lake with, taken from "Ebb & Flow" by Absalom. The full message reads I wrote this one nite while sitting by the lake with my guitar... I just tuned into the sounds of the surf...

Unused PowerVR Support

Deus Ex, like most Unreal Engine 1 games, uses a plugin system for its renderer to allow more flexible support for multiple video card types. Interestingly, the PowerVR SGL plugin, while dummied out, is present, compiled for Deus Ex, and works fine with minor bugs.

Of course, you actually need to have a PowerVR card to use it, and you'll need to have Kernelex 4.5.1 installed and the game set to Windows 98SE compatibility mode.

Macintosh Graphics

The Mac version's PICT resources include credits and an animated logo spinner from Unreal Tournament.

Deus Ex (Mac OS Classic) - UT Credits.png

Deus Ex (Mac OS Classic) - UT Logo Spinner.png

Version Differences

The Game of the Year edition contains the 1.112fm patch, adding multiplayer and unintentionally removes the music from Mission 08, the last visit to Hell's Kitchen, rendering it unused. However, there exists a community patch which re-adds the music to Mission 8. In detail, the GotY edition of the game contains the oldest known versions of the levels, it is likely that the Mission 08 music was the final set to be created which is why it is missing in the GotY maps.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Regional Differences

The Japanese version of the game contains additional changes in addition to its translation:

  • Additional text changed to be localizable.
  • NPC text color in conversations changed from blue to white.
  • Player text color in conversations changed from white to a lighter blue than NPC text in original.
  • Note adding, deleting, and editing completely disabled.
  • Infolink text display rate three times slower to compensate for more compact Japanese sentences.
  • The Dragon's Tooth Sword does 50 damage compared to the original 20.
  • Energy drain rate of augmentations is halved.
  • A passive 40% reduction on all damage the player takes.
  • Player owned weapons do x4 damage on Easy difficulty, even to doors.
(Source: Original TCRF research)