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Development:Speedy Blupi

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This page details development materials of Speedy Blupi.

Unimplemented 3D Models

Included in a GitHub repository for the open-source version of Planet Blupi are 3D models of various objects from Speedy Blupi in their own subdirectory.


A model of Planet Blupi's enemy robot in a side view, suggesting he was intended to be included as an enemy in Speedy Blupi as well. He may have been cut due to looking unrecognizable from the side.


A model of a treasure chest. While a render of this model is used in the game, the model has unused frames of animation for rotating a full 360 degrees. This was reduced to a slight back-and-forth wobble for the in-game sprite.


While not technically unused, the bomb model has a very fine wood grain texture that's practically invisible in the final renders.