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Devil Mametchi wo Sagase

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Title Screen

Devil Mametchi wo Sagase

Publisher: Tamagotch Channel
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: 1998

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A Tamagotchi puzzle game published on Tamagotchi Channel, formerly the official Japanese Tamagotchi website, in 1998.

Unused Graphics


OVER is an unused game over graphic. This graphic is used in some of the other Tamagotchi Shockwave web games, but not in this one.

デビ1 and デビ3 are two unused sprites for Devil Mametchi. Parts of these sprites were used for sprites of Devil Mametchi peeking out of a coffin, but these full sprites without the coffins are never used.

マメ1, マメ2, and マメ3 are three unused sprites for Mametchi. The first and third sprites received the same treatment as the aforementioned Devil Mametchi sprites. The second sprite, which depicts Mametchi with a confused expression, is never used anywhere at all.

Development-Related Text

Upon extracting the game's contents with offzip, it's possible to view several development-related comments in 00000533.dat:



何桁表示するか--- 表示する桁数を入力してください。
「0」のメンバー番号--- 「0」として扱っているキャストメンバーの番号を入力してください。
sendSprite(ビヘイビアのドラッグされたスプライトの番号, #digit, 表示したい数値)

on exitFrame     
    sendSprite(15, #digit, the timer/60)    

---- 作成者: Toshimitsu Takagi
----    : 
----    : 株式会社データクラフト
---- 修正日: 1998/01


Uenknown - EMANON
Masashi Konno - 
Macintosh HD:WorkData:Game_Sorece:たまごっち