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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

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Title Screen

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Also known as: Makai Senki Disgaea (JP)
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publishers: Nippon Ichi Software (JP), Kama Digital Entertainment (KR), Atlus (US), Koei (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: January 30, 2003
Released in US: August 27, 2003
Released in EU: May 28, 2004
Released in KR: May 1, 2003

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is the first, and possibly only, PS2 game to feature a Horse Wiener as an equippable item.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Debug Mode

To do:
Wikify info/images found [here], write a proper explanation for it; verify PAL and NTSC-J Master Codes.

There is a debug mode! You can use it! Yes. Here is the Codebreaker... codes.

Master Code

(Must be on to use Codebreaker on Disgaea)

90107FB8 0C041F96
F0100008 00112C4F
20147078 00000000
90108D30 0C0422F4

Debug Mode

20100408 8F848528
2010040C 34840002
20100410 1000000B
20100414 AF848528
20100440 8F8485AC
20100444 34840002
20100448 1000000B
2010044C AF8485AC
20100490 8F8485A8
20100494 34840002
20100498 1000000B
2010049C AF8485A8

Alternatively, if you're one of them fancy city folks with their Emulators and their ISOs and their Junk Food and Rock 'n' Roll... you can just use this PCSX2 patch. You'll want to skip the BIOS startup by clicking "Run CD/DVD" instead of "Execute".

D00037C4.pnach (NTSC-J)


4D2CAC9D.pnach (NTSC-U)


FB258E4C.pnach (PAL)


Main Menu

Super Miracle Debug Fun-Time!

Once the game boots, you'll notice a few new and interesting options on the title menu...

  • Edit - We'll discuss this later.
  • Super - Starts you out in the Mid-Boss' Lair chapter with Level 100 characters, all areas unlocked, 100000000000 HL, and Customer Ranking 12 at the stores (which have all items unlocked).
  • Miracle - Starts you out in the Celestia chapter with no extra levels unlocked, with characters in the Level 30-50 range with decent equipment.

Super and Miracle can start you out with some normally inaccessible characters like Prinny Kurtis.


Infinite Action mode is about as balanced as you'd expect.

Once you've somehow made it into the game without breaking your hand from sheer excitement, press Select on Controller 2 to bring up the in-game debug menu!

  • Flag - Lets you alter the event flags. You could theoretically use this to skip parts of the game, but without sufficient documentation it's probably best to avoid this.
  • Return to the Castle - Does exactly that: it dumps you unceremoniously outside the portal. Useful if you get yourself stuck.
  • Edit - I'm getting there, I'm getting there...
  • Interpolation - Disabled option. Presumably would have toggled visual smoothing at some point when the developers were still umming and ahhing about it.
  • D Drive and CD - Useless without a devkit. Probably disabled in the code, anyway.
  • Reload Script - Reloads scripts from disk without having to reset the game. Again, useless without a dev kit.
  • Demo - Watch cutscenes. Also moves you to that part of the game. If you care about your character data (and if you are, why are you using a debug mode?), be wary of throwing your endgame party back to the start of the game by accident.
  • Script - Forces a script to run, usually with buggy and undesirable consequences. Some of the scripts that have been tested:
    • 10: Freely walk around any map.
    • 11: Starts a battle, then immediately ends it.
    • 15: An empty Dark Assembly votes on nothing, then you're asked to name a nonexistent character, then Laharl's stats glitch.
  • Reload Effect - Another developer option we can't really use! Presumably would have reloaded effect data from the disk.
  • Char Test - Lets you view character sprites. See below!
  • 3D Test - This option deletes Laharl and sets the cursor to "where do you want to go?" mode. You can't get out of this without the Return to the Castle button.
  • SE - Surprisingly enough, lets you test the sound effects. D-Pad Left and Right change the pitch (the far right number), while L1 and L2 change the sound effect (the left number).
  • Infinite Action - Self-explanatory. Lets you do as much as you want in one turn without fear of running out of Time Units and being eaten by a Chryssalid.
  • Reload Random Map - Uncertain.
  • Exponential Growth - Opens another menu, where you can play around with various balance variables like Experience gain, as well as letting you force all items (even in stores) to be Rare or Legendary.

Character Test Menu

Not exactly intimidating, no?

In this mode, you can view the character sprites at your leisure.

On Controller 1, R1 / R2' cycles through that section/characters sprites & animations, L1 / L2 cycles through each Character/Section, X repeats the animation, Square + D-Pad moves the sprite, and X + D-Pad resizes it. Start swaps between two sets of images, one having the characters, effects, and summons while the other has whatever temporary graphics are loaded. There doesn't seem to be any button combination to swap palettes manually, which makes it possible to only view one version of each character despite some, like the Prinny class, having a variety of unlockable colors.

Image Set Image ID Sub-ID Viewing X Scale Viewing Y Scale Sleep Time Palette Row Count X Offset Y Offset

Along the top are numbers that indicate what image data is being used and some other handy info. The Palette Row Count (16 colors each) seems to overlap another number sometimes; the overlapped number's purpose is unknown, but can fluctuate during animation.

Image Piece Color Palette Blend Mode/Layer CW Rotation X Offset Y Offset
X Centering Y Centering Image Width Image Height
X Scale Y Scale X Position Y Position

The numbers displayed on the right correspond to image data used to display the graphics. Each set represents one rendered image.

Blend Mode/Layer is a bad description: It seems to be that anything on 2 has a Linear Dodge blend mode, anything on 1 has a kind of Linear Burn. Numbers like 8, 16, or 24 might indicate an attachment point or orientation for weapon or other external sprites. This needs more testing to confirm or deny.

GFX Test

Poor Laharl is subjected to all the effects.

In this mode, you can see all the visual effects.

To enable it you must hit Select on Controller 1, it will bring up the <Test> text and some numbers on the right. All the button presses need to be from Controller 1. The Left Stick moves Laharl around, L1 and R1 rotate the camera, L2 and R2 changes which effect and sound will play (as shown in the numbers), X plays the visual effect, and Square plays the accompanying sound effect or whatever sound effect is in the slot number.

The first two numbers displayed on the right correspond (most likely) to the effect and sound data. The next number is the speed at which the effect plays, this can be controlled by holding Down+X and pressing Left or Right. You can even go into the negatives and the effect will play in reverse. Be careful when changing the speed because by holding down the X button you will be constantly creating effects and you can potentially lag the game or crash it. The next three numbers correspond to roll, yaw, and pitch respectively. Holding down the Square button and pressing Up or Down will change the roll, Square and Left or Right affects the yaw, and finally Square and Triangle or Circle changes the pitch.

Edit Mode

It ain't BUILD.EXE but it'll do in a pinch.
To do:
Wikify this.

Unused Maps

There is some map data left in the game that went unused.

Extra Maps

There are five maps, three unique ones, that are never used by the game and look like they were used for testing purposes. Using a cheat device or editing a save file will allow the player to access these maps through the warper NPC.

Even though they are not used by the game, they will appear under a new "Extra" category in the warper's menu.

Puzzle Maps

If you wait long enough at the main menu the game will eventually launch a demo mode where characters battle automatically. While these levels aren't technically unused, they are normally unplayable. As with the Extra Maps, by editing a save file or using a cheat device they can be accessed and act as normal levels with the autoplay code treated as story. Launching the map from the warper NPC allows you to "Skip Story" and play the level yourself. If you do not skip the story, the game will lock out the controls and key presses will be issued automatically. Since your party isn't likely to be a match to the characters used by the demo sequence, the key presses will almost certainly end up issuing the wrong commands or getting stuck in menus. When all of the key presses have been issued, control will be given back to the player and the map will play normally.

These maps, when added to the warper's menu, are under the category "Puzzle":

Seraphic Sanctuary: Sacred Altar(D)

Where the ending scene takes place. This map even has a name in dungeon.dat!

mp01304: Not unused but normally unplayable.

Rank Exam 12 through 19 Maps

There is no data left for these maps except for textures for the Rank 12 Exam but they are identical to the previous map textures and are meant for the Local forum (Dark Assembly) map. The entries for these maps still exist in the dungeon.dat file. Each map has a name of the form: Exam for Rank #

It is probable that the developers didn't know how many ranks there were going to be and just made 19 entries to have a buffer. The maps would have been from mp21013 to mp21020.

Texture Only

There is one lone texture file for map mp03030 which has textures used by the Human World maps. The strange thing is that it is nowhere near mp01001 to mp01003 where the Human World maps are. Instead it is sandwiched between the last Cave of Ordeal map (mp03005) and the first of the unused Extra maps (mp03101).

There are also 49 texture-only files peppered between mp20101 and mp20299. Unknown purpose.

Unused Images

The Japanese release features an unused image called TitleMj0.tx2 next to the title screen images. It is unknown what the purpose of this image is, but it might have been part of a placeholder title screen since it features the title "Makai" (roughly Netherworld) along with the subtitle "Little Prince of the Darkness".

Disgaea1 J TitleMj0.png

Many screenshots were left on the disc, some of which show testing scenes, others are just filler for unused locations.

Some cutscene placeholder sprites are also present. It is possible in some cases to infer the intended character and pose from the label or filename (the first two digits give the character, the second two the pose for a given character).

Baseball Prinny Jennifer, mind-controlled Astro Carter? Dragon "Lots of monsters"
Sardia AN Overlord #1 AN Overlord #2 Prism Red Prism Blue
Prism Yellow "Creepy Demon" Don Joaquin Angel Soldier Angel Soldier Guardian

This image is a compilation of the more interesting "NODATA" or placeholder images found in the character spritesheets.


Baal has full color palettes for multiple colors, probably because he was originally intended to be a fully unlockable class. He also has face icons for each color.

Regional Differences

  • Likely due to the following, the US release comes on a single-layer DVD while the PAL and Japanese releases come on a CD.
  • The US version has an English/Japanese voice-over option, this was removed for the European version which has only English voices.
  • The US version also has two exclusive tracks that play throughout the game. "The Invasion From Within" is a song released by the band Tsunami Bomb in 2001 and licensed by Atlus for the US release. "One With The Stars" isn't mentioned in the credits, but it was likely made by the game's composer, Tenpei Sato, as it fits in stylistically with the other songs in the game. Both songs do not appear in any future ports of the game.

The Invasion From Within

One With The Stars