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Disney's Lilo & Stitch Pinball

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Title Screen

Disney's Lilo & Stitch Pinball

Developer: Buzz Monkey Software
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: October 8, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Disney's Lilo & Stitch Pinball is, you guessed it, a Lilo & Stitch themed pinball game.

Unused Graphics

splash24.bmp is a placeholder image for the installation screen.
Lilo & Stitch Pinball placeholder.png

Demo Leftovers


jumba_on.wjp is a texture for lights spelling out JUMBA, but in the final game the letters have individual textures and use a different font and lighting.
Lilo & Stitch Pinball jumba on.png

Debug Functions

Pressing F12 will create a debug window which displays stats and includes the options "Dump Objects" and "Web Driver Options", where "Dump Objects" creates a log of the objects currently loaded. In "Web Driver Options", the driver can be changed and the following options can be turned on or off (MipMap is the only function which is automatically active):

  • Bilinear Filter
  • Interlaced
  • VSync
  • Wireframe
  • MipMap
  • Stats
  • No Specular
Debug window