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Disney Channel All Star Party

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Title Screen

Disney Channel - All Star Party

Developer: Page 44 Studios
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platform: Wii
Released in US: October 26, 2010
Released in EU: November 5, 2010
Released in AU: November 18, 2010

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

Disney Channel - All Star Party is what you think it is, a party game you play with your friends, featuring the iconic Disney Channel voice.


In the options menu, there is a Cheats button which takes you to a screen where you can enter codes. However, none of these codes were seemingly ever shared anywhere. They can be found by loading "main.dol" into a hex editor, starting at offset 00546F00.

Code Unlock
disney fanatic Unlocks the Fun Pack (Bunny Shirt, Zebra Print Skirt, Robot Shirt, and Tropical Shorts)
mega star Unlocks the Wacky Pack (Blazer & Vest, Gnome Shirt, Plaid Shorts, Striped Leggins)
unlockminigames Unlocks all minigames
unlockcawparts Unlocks all closet clothing items (except the two packs mentioned above)
unlockall Unlocks everything (except the two clothing packs mentioned above)

If you enter either disney fanatic or mega star, a dialogue box will open informing you that you have unlocked the packs. These two codes were likely part of a planned promotion. The other codes simply play a chime.

disney fanatic mega star
DCAS_Fun_Pack.png DCAS_Wacky_Pack.png

Interestingly, there is one more code listed, unlockmiis, which would've presumably unlocked the ability to play with your Mii. When entered though, it acts as an invalid cheat (you can still unlock the Mii with the unlockall code).

Unused Video


In the folder "fmv" there is a file called movietest.bik, which is a copy of the Disney Interactive Studios logo.