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Donald in Maui Mallard (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Donald in Maui Mallard

Developer: Disney Interactive
Publishers: Sega (EU), Tec Toy (BR)
Platform: Genesis
Released in EU: December 8, 1995
Released in BR: 1995

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

A Donald Duck action game originally released for the Genesis in Europe and Brazil and later ported to the SNES, Game Boy and PC. It features Donald Duck as a Thomas Magnum-esque detective with ninja skills on a gritty and stylish tropical island adventure.

Debug Menu

Donald in Maui Mallard Mega Drive debug1.png Donald in Maui Mallard Mega Drive debug2.png

Enter the password IMCARY (programmer Cary Hara), then press Start. Open the password screen again, enter MAUIMM, then press Start. A sound effect will confirm success, and Debug added as the third option on the title screen. Memory address $FF2180 is set to $01.

In the debug menu, Enemy Coll(ision) toggles whether Donald is invincible to most enemies and hazards.

Deactivating Game Flow will make the game return to the main menu after a level is cleared.

Map Mode will bring up a non-playable view of the map. Note that you still can be killed in the rising lava/acid levels.

Finally, the Level option changes the level the game starts on. Choosing a Babaluau Baby bonus level and then clearing it will send you to the next one or back to the menu after the fourth level. Losing the bonus levels in this way will count as a death.

In addition, the debug menu enables the following commands during gameplay:

  • Hold A, press Start: kills Donald
  • Hold B, press Start: (unknown effect)
  • Hold C, press Start: advance to next area

Alternate Map Mode

The Map Mode described in the previous section brings up a non-playable view of the map. However, memory address $FF2181 is reserved for a different type of Map Mode, one that can be used during gameplay. To toggle it on, use Pro Action Replay code $FF2180:xx01, where xx is whether you want the debug menu, above, enabled with it (00 = off, 01 = on).

While paused, hold A and move the D-Pad to place Donald anywhere on the map. Press C to advance one frame. Beware that moving to certain parts of some maps will crash the game.

Regional Differences

While not released in the US, the game was sold in Brazil and had a few changes from the EU version. Most passwords were changed, for example.

Password Changes

Stage EU Mega Drive Password BR Mega Drive/PC Password
The Mojo Mansion None None
Ninja Training Grounds ININJA ININJA
Muddrake Mayhem ILVMUD MUDPIE
The Sacrifice of Maui ITSHOT HTFOOT
The Test of Duckhood GETHIM ZEFROG
The Flying Duckman YOHOHO ARRGGH
The Realm of the Dead UNDEAD DKMPOZ
Mojo Stronghold GDLUCK NOCHNC

Tutorial Scenes

The Brazilian release features a series of tutorials that play after the player dies in the first two levels.

Other Differences

  • When the giant frog boss of stage 5 plays its dying animation, the camera focuses on it.