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Doom (Jaguar)

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Title Screen


Developer: id Software
Publisher: Atari Corporation
Platform: Jaguar
Released in US: 1994

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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The first console port of the PC classic (although the 32X port beat it to the shelves), this version was developed by id themselves, and most of the other console ports are descended from it. Unlike many console ports of games, the source code is freely available.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info

Unused Areas


Several sections of level 10, Containment Area, were removed when it was ported to the Jaguar. One section was accidentally left in, however - it's highlighted in red in the image here. These three rooms were originally connected to a hallway with crushers near the red door. The sector defining the largest room is set as a secret type, so it is impossible to get 100% kills/items/secrets in this level without using a glitch. There's also a chainsaw, two 4 shotgun shell pickups, an Imp, two Demons, and nine Lost Souls orphaned in it.

The easiest way to use the glitch is to get to the 90° corner northeast of the three rooms. Use the rocket launcher as weapon and face north parallel to the wall. Move the launcher right so you have a 105° angle. Hold the strafe button and press the D-Pad Down-Right so you move right into the corner. Fire the launcher and you get pushed back through the wall. From there, you can move to the southeast opening in the largest room. You can get back to the normal level layout using the glitch against any 90° corner to complete the level with 100% kills/items/secrets.

Unused Code

Cut Secret Levels

P_SetupLevel(25, 0)
W_GetNumForName: MAP25 not found
P_SetupLevel(26, 0)
W_GetNumForName: MAP26 not found

Attempting to use the level warp cheat to go to level 25 or 26 (Pause, B + 5 or B + 6, Pause) will cause a crash with these error messages printed on the screen. Level numbers beyond these will not crash the game or give errors; they simply do nothing.

if (warpmap>0 && warpmap < 27)
		gamemap = warpmap;
		gameaction = ga_warped;

Code that parses the cheat in the source file p_tick.c excludes any value greater than 26.

/*	"Fortress of Mystery", */
/*	"Warrens" */

The names for Fortress of Mystery and Warrens are commented out of in_main.c. These are the episode 2 and 3 secret levels in the PC version, but did not make the cut in this port. (Well, technically Fortress of Mystery did, as the final level, under the name Dis.) Including them with the existing levels would bring the total up to 26, which is one explanation for why this cheat is capped at that value.

However, prototypes of the 32X port also point toward another normal level being planned earlier in development, as Military Base is in the MAP25 slot, instead of MAP24 as it is in the final version. Additionally, Dis (Fortress of Mystery) comes after it, in MAP26. So this gives another possibility for why the warp cheat works with values up to 26.


Spectres are actually still placed in several of the game's maps. In the PC version, spectres use the same sprites as demons, but with a "fuzz" effect applied to them. In this port, they are rendered normally, making them indistinguishable from demons.

Unused Graphics

Doom BAL6 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL3 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL3a anim unused.gif Doom-BAL5 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL4 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL4a anim unused.gif

These projectile and impact sprites are also present in PC revisions prior to v1.666. They're just as unused in this port.


The flaming barrel from Doom II is mysteriously present in the ROM's IWAD.

Unused Pickup Messages

You pick up the armor.
You got the MegaArmor!
You pick up a blue keycard.
You pick up a yellow keycard.
You pick up a red keycard.
You pick up a blue skull key.
You pick up a yellow skull key.
You pick up a red skull key.
You pick up a stimpack.
You pick up a medikit that you REALLY need!
You pick up a medikit.
Radiation Shielding Suit
Computer Area Map
P_SpecialThing: Unknown gettable thing

You pick up a health bonus.
You pick up an armor bonus.
Picked up a clip.
Picked up a box of bullets.
Picked up a rocket.
Picked up a box of rockets.
Picked up an energy cell.
Picked up an energy cell pack.
Picked up 4 shotgun shells.
Picked up a box of shotgun shells.
Picked up a backpack full of ammo!
You got the BFG9000!  Oh, yes.
You got the chaingun!
A chainsaw!  Find some meat!
You got the rocket launcher!
You got the plasma gun!
You got the shotgun!

Pickup messages for all of the collectable things in this port, along with an error message for picking up a thing without an effect, can be found in the ROM starting at offsets 0xBCEA and 0xC084. They're defined in the source file p_inter.c. These messages are never actually shown in game.

Level Select

Pause during gameplay, hold one of the button combinations in the table below, then unpause to go to the corresponding level:

Level Button(s)
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 A + 0
11 A + 1
12 A + 2
13 A + 3
14 A + 4
15 A + 5
16 A + 6
17 A + 7
18 A + 8
19 A + 9
20 B + 0
21 B + 1
22 B + 2
23 B + 3