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둠 (PC, 1993)

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타이틀 화면

다른 이름: 얼티밋 둠
개발사: id Software
발매유통사: id Software
플랫폼: DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS Classic, PC-98, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
전세계 발매: 1993년 12월 10일

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And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Romero being Romero.

모든 것을 시작하지는 않았지만, 그랬을 수도 있는 게임. 두번째 에일리언 영화를 기반으로 한 라이센스된 게임인, 은 FPS 작품을 만들어냈고, 전 세계적인 현상이 되었으며, 많은 둠 복제품들과 최종적으론 Quake으로의 길을 열었다.

이 게임은 (또는 적어도, 리눅스 이식작은) 완전히 오픈-소스로, 수많은 수정과 개선점들이 추가된 아주, 아주 많은 소스 이식들로 이어질 뿐 아니라, 똘똘한 프로그래머들에 의해 거의 모든 화면과 CPU로 이식된다는 평을 받고 있다. 그리고 우린 의미 있는걸 했다.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info (untranslated)
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Prototype Info
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Revisional Differences
많은게 있지.

Debug Mode

Entered by passing the parameter "-devparm" when starting the game, Doom's debug mode is pretty bare-boned. You can take screenshots (in PCX format) by pressing F1 (which replaces its original function of bringing up the help screen), and a series of dots appears in the bottom left that roughly indicate the frame rate. One dot indicates the full 35FPS, while more dots indicate a frame rate of 35/(number of dots). In earlier versions, the -devparm parameter is also required to use several other parameters, but the requirement was dropped in 1.4.

Unused Graphics


Menu heading and option for a display options menu. These are left over from the 0.5 alpha.


Headings for the load and save game menus. These menus just reuse their option graphics for their headings.


The "ouch" face was meant to occur if the player lost 20 or more health in a single attack. A mistake in the game's coding makes it visible only if you gain 20 or more health while taking damage, rendering the face unseen outside of uncommon situations, like getting hurt while standing on a medikit. Like most of Doom's status bar faces, the ouch face has five different sprites depending on how much health the player has remaining.


The SW1STARG texture was only used on a single wall of E1M3 in v1.0. When the raising floor it triggered was redesigned in v1.1, the switch texture was removed from the wall, and it goes unused in all future versions.


Two unused frames for the pistol. Why they're not used is unknown.

The recoil seems reasonable enough.
An unused frame for the BFG. Again, why it's unused is a mystery.

Used Unused
Doom-SMITA0.png Doom32x - Small Grey Stalagnite.png

A gray variant of the stalagmite decoration, lacking the spikes and smaller stalagmites around the sides. No corresponding thing exists for it.

Removed Graphics

A few unused graphics can be found in earlier versions of Doom, but these graphics were removed from later versions.

Score! Weapons Multi-line text feed.
Alternate status bar panels left over from the press release pre-beta. The score and weapons panel were used instead of the normal bar on the automap; the large blank divided panel replaced the entire right side of the status bar whenever text was displayed or being typed. These were removed in v1.2.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Red variations on the small gray and yellow numbers used on the status bar. These were also removed in v1.2.

Shotgun Chaingun Rocket Launcher Plasma Gun Chainsaw BFG9000
These small weapon icons were used on the weapons panel of the pre-beta automap status bar. And like the panel, they were removed in v1.2.

Bonus Score
막간 화면용으로 사용하려던 보너스와 점수 그래픽이다. v1.2에서 제거된 또 다른 세트이다.

The ejected shell found a home as a part of the super shotgun's reload animation in Doom II.

DoomPSHEA0unused.png DoomPSHEB0unused.png DoomPBULA0unused.png DoomPBULB0unused.png
These are spent shell and bullet casings that would have come out of a gun. However, the spent casings never pop up since the coding required doesn't appear to be there. They were removed in v1.666.

Doom BAL6 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL3 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL3a anim unused.gif Doom-BAL5 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL4 anim unused.gif Doom-BAL4a anim unused.gif
These are obviously projectiles and their corresponding impact animations, but none of these are used in the final version. The yellow and green sphere projectile was thrown by the Baron of Hell in the press release pre-beta. Likewise, the green ball and explosion are leftovers from the pre-beta plasma gun and BFG. The purple and pink sphere and blue ball were never used in any known version. They were removed in v1.666.


A frame of the yellow and green projectile was used as a part of the Arachnotron plasma's impact animation in Doom II.

Added Graphics

Doom-APLS.gif Doom-APBX.gif Doom-MANF.gif
The Arachnotron plasma and Mancubus fireball from Doom II were mistakenly added to the Doom IWAD in v1.666...

...as was the final boss' spawn cube.

Doom v1.666 Doom II
Doom1 FCAN.gif Doom2 FCAN.gif

The burning barrel decoration is also present, but with earlier spritework that lacks some refinements on the fire and the shading on the left side of the barrel. The second and third frames also have incorrect offsets that make it shift to the right.


This multiplayer menu option graphic is present in the Doom 3 BFG Edition IWAD. It's used in the console versions, but the PC version doesn't have multiplayer support.

Unused Messages

Unused Medikit Message

If the player gets a medikit with less than 25 health, this should be displayed:

Picked up a medikit that you REALLY need!

However, health is added before the check is made, so the player's health is always greater than 26 when it checks which message to use. The 3rd September update for the Unity-wrapped 2019 re-release restores this behavior.

inVuln or Inviso?

This might be stretching the definition of unused, but when entering the idbehold cheat, the following message is displayed:

inVuln, Str, Inviso, Rad, Allmap, or Lite-amp

The capital letters indicate which key to press for that powerup, but since the final version of the game no longer makes a distinction between capital and lowercase letters in the message font, pressing V to get the invulnerability artifact is completely unintuitive.

미사용된 종료 메시지

소스 코드 안에 몇가지 미사용된 종료 메시지가 있다:

fuck you, pussy!
get the fuck out!
you quit and i'll jizz
in your cystholes!
if you leave, i'll make
the lord drink my jizz.
hey, ron! can we say
'fuck' in the game?
i'd leave: this is just
more monsters and levels.
what a load.
suck it down, asshole!
you're a fucking wimp!
don't quit now! we're
still spending your money!
Page intentionally left blank.

The first seven messages are under a comment saying "FinalDOOM?", but this was added by Bernd Kreimeier when he was cleaning the source for release to the public. These messages were never intended for Final Doom - they were "development mode only" messages written by John Romero. "Ron" referred to Ron Chaimowitz, CEO of GT Interactive, publisher of The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom.

(Source: John Romero - 5 Years of Doom)

Unused Sounds

There is a single sound included in both Doom and Doom II, called DSSKLDTH, which due to its position within both WAD files, seems to have originally been intended to serve as the Lost Soul's death sound. However, it's simply a duplicate of the DSOOF sound the player makes when bumping into a wall, due to Lost Souls simply reusing the fireball explosion sound (DSFIRXPL). The sound file's name, possibly coming from "Skull Death" was probably a leftover from the Doom Press Release Beta's version of the lost soul, whose death animation consisted in breaking apart and falling into pieces. This file is also present in the Final Doom IWADs.

오토맵 소행성

오토맵을 소행성 게임으로 바꾸는 이스터 에그에 대한 소스 코드 릴리즈에는 몇가지 참조가 있다. 그 코드는 나중에 John Romero에 의해 발견되었지만, 밝혀진 바로는, 실제로 완성된 숨겨진 요소는 거의 없었다 - 단지 몇가지 데이터 구조와 기본적인 충돌 감지만 있었다. 오, 맞어.