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Doom Troopers (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Doom Troopers

Developer: Adrenalin Entertainment
Publisher: Playmates
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: November 1995

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Level Select

Doom Troopers Gen Level Select.png

Enter ARGONATH as a password, then start the game. Strangely, the text includes a build date: "Title Screen Version Beta1 08-04-95".

Source Code

Located at 0x142B40:

Sierra Systems LINK68  3.1   ART.OUX                      8/03/95 10:41

entry point: 00000000
no relocation info

 START      END     LENGTH    FILE            SECTION   TYPE

00000000  00000000  000000  ART.OUX          >.data     D 
00000000  00000000  000000  ART.O             .data     D 

00000000  00000000  000000  ART.OUX          >.bss      B (00) 
00000000  00000000  000000  ART.O             .bss      B (00) 

00080000  00080000  000000  ART.OUX          >.text     T 
00080000  00080000  000000  ART.O             .text     T 

00080000  0008ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00080000  0008ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00090000  0009ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00090000  0009ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

000a0000  000affff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
000a0000  000affff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

000b0000  000bfffb  00fffc  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
000b0000  000bfffb  00fffc  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

000c0000  000cffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
000c0000  000cffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

000d0000  000dffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
000d0000  000dffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

000e0000  000efffb  00fffc  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
000e0000  000efffb  00fffc  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

000f0000  000fffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
000f0000  000fffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00100000  0010ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00100000  0010ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00110000  0011ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00110000  0011ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00120000  0012ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00120000  0012ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00130000  0013fffb  00fffc  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00130000  0013fffb  00fffc  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00140000  0014ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00140000  0014ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00150000  0015ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00150000  0015ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00160000  0016fff3  00fff4  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00160000  0016fff3  00fff4  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00170000  0017ffeb  00ffec  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00170000  0017ffeb  00ffec  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00180000  0018ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00180000  0018ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

00190000  0019ffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
00190000  0019ffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

001a0000  001affef  00fff0  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
001a0000  001affef  00fff0  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

001b0000  001bffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
001b0000  001bffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

001c0000  001cfffb  00fffc  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
001c0000  001cfffb  00fffc  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

001d0000  001dffff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
001d0000  001dffff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

001e0000  001effff  010000  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
001e0000  001effff  010000  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 

001f0000  001f12f3  0012f4  ART.OUX          >(ORG)     T 
001f0000  001f12f3  0012f4  ART.O             (ORG)     T ORG 


Similar text is also found in ESPN Baseball Tonight.