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Dora's 3D Soccer

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Title Screen

Dora's 3D Soccer

Developer: 3D Groove
Publisher: Shockwave
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: 2003

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Developer Notes

Inside the .DCR are various notes from the developers.

Internal 26


FIXED -  check fly speed-The Intro is too fast to follow. Slow it down and let
the audio play on in time to the animations. On Intro, camera should be
on Dora with her looking at us during line, "Want to play soccer with
us? Great!" Then we pan around her and start the instructions.

TODAY - Interface: The on/off states on the numbers score board is
They look 'clickable'. Let's just have them appear in the on state one
at a
time as each goal is scored.

FIXED  - i disagree though- Interface: space bar button keeps disappearing, this button should
the same attributes as the arrow keys. They tested this with the kids
and it makes more sense for them

FIXED- The camera angle needs to shift a pinch to compensate for the
We need to see more of the field and less sky. Push movie up in effect.

FIXED- to cut --The re-set after each goal is still rough. Lifting up and flying
with the camera makes the game seem busted for a second. Can you maybe
the goal in view as Dora speaks and then cut once the game is ready?

FIXED - as good as it can be....- The flowers in the celebration scene are too psychedelic. The way this
intended was to feel like something natural and organic. Flowers and
leaves gently floating down around Dora as if falling out of trees.

FIXED - Can you please put the no symbol (red cirlce w/line thru it) above
Swiper's head instead of over his entirte body?


DEBATABLE -If you run Dora alongside the ball, it will move ahead with her even
she's not touching it. It's like the ball is on an invisible tether to
Dora's body. (for some reason it's always been when Dora's to the left
the ball.) - Can we adjust this Bob - let's talk about this.

FIXED I THINK --can't repro anymore - When you get near a tree on the left, Dora starts to slide sideways
the field and there's no way to stop her. She usually stops on her own
it's really far away from the goal, way before the starting point.

CAN'T REPRO- Sometimes you have to press the up/forward arrow key to go to the

THIS IS PART OF THE CODE -A few times when Boots had the ball, he would just stand there and then
Swiper comes up and takes it away.

FIXED -If you have Dora on the sidelines and you click the left arrow key,
Dora will face you and run in place.

FIXED -If you press the down arrow key Dora runs in place. Please disable this

FIXED -If Swiper takes the ball and runs it behind Dora, then you can't see
ball or position yourself to go and get it back. All you can see is
jumping up and down wanting you to pass him the ball, but you can't.
FIXED CAN'T REPR0 -Sometimes you can make Dora stand in front of the ball with her back to
The ball is right there by her heels but you can't make her turn around
Swiper comes in and steals it. 

NOT ON MINE -After the 3rd goal, the game didn't end. Needed to shoot a 4th goal to
the end sequence. (versioning problem?)

DON'T DO THIS - If you hit the restart, the game gives you two Doras. One you control
a twin Dora down near the goal with the psychedelic flowers flying
her head. Seems like a glitch with the intro and celebration scene
triggering at the same time.

CHECK - If the Player makes Dora kick the ball out of bounds (not by Swiper),
then you can't make her walk past the sideline. The effect is like she's
walking into a wall.

CAN'T REPRO -If you run past Boots but you have not passed the ball to him, the blue
arrow is gigantic above you and Boots is blocking you. 

Internal 30

Drop Marker in View ---
Level 1 start with dora in camera of spot #1
Make sure head doesn't block #1
Center on Dora

Level 2 -- Pull back more 50%
Camera fixed show more of filed goal at top of the screen
Goal never leaves view
First Dot in View

Level 3 --

Textures 81

Bob, im going to call you shortly to discuss the below notes from

Thanks, jv

We've been testing both the WEB and EXE versions of Dora Soccer. We have
some minor tweaks. I wanted to send these asap. We are still awaiting
results for 56K modem, AOL and cross-platform testing. Those results
will be
available to us after the break on Monday, July 7. In the meantime, can
address the following comments?


The game music loop keeps playing as the payoff music plays and Dora
her congratulatory lines. It's very noticeable after she stops speaking
there's a few seconds while we transition back to the Leveling Screen.
Please make the game music stop completely and then trigger the payoff
and dialogue.


We only got this bug once, on a Mac G4, OS 9 running IE 5.0 - In
Mode, there was some field shaking and tiling dropouts. This happened
running Dora in the lower right quadrant of the field. Played the game
three PC's and two Macs and it didn't replicate. Is this a cause for


The white tune-in screen needs the copyright updated to 2003. We can
new art if you are unable to make this fix.

The white text message "loading 3D engine..." is unacceptable. It is
for the loading indicator. As stated in earlier emails, the previous
that needed this have a 
color bar that fills in as the game engine, sounds and textures load.
now we do see a transparent loading bar that appears on the Title Screen
a split second. Is this supposed to function as described above? Please
into this. 

Practice Mode:

When players are supposed to run to #2 and they run to the wrong number
times, then Boots goes over to #2 field marker - which is exactly right.
then Dora asks players to run to #3 and Boots immediately runs over to
This makes no sense. Boots should stay put until he is needed as a hint

Pass and Score!:

Still having a delayed response from Boots calling out long AFTER
Dora/players kick the ball to him. We've pointed this out before - As in
script, Dora's line should play "Kick the ball to Boots!" and then his
should play immediately after, "Dora!" It should be triggered by Dora's
line, not the player's kick.

On the #5 field marker, can we get the line "Kick the ball into the
to trigger faster? We're still experiencing delays with the audio. It
play the second Dora gets that ball.

After you run Dora to the first field marker, it's not triggering the
the ball to Boots!" line.