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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Also known as: Dragon Ball Z (JP)
Developer: Dimps
Publishers: Infogrames (US), Atari, SA (US, Greatest Hits/Player's Choice), Bandai (EU/JP)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: February 13, 2003, September 16, 2004
Released in US: December 3, 2002, 2003 (Greatest Hits)
Released in EU: November 29, 2002

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
  • There are unused audio clips intended for the World Tournament mode which imply 3 extra characters were planned.
  • Codes for other regions.
  • Regional differences.
    • There are rather significant differences between US and European versions of the game, the latter lacking a dub track and featuring a totally different (and unintentionally hilarious), far more literal translation from Japanese.
  • Look into the GameCube version, some strings that relate to the debug menus from this page are in the executable, like select mode and camera status, etc.

Debug Menus

Dragon Ball Z Budokai - Debugmenu1.png Dragon Ball Z Budokai - Debugmenu2.png Dragon Ball Z Budokai - Debugmenu3.png

Applying the below code then pressing L3 button while in the Edit Skills menu will enable this screen. These menus would allow you to quickly choose a game mode, fighter, and stages, however aside from the ESS SELECT debug menu, no others work any more.

USA (SLUS-20591) code:

Press L3 While In Edit Skills Menu For Debug Menu
0021CDA8 0000000?
E002FFFD 004E8922
2035E268 00000016
2035E264 00000001

Replace "?" with:

(Source: Punk7890)

Debug Camera Display

Dragon Ball Z Budokai - Debugdisplay.png

Apply the below code to enable camera information on-screen.

USA (SLUS-20591) code:

Enable Camera Info
20571624 00000001
(Source: Punk7890)

Dummy Staff Roll

Dragon Ball Z Budokai - dummystaff.png

A dummy staff roll screen that doesn't do anything.

(Source: Punk7890)

Early Development Leftovers

To do:
  • There's a couple more things here to be ripped, including screenshots of early cutscenes before the models were finalized.

Found inside the data_us.afs file is a few screenshots of what appears to be an EXTREMELY early version of the game, one that hasn't been seen anywhere else! It's unknown how far back these screenshots date, but it appears to be one of the earliest versions of the game based on the extremely crude design of the character select screen, and the completely different artstyle for the character portraits. The models seen in the early cutscene screenshots appear to be unfinished as well. There are also some images left inside the files that shows bits of cutscenes from an early stage of the game that uses early models.

File 5.png

File 1.png


File 4.png


(Source: Hugette Hikari)
Early Build Final
Betagoku.png Screenshot (103).png
Early Build Final
Trunksbeta.png Screenshot (105).png
Early Build Final
File 6.png Screenshot (114).png

Goku's Beta Model

Inside the data_us.afs file you can find an early model of Goku. This model can be seen in some early trailers for the game.

Beta Final
Screenshot (92).png Screenshot (94).png

Unseen Graphics

To do:
  • Rip the rest of the character portraits. The ones here are just to get things started.
  • There's textures for capsules for Cell Jr. and Saibaman's moves, which are unobtainable and unusable (even with hacking) normally.

The character icons in the HUD extend further to the sides and bottom than is normally viewable in-game, which leaves the full image unseen.

File 3.png

The textures for the game's Skill Shop include a picture of Shenron that can't be seen normally.

File 2.png

(Source: Hugette Hikari)

Unused Audio

Within the game's files are a few references to cut characters, namely in the form of character announcements by the World Tournament announcer. While two of these are to be entirely expected (Cell Jr. and Saibaman, who have incomplete programming as playable characters since the only relevant data used is to fight them in the story modes), it appears that Cui, who otherwise makes only one appearance in the entire game (with a misspelled name, no less) and has zero remaining data related to him being playable, was also intended to be in the game at some point. Cui eventually becomes playable in Budokai Tenkaichi 2.

Dialogue Audio
"Saibaman versus..."
"Cell Jr. versus..."
"Cell Jr.!"
"Cui versus..."

The World Tournament announcer also has a couple of unused voice clips that seem to be an unused alternate quote for winning a match, as well as a scrapped mechanic.

"Contestant wins!"

"A winning streak!"

There are also a few lingering Japanese voice clips in the audio for the game's Story Mode, however their inclusion seems to be an accident, since they're just undubbed versions of lines that are already in English in the final game.

(Source: Hugette Hikari)