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Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu

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Title Screen

Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu

Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Bandai
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: January 25, 1992

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu is a card battle-based RPG for the Super Famicom. It is actually a remake that combines two Famicom games (Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin and Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!), minus some non-canon filler content.

Unused Code

All playable characters have 48 as their maximum attainable level except for Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta. Goku's level 48 is actually his SSJ form, while Piccolo is his "fused with Nail" form. This leaves Vegeta as the only character who can in no way attain level 48, however he does have stats for that level.


Level: 48
HP:    1,200
KI:    424
XP:    900,000
BP:    5,000,000
Speed: 8

Unused Portraits

There are quite a few unused portraits, some with unique graphics not used anywhere else in the game.

Original Unused
DBZ SSD OP Kami.png
DBZ SSD UP Kami.png

Appears to be an early version of the Kami portrait used in-game.

DBZ SSD UP Launch.png
Launch when she sneezes. Although not entirely unused, this portrait is very rarely seen.

DBZ SSD UP Gohan.png DBZ SSD UP GohanColored.png
Gohan as seen in his first appearance in DBZ. This portrait appears to use a palette that doesn't quite look right. However, the generic "Human" portrait, seen on the right, works quite well for him!

A Super Saiyan version of Gohan. Perhaps he was once meant to transform as well?

DBZ SSD UP GoldenGreatApe.png
Same as the regular Great Ape, except that it appears to be intentionally colored like a Super Saiyan.

DBZ SSD UP GoldenGreatApeArmored.png
Same as the above version, except it uses the Great Ape Vegeta version as a base.

DBZ SSD UP Dinosaur.png
A fully complete and unused portrait of a Dinosaur, such as the one seen in the show during Gohan's training in the wilderness. This seems to imply that perhaps that segment of the game should have been longer.

Full Character list

This list includes all characters that are internally functional, whether fully or partially and have stats and a portrait.

00 - Goku

01 - Piccolo

02 - Vegeta w/ Scouter

03 - J.Sai (Blue)

04 - Saibai (Gold)

05 - Imite (Black)

06 - Saimen (Green)

07 - Baimen (Pink)

08 - Grimen (Gray)

09 - Gohan

0A - Krillin

0B - Tien

0C - Yamcha

0D - Chaozu

0E - Nappa

0F - Vegeta

10 - Gohan (Oozaru)

11 - Vegeta (Oozaru)

12 - Slug

13 - Bug (Slug)

14 - Bugy (Slug)

15 - Bun

16 - Bund (Bun)

17 - Bud (Bun)

18 - (Purple Cid)

19 - Cid

1A - Zoak (Cid)

1B - Dodoria

1C - Dren (Dodoria)

1D - Bobo (Dodoria)

1E - Zarbon

1F - Zarbon (pissed Zarbon)

20 - (red pissed Zarbon)

21 - (pink pissed Zarbon)

22 - Nail (Namekkian)

23 - Tsum (Namekkian)

24 - Mai (Namekkian)

25 - Guldo

26 - (pink Guldo)

27 - (tan Guldo)

28 - Recoome

29 - (purple Recoome)

2A - (gray Recoome)

2B - Burter

2C - (green Burter)

2D - (gray Burter)

2E - Jeice

2F - (green-haired Jeice)

30 - (blue-haired Jeice)

31 - Captain Ginyu

32 - Brown Ginyu

33 - Yellow Ginyu

34 - King Kai

35 - Frieza Form 1

36 - Frieza Form 2

37 - Frieza Form 3

38 - Frieza Form 4

39 - Goku (Training)

3A - Goku

3B - SSJ Goku (SSJ Vegeta Battle)

3C - SSJ Goku

3D - O (Piccolo)

3E - Piccolo (SSJ Vegeta Battle)

3F - SSJ Gohan

40 - Klilyn (Vegeta portrait)

41 - Klilyn (Krillin portrait)

42 - Gohan (SSJ Vegeta Battle)

43 - Klilyn (Krillin portrait)

44 - Tien (SSJ Vegeta Battle)

45 - Yamcha (SSJ Vegeta Battle)

46 - Chaozu (SSJ Vegeta Battle)

47 - Tien (?)

48 - Yamcha (?)

49 - Chaozu (?)

4A - (nameless Vegeta)

4B - SSJ Vegeta

4C - Oozaru (Golden?)

4D - Gohan (Oozaru)

4E - Free (Frieza)

4F - (nameless Vegeta Oozaru)

50 - Vegeta (Card?)

51 - Raditz

52 - (nameless Raditz)

53 - Yajirobe


Debug Menu

To do:
Find a better way to access the Debug Menu?

The game had a basic Debug Menu during development, the code to normally access it has been disabled. However, by changing ROM address $980D from A90F to A90A then changing ROM address $02E232 from 05 to 07 the default menu on the map will be changed to the Debug Menu. After this, press the 'Up' button to select the last command. Once that's done, press the 'Start' button and you'll be in the full debug menu. The initialization routine appears to have been left out from the final release unfortunately, but with this you'll have the full debug menu on-screen.

There are ten Debug Menu commands:

To do:
Get specific information about what each Preset/Map selection index does.
Battle Screen
Battle Sprite
Music (BROKEN)
Mode 7 Screen
  • Map - Set your party/location/event flags according to a list of presets ranging from 0–27.
  • Load - Load your saved game from anywhere, although if the Debug Menu is used again the game crashes.
  • House - Change your current map, ranging from 0-159. Most of these seem to be duplicates.
  • Party - Change the maximum size of your party, ranging from 0-9.
  • Close-Up - View all of the available portraits in the game, ranging from 0-151.
  • Battle Screen - Does not work under normal means. It ranges from 0-7 which is far less than the total backgrounds.
  • Battle Sprite - View battler's sprites. A increases the character, B decreases the character and X changes the sprite to view.
  • Music (BROKEN) - Unfortunately, this is completely broken. Hidden text in-game implies there was a full sound test with music, SFX and mono/stereo selection.
  • Mode 7 Screen - View various characters head butting and smashing into battle background objects, ranging from 0-55.
  • Demo - Appears to be a possible cut scene test though it leaves some out, ranging from 0-26. Many numbers go unused.