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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

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Title Screen

Dragon Quest XI

Also known as: Dragon Quest 11
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: September 4, 2018

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Cover the Definitive Edition on Steam/Microsoft Store/Epic Games. It also has a debug console.

Dragon Quest XI is the eleventh installment of a long running series centering on a legendary hero who embarks on a quest to slay an ancient demon lord who threatens the world. Due to the discovery of a debug console on the PC version, it has become possible to discover a number of design quirks and otherwise typically inaccessible content.

Another version of this game, Dragon Quest XI S, would later release on the PC in late 2020.

Debug Console

There is far too much complexity to the debug console to describe it here, so the following is a list of commands most likely to reveal dummied out content. For more in-depth information, consult this Steam guide.

  • LevelSet [P001-P008] [1-99] - Changes a character's level. If there are dummied out monsters to find, one must be well set up to survive the encounters while trying to find it.
  • teleport - Teleport to where the mouse cursor points. The cursor can be moved around while the debug console is opened. This command can be finicky, especially around chokepoint NPCs, but theoretically one can go just about anywhere. Note that if the player collides with a skybox, the game will declare progress "impossible" and load the previous autosave.
  • MonsterSpawn [id] and BattleMonsterSpawn [id] - The first spawns a monster on the map to fight, which only works outside of towns. The second causes said monster to join a battle in progress.
  • SetFlag "System" "/Rura/RuraXXXX" 1 - Set Zoom locations for major sequence breaking. See the steam guide for more details.
  • VehicleSpawn V105_E001 - Spawns a rideable flying dragon in front of the player. Can be very useful as ceilings often have no collisions and boundaries are just a tall (not infinite) rectangle. See the Steam guide for a list of other vehicles to spawn.
  • ToggleDebugCamera - Toggles free roam on and off. Note that it does not move the player, and thus will not activate load triggers. Best used only for short range snooping of potentially dummied out areas.

Manglegrove Lower Half

Normally, one cannot access the lower half of Manglegrove until the second act. By using the teleport debug command, however, one can get down there and even fight the monsters. However, it appears that there are two separate Manglegroves, as the Act 2 changes to the map were likely too extensive to combine the two. The lower one while accessed in the first act is merely a set piece meant to foreshadow Act 2, with no items to acquire.

Act 1 Angri-La


Using the teleport debug command, and with careful placement of the cursor, it is possible to not only get past the Heliodor guards in Costa Valor, it is also possible to scale the steep plateaus leading up to Angri-La. Remarkably, both Angri-La and the Pang Lai summit have Act 1 entries and locations for the Zoom spell, despite Zoom locations being wiped before Act 2. The town itself is mostly unremarkable, as no key actors appear and minor NPCs are in their default states. The regions are also devoid of any monsters.

One interesting quirk is that the Item shop is in a placeholder state, rather than offering its Act 2 stock. This suggests that every shop has inventories tied to each of the three acts, but one was never programmed for Act 1 Angri-La. This, along with the NPCs, suggest that it is unlikely that there were ever plans for allowing the player to reach this region before Yggdrasil.