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Dream Life Superstar

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Title Screen

Dream Life Superstar

Developer: Tiger Electronics
Publisher: Hasbro
Platforms: Plug & Play (SunPlus SPG240 hardware)
Released in US: 2007

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Dream Life Superstar is a game in which you play as a highschool girl on summer break, with the goal being to become a celebrity of some sort before the end of summer.

That's about it, there's not much else this game has going on.

Debug Functions

The game contains a "debug" button which is not externally connected to the unit, and pressing it on some of the game's screens will redirect to test menus.

Note that when accessing the debugging features, there is a chance that the game can randomly delete the available save data.

Test Mode

Press the Debug button during the Tiger Electronics splash screen. This screen refers to the game as "Dream Life 2", and lists a build date of March 16, 2007 and a build version of 0.3.

It contains pretty standard features as far as testing options in Plug & Play games go:

  • A button test which asks that different buttons must be pressed in succession and will start from the beginning if a wrong button is pressed.
  • A sound test.
  • A memory test that tests the EEPROM and runs a checksum function on the ROM to check its integrity.
  • A video test which shows a variation of the SMPTE bars and then a screen containing three bars with each being red, green, and blue.

Character Creator Debug

Dreamlss debugcc.png

Pressing the Debug button on the title screen opens up a character creator. Unlike the one the player is presented with when they go through the normal character creation process, this menu lets the player go through every single piece of clothing, hair style, hair color, skin tone, etc. that the game contains. The only thing that cannot be selected are shoes, due to only an upper shot of the body being displayed. Pressing Select allows the player to go through the rest of the character creation process with the chosen items, though if any of the chosen items are taken off in the closet, they'll disappear, since the player technically does not own them.

Weirdly, this also doubles as a music test, where pressing A and B cycles through the tracks.

Unused Content

Unused Audio

A sound from the original Dream Life, more specifically the one that plays when obtaining a positive interaction with a NPC, can be found as Sound 16 in the aforementioned sound test.

Unused Used

It's less likely that this is a leftover from the original, and more that this was used as a placeholder, as the two games appear to run on different engines due to Superstar actually missing features that the original has. Not only that but the original Dream Life uses a completely different audio format.

Unused Clothing Items

To do:
Some unused items may currently be missing. Verification would be much appreciated.
To do:
There's probably a nicer way to format this?

Accessible through the previously mentioned character creator debug feature are some clothing items not actually obtainable through normal gameplay. Some of them are items that just plain would never show up in the game to begin with, others are normal items that simply remain unfinished, and a few seemed to be finished but were oddly left out.

Dreamlss shirt 072.png
Shirt 72
Dreamlss shirt 220.png
Shirt 220
Dreamlss shirt 221.png
Shirt 221
Dreamlss shirt 310.png
Shirt 310
Dreamlss shirt 435.png
Shirt 435
Dreamlss shirt 436.png
Shirt 436
Dreamlss pants 016.png
Pants 16
Dreamlss pants 088.png
Pants 88
Dreamlss pants 255.png
Pants 255
Dreamlsss wrist 000.png
Wrist 0
Dreamlss neck 000.png
Neck 0
Dreamlss neck 001.png
Neck 1
Dreamlss glasses 000.png
Glasses 0
Dreamlss glasses 010.png
Glasses 10
Dreamlss purse 002.png
Purse 2