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Drift Out

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Title Screen

Drift Out

Developer: Visco
Publishers: Visco (JP/EU), American Sammy[1] (US)
Platform: Arcade (Taito F2 System)
Released in JP: October 1991[1]
Released in US: October 1991[1]
Released in EU: December 1991[2]

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Drift Out is the only game in the series to be played from an overhead, top-down view (apart from the SNES title Super Drift Out) and without any manufacturer licensing at all.

To do:
  • There's Romstar and Taito logos in the GFX ROM. There's also an American Sammy logo, but it might have been used for an undumped US release.
  • There's a "Marlrobo" logo for the ending screen (since it's placed on the same location as with the "Epsom" logo used for that screen).
  • There's another revision (driftoutct in MAME) that ran on Cameltry's variant of the Taito F2 System.

Unused Music

There are three unused songs in the game, all explicitly marked as "NOT USED" in the sound test menu (also used for IDs that do nothing there).

18 is an unknown, looping track.

1A is a tone that would have been likely used if the player opted not to continue or if the player wins a stage in the first place.

25 is an alternate ending theme.