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Dungeon Siege

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Title Screen

Dungeon Siege

Developers: Gas Powered Games (Windows), Westlake Interactive[1] (Mac)
Publishers: Microsoft[1] (Windows), MacSoft[1] (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: April 5, 2002[1] (Windows), April 2003[1] (Mac)
Released in EU: April 19, 2002[1] (Windows), July 31, 2003[1] (Mac)
Released in BR: September 30, 2002[1] (Windows)

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CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
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ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.

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Dungeon Siege was a very ambitious game at the time. Being made to compete with Baldur's Gate, the intent was to make a world rich with lore and world building, but the developers eventually ran out of space and time (partly due to using an in-house engine) and had to leave out or cut down many of the ideas they'd had.

To do:
Move relevant files/info to Proto and Prerelease namespaces.
  • A lot of terrain textures need to be uploaded.
  • Citing references where relevant.
  • Adding images to miscellaneous.
  • More screenshots.
  • Addition of items that do not spawn, but are in the code.
  • The Game´s Source code recently leaked online, maybe some more cut Content is left in there


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused Code
Code that was in the game, but not used.
Unused Terrain Nodes
Putting the world together with highly detailed and specific LEGO-like pieces, there were several nodes that were never called on in any official map.

Unused Enemies and NPCs



DungeonSiege-Doppelganger.png Though the enemy is present in Legends of Aranna, this form of it went unused.

Feather Drake

DungeonSiege-FeatheredDrake.png Appears to be a bug with a drake texture and feathered wings.

Grim Reaper

DungeonSiege-GrimReaper.png Interestingly enough, while no entree exists, the files related to this were only found in the release version.


DungeonSiege-Lurker.png Nothing is known about this enemy.

Red Eye

DungeonSiege-CutEyeMonster.png Nothing is known about this enemy as it lacks an entree in the code.


DungeonSiege-Visionary.png Nothing is known about this enemy, it appears to have never been animated.


DungeonSiege-Werewolf.png Though originally cut from the game, the Werewolf would be reused in a so called "official mod" / sequel to Legends of Aranna, Return to Arhok, though the model and animations are arguably a bit rough around the edges, even by 2002 standards.
DungeonSiege-WerewolfR2A-Screenshot.png The Werewolf as seen in Return to Arhok, an official free DLC campaign



Mentioned Only in Code

  • Cobralisk - Might have been reused as the end boss of Act I in the followup game.
  • Dryads
  • Elves

The idea to use Elves and Dryads was recycled for Dungeon Siege II.

  • Azireth
  • Bat_Dude
  • Grendal
  • Littlehead
  • Peck
  • Threehorn - A model of this may survive in the beta as a statue.
  • Dwarf2 - Unknown, speculated to be female variant of the dwarves.
  • Memadd - References to its animations exist, but nothing else.
  • Peasant Male (PSM)
  • Peasant Female (PSF)

Likely made before Gas Powered Games had decided to use the Farmboy / Farmgirl model for every non-old Human NPC.

  • Townfolk_M
  • Townfolk_F

Unused Items

Deep in the code, notes can be found stating that the pcontent (short for player content) had at some point been broken before release. Some of them had been given proper stats and rarities, but some went completely unused and never referenced in the game code, the only sign of them having ever existed being their inventory sprite.


Norick's Diary
Dear Diary, today I planted some corn, and then the Krug started attacking my farm. Am going to go get farmgirl; she's my only hope.

Probably was only made for testing purposes. Though confirmed later, it is further evidence that the main character was always intended to canonically be a female.

Developer Placeholders

In a world where one man and his quest for the sacred jerky...

Obviously an example for modders and the developers.

To Be Added

Described as benig "about the Ancient Utraeans who built the HUB", a major feature in Utraean Peninula

To Be Added
Described as being "about the Town Circle and Townstones" within the game files.
I am a placeholder quest reward! Change me into phat lewt, fewl!

The Nuke

An item that apparently has no use, but can be picked up if put in or summoned.

Sprite In-Game
DungeonSiege-b gui ig i it the-nuke.png Row B, Column 2

Potion Models

While different sizes of potions exist in-game, they do not contain unique models. The majority of these appear to use slightly different shapes from what was depicted in the inventory icons, possibly contributing to why they were never called on in the game.

Model Description
DungeonSiege-PotionModels.png From Left to Right. Possibly the Large Potion (unused model), The Medium Potion (used), and the Small Potion (unused model).

Miscellaneous Potions

Inventory Sprite Effects

For some reason they both used green bottles.

Unknown Miscellaneous Potions

Attribute Potions

Icons of cut attribute potions were left in the game files, but without the actual templates surviving. In Beta 2 the templates were still present. The given stats mirror what was found in this build of the game. In the files of the release game, there is a clear segment for "Other Potions" (as opposed to Health, Mana and Rejuvenation), but the file ends immediately after.

Inventory Sprite Effects
DungeonSiege-b gui ig i it potion-bottle-attribute-001.png Adds 1 to Strength for 5 minutes
DungeonSiege-b gui ig i it potion-bottle-attribute-002.png Doubles Health regeneration rate for 5 minutes
DungeonSiege-b gui ig i it potion-bottle-attribute-003.png Adds 1 to Dexterity for 5 minutes
DungeonSiege-b gui ig i it potion-bottle-attribute-004.png +10% Chance to Dodge Melee Attacks

Unknown Attribute Potions

Unfortunately the intended effects of the majority of them are unknown, but still present within release.



001 and 002 are nowhere to be found.


001 and 002 are nowhere to be found.

Cut Armors

Body Armor

Leather/Cloth (A1)

004-009, 012-017, 019-020, 023, 025-026, 028-041, 051, 055-057, 064-075 all do not exist in the files and as a result are entirely skipped.

Cloth/Chain (A2)

005-009, 022, 052-053 all do not exist in the files.

Leather (A3)

021, 031-034 do not exist anywhere in the files, but 031 was present in Beta 1.

Although the armors are unobtainable in vanilla, 014, 015 and 016 are technically used, being seen on Legionairres and Guards in several of the campaigns, but the inventory sprites use a beta design that was still present in the beta builds

Heavy Armor (A5)

003, 007, 014 do not exist anywhere in the files.

Plate Armor (A6)

003 & 011 do not exist anywhere in the files.

Robes (A7)

018-019, 047-049 do not exist anywhere in the files.





shd_074 is found nowhere in the files.

Cut Weapons

Many of these are obtainable with mods or by spawning them in, but not regular gameplay.

The Zarausk sword was originally going to be used in the original game, but would be recycled for the Legends of Aranna.



Bows 089 to 093 do not exist anywhere in the files.



Despite there only being 22 inventory sprites, there is still one that went completely unused in the code.


Hammers 008-011 and 033 do not exist anywhere in the files.



Although little is left of what may have once been made of the spears in the final version of the game, there's over 30 (A/N: check) icons depicting what they may have looked like had they been implemented. In the Beta 1 build, some of them appeared to be present, and were animated as staves.


075 is found nowhere in the files.

Some of these staves appear to be "melee staves". This idea would later be recycled for Dungeon Siege II.


132 is not found anywhere in the files.


There is evidence that they intended to implement wands, but only a very few inventory sprites were ever made.


Miscellaneous Items

Cut Areas

Dungeon 01

Not much is known about this dungeon tileset, though chances are high it was cut from very early on as very few assets appear to remain.

Remnants of Dungeon 01

Dwarven Mines

Many areas had been cut before release, though very little is known of any of them. A developer had commented that, at the time of developing the Dwarven Mines, what constituted the size of a region wasn’t set in stone, and could vary from very small areas to very large ones. The Dwarven Mines, before having been cut down, was tested and the players found that its pacing had been too slow, forcing them to cut down some of the areas for better pacing.

Cut Terrain Textures

Several textures went unused and unimplemented into the files, but would appear in the files of Dungeon Siege II.

Beta Crypt Textures

Map Changes

Kingdom of Ehb

Alpha Stonebridge

DungeonSiegeStoneBridgePainting.png A screenshot of Stonebridge in the alpha stage of development was used for a painting in the released version.


  • There is no ac_r4 in the Kingdom of Ehb campaign, however in the files of Utraean Peninsula campaign, sno_r1 is noted as having been ac_r4.
  • In sr_r2 has an unreachable region exit switching to map_world_mg_side_1, which is commented as a Goblin Inventory themed side area.

Utraean Peninsula


  • At one point, it was revealed in a document that they had attempted to make ornamental variants of items. Though the call in the engine technically still exists, it went completely unused until Dungeon Siege II.[2]
  • A common enemy in the first few chapters, the Skrubb, was heavily downsized. The original size can be discovered by removing the scale filter in the enemies template, or making one without it in place.
  • s_m_desertcanyons_04.mp3 & s_m_farmhouse_01.mp3 are missing.
  • Looking at the ASP and SNO files in a hex editor shows the date they were originally compiled and to what folder. Doing also reveals that the engine was called "Tattoo". Currently called the Siege Engine, it's unknown if this name was merely a development name or an old name.
  • According to a fan made tool, there are 4,115 Terrain nodes (SNOs), but 886 are not used in any of the officially released maps, meaning almost 22% of the nodes were either cut or were only put in for modders.
  • There were to be minigames (Capture the Flag, for example), but the only one that survives to any extent is one called "Gremal Hunter", which also went unused.
  • In the logic.dsres\world\global\moods, there are folders for test maps named gp_stress and test_moods.

Cut Menu Animations

Evidence of Cut Quests

  • Rescuing Ulora would have triggered a quest which, upon arriving in StoneBridge, would be completed. Upon completion, Ulora would have said "I had thought to leave you here, but…seeing what the Krug had done…I won't sit idle in Stonebridge and wait for this to be done to others! If you mean to put an end to this treachery, I wish to help you. May I remain in your company?", calling on the sound file s_v_cr_ulora6, which no longer exists in the game files.
  • There exists a door with a carving on it called "Queensman", and seems to have been tied to a quest that, outside of a few in-file references, is completely lost.

Apparent Typos

  • There are at least three completely redundant gas files that seem to have typos. b_t_ic01-portal-sn02-flr-a.gas, b_t_ic01-portal-sn02-side-a.gas, and b_t_ic01-portal-sn02-wal-a.gas all feature a dash where there would normally be an underscore (ic01_portal being the correct version).