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Em@il Games: Clue

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Title Screen

Em@il Games: Clue

Also known as: Em@il Games: Cluedo (EU)
Developer: VR-1, Inc.[1]
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive[1]
Platform: Windows
Released in US: January 17, 2000[1]
Released in EU: 2000

BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

Em@il Games: Clue is a play-by-email adaptation of the Hasbro board game Clue. The servers were shut down in 2001, making the game mostly dead these days.

Developer Portraits

The game contains a hidden Easter egg that will swap the character portraits (shown on Suspect Cards) with altered versions, where the developers' faces are shown superimposed on the originals.

To access this, enter the text "FORBIDDEN DONUT RULZ!" on the Write Message screen. Possibly one needs to also stand in the correct spot, and/or use email addresses associated with the developers: "sTAn@VR1.COM", "STAN@VR1.COM", "ERIN@VR1.COM", or "PETERS@VR1.COM".

Forbidden Donut was the name of the VR-1 company band who played at a Halloween party in 1999. It included the Clue developer, artist, and project manager.[2]

The modified portraits are in the Sounds folder, named MCPA_202.SYS through MCPF_202.SYS. They are BMP files, but the 4-byte header uses "STAN" instead of "BM.." Repairing the header allows the images to be viewed in any bitmap viewer.

Colonel Mustard
Original Modified
Em@il Games- Clue - Suspect0.png Em@il Games- Clue - mcpa 202.sys.png
Professor Plum
Original Modified
Em@il Games- Clue - Suspect1.png Em@il Games- Clue - mcpb 202.sys.png
Rev. Green
Original Modified
Em@il Games- Clue - Suspect2.png Em@il Games- Clue - mcpc 202.sys.png
Mrs. Peacock
Original Modified
Em@il Games- Clue - Suspect3.png Em@il Games- Clue - mcpd 202.sys.png
Miss Scarlett
Original Modified
Em@il Games- Clue - Suspect4.png Em@il Games- Clue - mcpe 202.sys.png
Mrs. White
Original Modified
Em@il Games- Clue - Suspect5.png Em@il Games- Clue - mcpf 202.sys.png