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This page is a translated version of the page Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken and the translation is 48% complete.
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Title Screen

Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken

Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Namco
Platform: NES
Released in JP: September 27, 1988

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

少年梦冒险 (えりかとさとるの夢冒険, "Erika and Satoru's Dream Adventure" ) 是一款由Atlus为南梦宫公司开发的FC游戏。


在.nsf文件中,第24首曲子是对小子难缠(The Karate Kid)第一关背景曲的简易混音版。这两个游戏的音乐都是由高山博彦制作。这些音乐并不在游戏过程中播放,而是读取隐藏信息时。


程序员 “Hidemushi” 给同事留下了特别不雅的信息。当你在游戏结束画面让游戏空置到将近一个半小时,并在两个控制器输入接下来这一系列指令之后就能看到。


  1. Beat the game. The last screen on the ending is a photo of the characters with the word おしまい (END).
  2. Let the screen sit for 18 minutes. The photo goes black-and-white.
  3. Let the screen sit for 18 more minutes. The photo goes sepia-tone.
  4. Wait 55 minutes. The music stops suddenly.
  5. After the BGM stops, press A + B + Start + Select + Left on controller 1, and A + B + Right on controller 2. New music starts.
  6. Press B + Select + Right on controller 1, and B + Right + Down on controller 2. Hidemushi's message will start.
  7. Once Hidemushi's message stops, press A + B + Up on controller 1 for his last message.
  8. Wait 18 more minutes, and the game goes back to the title screen.

(Source: Nico Nico Pedia)





Come to think of it, some people were helpful to me, too. Mr. Okada, who took all the good stuff. I know all about your abnormal tendencies. Yamagishi, who swore off soaplands until the project was over. Go ahead, knock yourself out now. Iwata, who joined in midway and gave it all he had. Sorry I yelled at you. Keep hanging in there. Fujimura, Udopyu, you probably had it the worst of all. Thanks. I mean it. Gotō's the one to hate here. Also, Takayama, Kudō, Suzuki, Makki, Kaneko, Aihara, Sato (the angel of my heart), Iga. Thanks, everyone.




(Source: Magweasel)

Other Messages

The last characters of the first two 5 character segments and the third character from the third segment used as passwords throughout the game spell out a message:


 1章:かきかか かかかか かかみあ ひそそささ
 2章:かけかか かかかか かこみあ ひつたちけ
 3章:かちかき かかせか かさみあ ひちたそす
 4章:きちかけ かこそか かさみあ ひてきそと
 5章:ちちかけ かこそか かさみあ ひとなつく

 1章:かきかか かかかか かかみあ ひてちたす
 2章:かけかか かかかか かこみあ ひつなたす
 3章:かちかき かかせか かさみあ ひてとつそ
 4章:きちかけ かこそか かさみあ ひととちち

 5章:ちちかけ かこそか かさみあ ひつちちし

いいか みてろ きさま いまに ころす

やめた こんな やつら はやく うせろ
Right then! Just you wait! I'll kill you right now!

I changed my mind. Hurry up and get out of here!

(Source: ファミコン関係ブログ)

Other messages are accessible within the game by entering specific passwords.

Password Message
ほんとはね ほんとは
えりかは みのりなんだよ
みのりはね おねえさん
Minori Kumiko Kiyoharu It's true, It's true. Erika is Minori.

Yes, Minori. She is the older sister.

てつやは もう
おゆるし ください
いわた あんど やまぎし
Grilled meal Please, forgive Tetsuya already.

-Iwata and Yamagishi

ぼくは けっして
ママッコじゃ ないんだ!
ただ あまえんぼうな
だけさ。  うどぴゅ
I'm scared of this company. I'm honestly not a mama's boy!

I'm just a bit spoilt, you see. -Udopyu

いいだせない このおもい
すこしでも いい
あなたに つたえたい。
あいしてる・・・ T・O
Ōmachi in love I can't express these feelings of mine.

Well, maybe a little bit will be ok.

I just want to tell you that I love you... T.O

(Source: ファミコン関係ブログ)