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Etrian Odyssey

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Title Screen

Etrian Odyssey

Also known as: Sekaiju no Meikyuu (JP)
Developers: Atlus, Lancarse
Publishers: Atlus, Nintendo (EU)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: January 18, 2007
Released in US: May 15, 2007
Released in EU: June 6, 2008
Released in AU: August 14, 2008

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Etrian Odyssey is a pretty difficult RPG about crawling dungeons, drawing maps, and falling prey to deadly F.O.E.s all the time.

Unused Items

To do:
Check armor, accessories and other items!

Many unused items are still contained within the game's data files, namely Data\Param\Item.tbb. While their names and descriptions have been removed in the American and European versions of the game, some of them still do have meaningful descriptions in the Japanese one.


Number Name & Description Translation Notes
18 武器18
Weapon 18
Steel sword that's thin like a needle for stabbing. A two-handed weapon that pierces anything.
ATK +1
A sword-type weapon weaker than even the standard Knife (ATK +6); buy and sell price are both 0 en; usable by Landsknecht, Protector and Dark Hunter.
19 武器19
Weapon 19
A long-sword with ancient glyphs of divine protection engraved on the blade.
ATK +1
Very similar to Weapon 18, but not usable by any class.
20 武器20
Weapon 20
A curved, black blade that is said to have cleaved the moon in two.
ATK +1
Same as Weapon 19.
22 武器22
Weapon 22
A phantom blade that is said to be wieldable only by those pure of heart.
ATK +200
Buy/sell prices are 0 en again; usable by Landsknecht, Protector and Dark Hunter.

Weapons 24 to 29, as well as 146 to 150, do not have proper names nor descriptions, just their attack strength in the latter. However, they do have ATK values between 18 and 170 and, aside from Weapons 28 and 29, proper prices as well.


Number Name & Description Translation Notes
67 武器67
Weapon 67
A staff that is said to assist its owner in gaining wisdom from around the world.
ATK +3
A very expensive staff - 33600 en to buy, 13440 en gained when sold; usable by Medic, Alchemist, Bard and Hexcaster.

Weapons 68 to 72 again do not have proper descriptions anymore, but have ATK values and prices in line with some of the better staffs.


Number Name & Description Translation Notes
46 武器46
Weapon 46
A gigantic double-edged axe called, "The Battleaxe of the Giants".
An axe with ATK +1, which isn't shown in the description, unlike for the other weapons; 14400 en to buy, 5760 en gained when sold; usable by Landsknechts.
47 武器47
Weapon 47
An axe with a curved edge that reaps the life-energy of those it attacks.
Similar to Weapon 46, but with no prices.

Weapon 51 has no description whatsoever, but is otherwise identical to Weapon 47. Weapons 52 and 53, as well as 139 and 151 to 155, have no proper descriptions and have some ordinary strength and prices. Of note is, that Weapons 151 and 152 can be used by classes other than the Landsknecht, while every other axe in the game is specific to this class. Both can also be used by Dark Hunters, while number 151 is usable by Bards as well.


Weapons 83 to 87, 141 to 145, and 156 to 160, are rather ordinary katanas, none of them having proper descriptions, and with some again having 0 en as their prices.


Similar to the katanas, Weapons 104, 107 to 111, 140, and 161 to 165, are ordinary bows without proper descriptions, and Weapon 104 is another one with no description at all. Also in line with the two aforementioned axes, the per-class usability is unusual for some of them, such as numbers 140 and 161, these being the only bows in the game usable by Landsknechts.


Number Name & Description Translation Notes
128 武器128
Weapon 128
An iron whip made for battle with a crimson colored blade at the tip.
ATK +180
No prices again, otherwise nothing special.
130 武器129

Weapon 129

ATK +200
No prices, etc. Only deserves special mention, because it's the only unused weapon whose name doesn't actually match its ID number.

Weapons 133 to 138, and 166 to 170 are more ordinary whips, although some of them have horrendous pricing, with ex. number 137 costing 300000 en to buy.

(Source: xdaniel (entire section); Bast (translations))

Unused Graphics

Title Screen


The files Data\Tex\top1.ntft, Data\Tex\top1.ntfp, Data\Tex\top2.ntft and Data\Tex\top2.ntfp contain the image and palette data for a prototype or mockup of the title screen. The logo is still in Japanese, the background is a static image of the entrance to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, as opposed to the final title screen's 3D tree model, and the only menu option visible is "Game Start".

Main Menu Mockup

To do:
Get final screenshot from Japanese version for better comparison, as the current one (which also has tiny visual glitches from emulation issues) is from the European version.

Data\Tex\SampleCamp.ntft and Data\Tex\SampleCamp.ntfp hold the image and palette of a mockup of the main menu screen. Some of the differences to the final menu are that each character's Boost meter is shown instead of their TP, a slightly different placement of the background image, and the absence of the resource gathering counters (Chop, Mine, and Take).

Also of note are the character names used in the mockup. The characters on the front row are called "スティーブ" and "ワンダー", while the ones on the back row are called "キャシー", "ゼタ" and "ジョーンズ". These could be rendered in English as "Steve" and "Wonder", as well as "Cathy", "Zeta" and "Jones", quite likely referencing the musician Stevie Wonder and the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Mockup Final
EtrianOdyssey-Menu-SampleCamp.png EtrianOdyssey-Menu-Final.png

(Source: xdaniel (entire section))



"EA_test", which likely stands for Effect Alpha test.

Test Final
Etrian-Odyssey-DS-Warbull-Test.png Etrian-Odyssey-DS-Warbull-Final.png

An image simply named "test_en". This appears to be an early version of the Warbull enemy sprite. There are various minor changes, including teeth and horn details.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Enemies

Battle with Bolter & Co.! None of whom are visible... nor defined beyond their names.

Over 60 of the game's 200 defined enemies are dummy enemies with mostly the same stats, using the same AI and the same (actually nonexistent) sprite. A few of those are noteworthy:

  • Enemy 0x00 has exactly the same stats as the other dummy enemies, but does not have a name and is supposed to use the sprite frog00. If hacked into the game by changing an encounter group's enemy IDs to be all zero, the game will glitch and exit the battle once it starts. The battle will function on every subsequent encounter, but neither will the specified sprite be displayed nor will any attack connect (the battle ends on the first attack), no experience will be gained by the party, etc.
  • Enemy 0x02 has a few small stat differences compared to the other dummy enemies; its STR value is 13 instead of 14, its TEC value is 12 instead of 8.
  • Enemies 0x42 to 0x45 actually have names, while every other dummy excluding 0x00 is simply called "Dummy" or, starting at 0x5B, "Dummy" with a decimal number appended. These four enemies are called Bolter, Zapper, Shocker and Shocking, but are otherwise identical to the other dummies.

(Source: xdaniel (entire section))

Instant Ending

An instant ending can be accessed by pressing L, A, A, R, L, A, A, R. The command is revealed by director, Kazuya Nino. [1]

This command is also work in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard.

Regional Differences

The nine classes names vary across regions, with the European translations in particular using names based on the Japanese and American ones.

Japanese English (America) English (Europe) German French Italian Spanish
Swordsman Landsknecht Landsknecht Landsknecht Lansquenet Cavaliere Soldado
Ranger Survivalist Survivalist Fährtenleser Trappeur Guida Guardabosque
Paladin Protector Protector Paladin Paladin Paladino Paladín
Dark Hunter Dark Hunter Dark Hunter Schattenritter Chasseur Domatore Cazador oscuro
Medic Medic Medic Medicus Guérisseur Taumaturgo Médico
Alchemist Alchemist Alchemist Alchemist Alchimiste Alchimista Hechicero
Bard Troubadour Bard Barde Barde Bardo Trovador
Bushido Ronin Samurai Samurai Samouraï Samurai Samurái
Curse Maker Hexer Hexcaster Drude Sorcier Mago nero Brujo

The available keyboards also differ. The American version only has an English keyboard, and the Japanese and European versions have three different keyboards. The Japanese version has keyboards for Kana, English, and symbols. The European version has keyboards for English, accent characters, and symbols that differ from the Japanese game.

European passwords intended for use in Etrian Odyssey 2 have no effect, as it was not released there.

The font in the American game is also different from the European version. The font from the European version would later be used in the American localizations of Etrian Odyssey 2 and 3.

America Europe
EO1USAKeyboardLower.png EO1EUKeyboardLower.png
America Europe
EO1USAKeyboardCaps.png EO1EUKeyboardCaps.png
Japan Europe
EO1JAPsybols.png EO1EUsymbols.png

(Source: Dasutein, xdaniel, Theclaw)