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F-Zero GP Legend

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Title Screen

F-Zero GP Legend

Also known as: F-Zero Falcon Densetsu (JP)
Developer: Suzak
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: November 28, 2003
Released in US: September 20, 2004
Released in EU: June 4, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
A few unused themes.

Loosely based on the TV series of the same name, both the game and anime bombed horribly outside Japan.

Regional Differences

In the Japanese release, the game featured an e-Reader option allowing players to unlock characters/vehicles, e-Reader+ Cup courses and staff ghost challenges in the game using special e-Reader cards. Due to low e-Reader sales in the US, this feature was removed in the international release. A rom hack exists that re-adds all of the missing content to all versions of the game.

Title Screen

Japanese English
F-Zero - Falcon Densetsu (Japan).png F-Zero GP Legend usa title.png

"Press Start Button" has been shortened to "Press Start", and the logo was made brighter.

e-Reader Machines

There were a total of 10 Machine Cards, 2 of which are limited edition Bandai Carddass cards. Six of them can be unlocked in-game, but four of them are exclusive to the e-Reader cards. When the game was brought overseas, these vehicles were made unlockable through in-game means.

Lucy Liberty
Elegance Liberty
Miss Killer
Moon Shadow
Silver Neelsen
Night Thunder
The Skull
Sonic Phantom

Card e-Reader+ Cup Courses

There were a total of 20 Course Cards, 4 of which are limited edition Bandai Carddass cards. Only five can be saved onto the game at a time. Since the e-Reader cards were never released internationally, neither the e-Reader+ Cup nor any of the courses within made it into the game.

Course Venue Japanese English   Course Venue Japanese English
FZGP ereader 001.png
Mute City タイルズ・スクエア Tiles Square   FZGP ereader 011.png
Mute City カウンター Counter
FZGP ereader 002.png
Red Canyon ドラコン Long Drive   FZGP ereader 012.png
Lightning グリッドメイズ Grid Maze
FZGP ereader 003.png
Sand Ocean アンジュレーションウェーブ Undulation Wave   FZGP ereader 013.png
Big Blue ピジョン Pigeon
FZGP ereader 004.png
White Land ヴァンサンク=リンク Vingt-Cinq Rink   FZGP ereader 014.png
Sand Ocean メイクオアブレイク Make or Break
FZGP ereader 005.png
Fire Field ランブルグランド Rumble Grand   FZGP ereader 015.png
Lightning ライトバルブ Light Bulb
FZGP ereader 006.png
Illusion デスハンド Death Hand   FZGP ereader 016.png
Port Town ファルコン Falcon
FZGP ereader 007.png
Red Canyon ベストチョイス Best Choice   FZGP ereader 017.png
Illusion エースオブハート Ace of Hearts
FZGP ereader 008.png
Mist Flow フラワー3 Flower 3   FZGP ereader 018.png
Silence カミトバ Kamitoba
FZGP ereader 009.png
Red Canyon ダートダート Dirt Dart   FZGP ereader 019.png
Mist Flow スクリュー Screw
FZGP ereader 010.png
Port Town デュークダムサーキット Dukedom Circuit   FZGP ereader 020.png
White Land イエティフット Yeti Foot

Staff Ghost Challenges

There were a total of 20 Challenge Cards, 4 of which were limited edition Bandai Carddass cards. Each card contains a game staff record on one of five courses and with one of five vehicles, as well as replay data with overlaid button inputs, showing exactly what the player did to get their record time. Once again, all of these were left out of the international releases of the game.

Course Player Machine Time
Mute City Tradition Park TORIISM Dragon Bird 1'22"65
Red Canyon Junction TORIISM Blue Falcon 1'07"93
Lightning Volute NAKAZY Astro Robin 1'28"64
Fire Field Blast Track TORIISM White Cat 1'17"41
Mute City Expansion Park TORIISM Golden Fox 1'52"51

Unused Text

At 542BF4 (US version) is a leftover phrase.

Download e-Reader card data.

While this text is not in the EU version, both versions have related "Card e-Reader+ Cup" and "Card Course" graphics.

Unused Courses

The game has remnants of additional courses. To access them, enter the following Code Breaker codes, then choose either Time Attack or Training (which can be unlocked via Action Replay code 5742F0F9 28626452, if they aren't already) and press Select at the Course Select screen. The course map will change to the chosen course's to verify the selection.

74000130 03FB
33002ED2 00XX

XX      Course Region   Course Name
01      Mute City       Mute City II
02      Big Blue        Big Blue II
03      Fire Field      Fire Field II
08      Red Canyon      Red Canyon II
15      Silence         Silence II
16      Port Town       Port Town III
17      Sand Ocean      Sand Ocean II
18      White Land      White Land II

At a glance, the names might suggest that these tracks were meant to be more replicas of classic F-Zero tracks. However, it's more likely that the tracks were actually meant to be Expert Class variants of the original eight tracks, as the harder tracks in this game are all suffixed with a "II" to indicate a variant.

Mute City I Mute City II
FZGP MuteCityI-Straight2.png FZGP MuteCityII-Straight2.png
FZGP MuteCityI-Corner2.png FZGP MuteCityII-Corner2.png

Unfortunately, "Mute City II" seems to be the only track that had been altered in this fashion – though, the alterations are more in line with the original game's third Mute City track than the second.

It's also worth noting that there was never a "Port Town III" in any game, and both the normal "White Land II" and the unused "White Land II" share the same name. (The unused variant should be "White Land III," if "Port Town III" is any indication.)

(Source: RadioShadow)