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Title Screen


Also known as: Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
Developer: Black Isle Studios
Publishers: Interplay (DOS/Windows), MacPlay (Mac), Bethesda Softworks (Modern re-releases)
Platforms: DOS, Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
Released internationally: August 26, 2015
Released in US: October 9, 1997

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Bad language filter.

War never changes...

Fallout is a landmark post-apocalyptic RPG, developed by a team that included the founding members of Troika Games and the group that would later be known as Black Isle Studios. It was initially conceived as an electronic adaptation of the GURPS role-playing system in an original setting (and there are indeed a few traces of GURPS to be found in the demo), but the GURPS license was pulled in a legal dispute initially started over extreme 256-color violence. Instead, it uses the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system, which would become the series' staple. Fallout is remembered as one of the greatest CRPGs of all-time and its genre influence is arguably unrivaled by any game without "Ultima" in its name. It has since spawned a number of sequels and spin-offs of varying quality, all of which were developed by different teams from one another.

The info on this page can be accessed first-hand using dedicated mod tools.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Unused Message Files
Unused dialogue and mouseover description text.
Unused Speech
Voice-acted dialogue that does not go heard.

Debug Logging

To do:
Manual method in case the patching tool fails?
Download.png Download FallOut Debug Patching Tool
File: FO1 debug patch.zip (434 KB) (info)

Run the attached patching tool on falloutw.exe. Add the following lines to the config file:



Then, using the command prompt, typing in set DEBUGACTIVE=LOG before running falloutw.exe will log to a file. Alternatively, set DEBUGACTIVE=GNW will show the log information in real-time while playing the game.

(Source: Sduibek)

Unused Items

Field Switch


A non-functional unused item, featuring a graphic that was later recycled in the sequel for use by an unrelated quest item (Explosive Switch). Weight: 1, value 0.


An electronic transmission device, with a very simple, and large, toggle button.  
It looks like it was recently made and designed for very large hands.

Semi-official commentary from Fallout Bible 8 by developer Tim Cain, regarding this item as well as Tangler's Hand:

"I am pretty sure that both of these items were part of deleted quests. Tangler's Hand was used to prove that you killed someone (duh, Tangler probably), and I think it was in Adytum, which was heavily modified near the end of FO's development. I am even less clear on the field switch, but I remember we had lots of discussion on how to handle the player bringing down the force fields in the Military Base, so it was probably going to be used for that, but then got tossed aside when another solution was used.

Mr. Taylor may remember these better than I.


This was confirmed by Chris Taylor.

Gold Locket


A quest item for the cut Boneyard quest "Deliver Locket for Romero", which would have been handed to the player by Romero. Weight: 1, value 400.


A valuable gold locket.


The artists took a stab at creating sever-al designs for knives, and despite looking rather sharp, this one didn't make the cut.
The unused knife as seen in the manual.

A cut melee weapon which exists only as an unused inventory icon and not a functional item. The manual displays a similar-looking implement called simply "knife", so this is likely just an earlier version of the graphic rather than an incomplete weapon.

Reserved Item



This is a reserved item.  DO NOT USE.

Surprisingly, the demo calls this item Dex Adders.

Small Statuette


A novelty item later found in Fallout 2 which exists unused in the files for this game.


You think this might be a carving of the "Pip Boy" but you can't be sure.

Tangler's Hand


A quest item once belonging to the anatomy of a man named Tangler, leader of a cut gang called the Rippers. The Rippers were one of two gangs only partially implemented before their hometown in the Boneyard was overhauled late in development and their territory repopulated by Deathclaws (this change is hinted at by the "Ripper" movie poster on this map). Their leader's hand is the most significant remaining artifact of this quest and remains unused in Fallout 2. Weight: 3, value 200.


A cybernetic manipulator, in the shape and form of a hand. Damaged due to the sloppy nature of the removal process.


This doesn't have an inventory icon.


An expensive watch.  Not really working, but it still looks nice.

Brotherhood of Steel Honor Code

Yes, that's its icon.

Unused holodisk. Weight: 1, value 50.


A holotape, with a rough symbol of the Brotherhood of Steel inscribed on it. Use the tape to transfer the data to your PIPBoy.


# *** Maxson's History ***
{7000}{}{My father was a security guard at a secret military base}
{7001}{}{in the desert of southern California. A typical MP, I}
{7002}{}{remember mostly his strength.  When it came time for}
{7003}{}{the revolution, I respected his convictions. He stayed}
{7004}{}{behind, to help those who were disabled and wounded,}
{7005}{}{even the scis. He put the well being of myself and my}
{7006}{}{mother into the hands of his best friend, and ordered}
{7007}{}{us into the desert with the other rebels.}
# -
{7009}{}{We, very few, marched into the wastes. The only thought}
{7010}{}{on my mind was that I would never see my father again.}
{7011}{}{He knew that to stay behind was death. And still, he}
{7012}{}{stayed. He respected the flag, the CIC and the badge}
{7013}{}{that he wore.}
# -
{7015}{}{What an idiot.}
# -
{7017}{}{He died for the sins of others. That will never happen}
{7018}{}{again to us. We will become self-sufficient. We will}
{7019}{}{become keepers of knowledge and lore. We will survive}
{7020}{}{the end of civilization. We will take responsibility}
{7021}{}{for our actions, and we will hold accountable the}
{7022}{}{actions of others.}
# -
{7024}{}{This I pledge to you, Maxson, my son. The Brotherhood}
{7025}{}{of Steel is justly named. We are a Brotherhood. Unlike}
{7026}{}{my father, we will stand back to back with those that}
{7027}{}{share our convictions and beliefs. We are Steel. We are}
{7028}{}{hard. We have been sharpened to and edge.}
# -
{7030}{}{Always remember the fires that we were forged in.}
{7031}{}{Never forget. }
{7032}{}{The motto from a previous time, and our motto now.}

Unused Maps

All of these maps can be accessed with minimal effort thanks to the presence of a recording mode which the developers likely forgot to remove. Pressing Ctrl+R on the title screen will open up a full map list to record a demo to play on the title screen. Recordings will be saved in the "DATA/selfrun" directory. You can select any map in the game (and a few which aren't) and explore as Max Stone. NPCs will not fight or speak to you (unless you trigger a script), although you can drop plastic explosives on them or kill them by pumping them full of Super Stimpaks. You cannot interact with the environment while in this mode except to open doors. Pressing Ctrl+R again ends the recording. Exit grids will not function in this mode, but you can save then load while playing normally to use them.

Brotherhood Ruins



At some point, the Brotherhood of Steel bunker was supposed to be invaded by Super Mutants. The unpatched game had mutant invasions occur in certain areas after a significant amount of time passed, but the BOS bunker was not one of those places.

Exiting the map leaves you in Vault 13's world map square.




A Junktown-like map designed for (and fully explorable in) the demo. All the demo's NPCs are still standing around, though you can't talk to them. Called "Error" on the loading screen. Cannot be exited as there is no exit grid.


Map name: TEMPLAT1.MAP

An utterly empty dirt field used as a canvas by mapmakers. Called "Error" on the loading screen.

Viper Camp


Map name: VIPERS.MAP

A mostly empty camp for a cut tribe of raiders. There is an empty ice chest in the tent on the left and a footlocker in the tent to the north. Exiting brings you to Vault 13's map screen.

The Vipers themselves wouldn't properly debut until Fallout: New Vegas.

Unused Graphics

Immolated Children and Midgets

Animations for children and midgets as they burn to death. While not used here, they are used in Fallout 2.

Fallout-NACHLDBN ne.gif Fallout-NACHLDBN e.gif Fallout-NACHLDBN nw.gif Fallout-NACHLDBN w.gif Fallout-NACHLDBN sw.gif Fallout-NACHLDBN se.gif

Pre-release Advertisements

These were all used in the demo.


Some of these graphics are normally meant for "Mapper2", which was used to create maps for this game and its sequel.

Hidden Graphics

These are used, but overwritten by other graphics making them impossible to see.

Hidden Used
Fallout-SaveDefault.png Fallout-SaveBG.png

Savegame screenshot from the entrance to Vault 13 as part of the save/load screen background. Empty save games use a blank background without a screenshot.

Hidden Used
Fallout-IFaceDefault.png Fallout-IFaceBG.png

Early graphic of the held item panel, loaded into the interface under the used version of the same graphic.

In the HP/AC numeral part of this same graphic (not pictured), the overwritten digits are 036 HP and -258 AC. Similarly, the graphics for age, skill %, timers, and S.P.E.C.I.A.L points are all 23 for two-digit values and 223 for three-digit ones before being overwritten by their actual values.

Unused Quests

Found in PIPBOY.MSG. These are all located in the L.A. Boneyard, a location that was heavily reworked late in development. Much more evidence for scrapped quests can be found in cut dialogue files.

{801}{}{Become a Blade.}
{802}{}{Deliver Locket for Romero.}
{803}{}{Deliver package from the Gun Runners.}
{806}{}{Rescue Jason Zimmerman.}
{807}{}{Stop the Gangs from attacking Adytum.}

Language Filter

These are the words censored by turning the language filter on in the options menu, contained in BADWORDS.TXT (requires f1undat to decompress). Some of these words, such as "pigfucker", are unused in the final script.


Unused Endings


This is part of the Super Mutant invasion event that is referenced in several endings but never actually occurs in the game.

Unused Junktown ending slide.
1:The mutants are slowed, but not stopped, by the brave defenders of Junktown.
2:When the army finishes their brutal siege, nothing of Junktown remains.

Followers of the Apocalypse

This ending is inaccessible because the criteria calls for two actions that are impossible due to missing NPCs.

Inaccessible Followers ending slide.
1:The Followers of the Apocalypse rise to become a major influence in New California.
2:With your help, they gain control of the LA Boneyard.

Brotherhood of Steel

The traitor doesn't actually exist, and is only mentioned in some unused lines in Vree's dialogue file.

1:The Brotherhood of Steel repels the first wave of a mutant invasion, but a traitor in their midst causes the Citadel to fall.
2:Fortunately, the advanced technology is mastered slowly by the mutants, and they were unable to use it against you.

Regional Differences

To do:
Properly check what UK v1.2 fixes or what bugs it brings up.

European versions were censored to varying degrees dependent on region. Patches exist to re-implement this content for European players.

  • In all European releases of Fallout 1 and 2, all child NPCs were (nearly) removed to avoid child-killing controversy (actually only made invisible). This also made the Childkiller reputation and encounter with the bounty hunter Avellone inaccessible.
  • The German version was further censored to disable blood and violent critical death animations.
  • The UK release has some words changed to avoid drug references. All incidences of the word "drug" were changed to "chem" (something that would become standard for the series with Fallout 3) and "addiction" with "craving".

NOTE: This is the version that GOG.com supplies!

Revisional Differences

On November 9, 1999, a v1.1 US patch was released to fix a few errors that existed in the original game.

  • Companions no longer get cloned when saving and reloading during combat.
  • Armor correctly adjusts the stats when being moved around in the inventory.
  • Exposure to radiation no longer raises stats. This was even lampshaded as another form of FEV in the Fallout Bible.
  • The time limit is increased from 500 in-game days to 13 in-game years (notably the maximum amount of playtime in Fallout 2, where you can play until July 25, 2254, exactly 13 years after the start of the game), giving a nigh-infinite amount of time to enjoy the experience without the game suddenly ending because you weren't fast enough to kill the Master. This also means that there are no more drawbacks to asking the Water Merchants to deliver water to Vault 13, which would lower the invasion time limit by 100 days.