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Final Fantasy XV (PlayStation 4, Windows)

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy XV

Developer: Square Enix Business Division 2
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows
Released internationally: November 29, 2016

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
  • The unused stuff should be easier to find now that the Windows Edition was released, or maybe not. See if anything can be found in the Windows Edition.
And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Pictures of two partially nude (topless) female characters as found in the game's files.

Final Fantasy XV is about the fantastical adventures of a boy band in stylish black clothing, who spend their days camping in the countryside, eating delicious food, and driving around in a fancy car.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
West insomnia preview.png
Versus XIII Leftovers
Various elements that were cut in Final Fantasy XV but were in Versus XIII.
Unused Text
Dialogue, debug messages, and various text prompts that are not normally present in the game.
Prompto's VR Experience Leftovers
Leftovers of the cancelled Final Fantasy XV VR Experience showcased at E3 2016.


  • Swimming

In the final game, Noctis only can swim while fighting Leviathan. However, with the help of glitches, Noctis actually can swim in normal waters, although he will not react to the physics of the water and will instead "swim" on a flat plane relative to the water level. It's also possible to use piers to climb back onto dry land, but the animation is buggy.

  • A Shop in Hammerhead

Between the garage and gas station, there is a shop on the map that is missing from the game.

  • Altissia Plaza

The boat station is still shown on the in-game map, despite being inaccessible.

  • Aranea Photography and Camping

Despite Aranea only joining as a guest party member in certain circumstances, there are proper photography and camping animations for her. This can be seen working properly in the game by performing the "permanent Aranea glitch".

  • Cid's Boat compartment

There is an unused compartment with some electronic structures inside the boat, is big enough to hold a car, maybe it was used for some cutscene with Regalia, it is possible to see using a glitch to exit out of the limits of Altissia, then swim to the boat.

  • Unused Altissia areas

Several areas of Altissia are unused, most have many details, it is possible to find the building where Luna was before going to the great palace. This area has several rooms, in addition to several detailed environments like umbrella, boxes, barrels, fountains. The collision areas fill up so much that it is possible to stay in place without risk of falling out of the map.

  • Viewbliss Outpost
Viewbliss menu dbg.png

An unused Niflheim base in the Leide area. It is referred to as "Viewbliss Outpost" by the Debug Menu.

  • Catoblepas in Duscae Lake

The Catoblepas that walk inside the Duscae Lake have the ability to be fought.

Unused Models

Prompto Unfinished Outfit

Prompto incomplete.png

./character/nh/nh02/model_999/nh02_999.gmdl.gfxbin is an incomplete model for Prompto. It has no textures.



An incomplete spoon model with no textures.

Unfinished Engine Blade


./character/we/we01/model_201/we01_201.gmdl.gfxbin is an incomplete model for the Engine Blade. It has no textures.

Movie Camera

Ffxv movie camera.png

./unclassified/ca/ca00/model_00/ca00_00.gmdl.gfxbin is an untextured movie camera.

Bipedal Frog


.\character\mc\mc30\model_000 is an untextured bipedal frog.

Unused NPCs

Unused Old Woman


.\character\uy\uy05\model_110 is an unused old woman character with no textures.

Unused Summons

At some point in development, the developers likely wanted to have the kings of yore as summons as multiple models that did not appear in-game in the original 1.00 version of the game are in the summon folders along with Shiva, Ramuh, etc.

The Wise


.\character\sm\sm14\model_000\sm14_000.gmdl.gfxbin is an unused model of "The Wise".

Unused Enemies

Early Niflheim Soldier


.\character\es\es02\model_040\es02_040.gmdl.gfxbin is an early model of one of the Niflheim soldiers. It has significantly less texture detail suggesting it might be from Versus XIII.


Two of the female characters, Gentiana and Camelia, feature partial nudity (visible nipples, but no genitalia) in their model/texture files. This can be verified by using Noesis to view nh09_010.gmdl.gfxbin and nh24_000.gmdl.gfxbin.

Nude Gentiana.

Normally, geometry is obstructing the nipples on both characters, but this geometry can be hidden via the Noesis data viewer. Based on the quality of the textures and UV coordinates, one can probably assume that the nipples were not prepared to production-ready standards.

Nude Camelia.

The nudity is present on both Windows and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Xbox One has not been verified, but is likely to share the same data.

Debug Mode

To do:
  • Not 100% sure how this debug exe came about but I know the basics, if someone knows feel free to add it to here.
  • I started this whole thing back in September 2018 and never got around to finishing it, I also lost the debug exe and March game patch due to hard drive failure. If you have the means to finish this, feel free! There's a LOT of stuff I never got around to covering.

In the game's pre-release stages on PC, there was a leak of a debug version of Final Fantasy XV for PC. This version of the game contains a pretty hefty debug menu, presumably for QA testing since it's nowhere near as powerful as the ones the developers used to show off the real time effects of the game. This one however even contains some oddities and other weird things. By having the debug exe and by patching your game back to the March / Pre-mods version of the game, you can use it.


On the main menu in this build is a "Build Revision" in the top left and a "debug" option right at the bottom, below Quit. Clicking this brings you to a menu which lets you select whichever chapter you want, including two versions of Chapter 11, one called "unofficial" which takes you to the train battle, skipping the intro to the chapter. There's also an "informal" for Chapter 12, and an "informal" for Chapter 13. The informal Chapter 13 takes you to the cutscene with Bahamut when Noctis is in the crystal, and the informal Chapter 12 takes you to the train ride to the Imperial Capital, skipping the little Tenebrae segment. There's also "feather" which is supposed to load the Chocobo-Moogle carnival, but that either doesn't exist anymore in-game or this build just fails to load it. Every episode also has its own debug menu, containing the ability to change the flags for the bonus modes unlocked after each episode's completion. Episode Ignis allows you to also start at any chapter of the episode you want, including the "If route", the alternate ending to the episode. Comrades doesn't look like it has one, but it's actually a hidden option you have to select. All of the options are blank but if you pick the top one, it loads you into the main hub as a default male avatar called... well "Avatar".

To do:
Check other options.


Of course, as with most debug menus, there's a way to activate it in-game and get a whole host of tweaks cheats and... weirdness. It can be opened by either pressing Shift+Tab or LB+RB+LS / L1+R1+L3. The timing on the buttons is a little finicky so pressing it a couple times might be needed. Below are the options as they appear in the debug menu.

(NOTE: After further testing, I've found out that the menus where I say they're "blank", are only blank if you're playing with English text. Japanese text has actual text there. Guess the translators got lazy. No "This is Hades" as of yet though!)

Debug System

  • "Button Mask force disable": Pops up a message box with a bunch of white squares, which quickly disappears on its own. Seems to do nothing.
  • "Restore all HP/MP": Does what it says on the tin.
  • "Actor Status": Another sub-menu, shown below.
  • "000000": I have absolutely no idea what this was meant to serve as, but it's what I can only describe as a picture of an early menu system for the game, entirely red, picture on the right. Pressing buttons on the D-Pad makes it do things... what things, I have no idea. Seemingly has no effect apart from being annoying as it keeps coming back up randomly.
    The placeholder menu in question. Creepy.
  • "Main Story": Opens a sub-menu with "5-1. Dev Team Use (Old Menu)", which leads to another debug menu with even more options than this one, and "5-2 QA Team Use", which is the menu currently enabled.
  • "Next Page": Goes to the next page which contains;
  • "Auto drive test for auto test": Apart from being a weird sounding sentence, it also does seemingly nothing! A running theme in this debug menu.
  • "Unlock All Recipes": Unlocks all recipes for camping, doesn't give ingredients though so you'll have to hunt those down on your own.
  • "Give Skill Exp": Does seemingly nothing, maybe was meant to give you AP?
  • "Limitless Jump": Very fun. Basically gives you the equivalent of the Space Jump from Super Metroid. Handy for out of bounds exploration.
  • "Control Any Player": A menu which has "Control Target", control the enemy you're currently targeting, as well as "Control Noctis" for returning back to normal, "Control Gladiolus", "Control Ignis", "Control Prompto", and
  • "Control Cor". Doing any of these doesn't let you control them like you can in the Episodes, more like it has am effect similar to controlling Master Hand in Super Smash Bros., where the control scheme is wacky and half the buttons do nothing.
  • "Change Play Time": Allows you to add various measurements of time to your playtime! For some reason.

Hidden behind a right D-Pad press is another set of options, such as; ---___---FILL THIS OUT---___---

Actor Status

  • "SetLevelJobAbility": Opens another sub-menu with CH01 to 05 and then two white squares. Does seemingly nothing.
  • "Level Up": Opens another sub-menu (they sure like those) with LV15 UP, etc. to LV99 UP. They don't level you up by that amount, they put you to those levels, so you can't level up to 120 this way.
  • "Gil Up": Gives 500,000 Gil. Nice!
  • "Magic": Another sub-menu with Transformed Toad, Transformed Noctis, "000000", "000000" and "000000". Toad turns you into a toad, Noctis to Noctis, the other options do seemingly nothing.
  • "JAM Gauge": No idea what JAM is but you can set it to "MAX" or multiples of 25, as well as lock it.
  • "JobCommandGauge": Sets the tech gauge to either 1 bar, 2 bars or 3 bars, as well as lock it.

World Vehicle

  • "car": Various (and extensive) testing options for the base Regalia. Allows you to spawn it basically anywhere, ask Cindy to tow it (for a price), call it to your side (basically the same as Cindy except you don't need money to do so). Some of the options do softlock the game however.
  • "ship": Various options for the ship.
  • "Flying Regalia": Allows you to spawn it at the nearest road and teleport you to it, reset its position, and change the game flag state for whether you've acquired it or not.
  • "Chocobo System": Various options for the Chocobo system in the game.
  • "FreeDrive Regalia": Similar to the FLyingRegalia option, this contains options for the monster truck version of the Regalia.
  • "FreeDrive Cruiser": Does nothing. Possibly related to Ardyn's car that he drives in the game.


Allows you to move places across the game world. Has options for Leide, Duscae, Cleigne, Ravettrice, "Sccarpe" and "PV". Going into any of those allows you to pick various places to go to, such as, in Leide, "camp" "town" "dungen" "nifl" "mikage" and "Royal Tombs". In case you can't read broken English, they'll give you options to teleport to various campsites, towns, dungeons, Niflheim bases, Angelgard Island itself, and the Royal Tombs. The "mikage" option plops you right outside the prison Noctis spends 10 years inside.

"PV" for some reason takes you to the Three Valley's parking spot in Leide, just outside Hammerhead.

World Map System

  • "World Map Time": Allows you to set the time of day, change how fast time flies when you're debugging around, display the actual time stored internally, even stop time passing entirely.
  • "Break up with fellow": Presumably would allow you to break up the party any way you see fit, in reality, does nothing bar have some funny broken English.
  • "Game flags": A whole sub-menu of options and debugging things that does absolutely nothing! Are you surprised? I'm not, it's making writing this a whole lot easier.
  • "Actor status": A whole sub-menu of stuff, including;
  • "Parameter(Ex.Level Up)(single)": Allows you to set the level of the entire party from 5 to 70.
  • "Change in state": Allows you to activate and deactivate various debuffs on the party.
  • "Recover&NotDeath": Broken English that leads to a broken feature. Who knew?
  • "AI Stop": Stops AI, including yourself. Guess Noctis was a robot after all.
  • "000000": Isn't a broken menu, in fact it opens a sub-menu allowing you to turn the auto HP regeneration on or off. On the next page;
  • "Gil Max": Max Gil.
  • "AP Max": Max AP.
  • "AP Min": Min AP.
  • "Medal Max": Gives you a Fatman mini nuke launcher. Actually it gives you max medals. For what? I don't know.
  • "Supposed Equipment": Allows you to pick up to level 44 and gives you what they think you should have at level 44. Also Ignis gets a ton of new recipes.
  • "Verification": Opens a sub-menu where the first option, "000000" makes Prompto leave the party in disgust. Really, for whatever reason that option forces Prompto and only Prompto to leave the party. None of the other options do anything else. The rest of the options after verification do nothing, and that's it for Actor Status.
  • "Get Item": Gives you 99 of whatever item category you pick. Want 99 of every ingredient in the game? Just select Ingredients and bam! You got loads of meals ready to go! Getting all outfits reveals every outfit in the game, including cut ones! Or it just may not work, either way, selecting this outfit lets Noctis become a floating head. Spooky! In addition, Ignis gains a fair few glasses options, all of which turn him invisible. Shame. Prompto also gets highly customizable Tundra Attire, which fails to load as well.
  • "NPC/Ecology/Car/Nifl Function OFF": Turns off NPCs, random cars on the road, wildlife, and the random Niflheim encounters later in the game, with no way to turn them back on it seems. Choose this if you fancy making the game feel lifeless and just really want to go on that road-trip with your Chocobros.
  • "Mobuhanto": Mob Hunt in English, changes stuff for the hunts in the game. Allows you to instantly clear it as well as change the stars you have and what rank you are.
  • "Summons": Cast ye eyes here if ye be seekin the power of the Gods! Allows you to get any summon you want in the game, as well as call them on command. Calling doesn't work outside of combat however. Ifrit and Bahamut don't work outright for obvious reasons, you never summon Ifrit in the game and Bahamut is only around for one specific summon right at the end of the game during the fight with Ifrit.
  • "Get 99,999 Gil": Gets you nearly 100 thousand Gil.
  • "Colosseum Debug Related": Debug things related to the Colosseum minigame in Altissia.
  • "Fishing": Things related to the catching of fish! Basically toggles the ability to catch any fish and skip the minigame altogether presumably.
  • "100% Drop Rate (Toggle)": No idea what this does. Probably gives you an item 100% of the time after killing an enemy. Testing required.
  • "Noctis Move Speed": Allows you to change the move speed of Noctis. You can go to very silly speeds, handy for out of bounds exploration! Also changes how fast the camera moves so that's a bit of a bummer. However, it affects how Noctis carries out his animations in cutscenes, which can lead to some hilarity. So that's a bonus.
  • "Clear Data": Acts like you completed the game, asks if you want to save clear data to do New Game+, and changes the title screen to the post game one. Not handy if you haven't beaten the game yet or just like the original title screen.
  • "Set Total Moved Distance": Sets the total distance you've moved via Chocobo, car, or by your own two legs. Seemingly does nothing, might have been used to debug the Xbox version of the game where that stat gets displayed on your achievements page.
  • "Log Damage Value": Does nothing.
  • "JMF Debug": Debugging for JMF, whatever that is. Also does seemingly nothing!
  • "(TOGGLE) Change Weather Debug": Toggles between two weather presets which are different wherever you go. For example, it changes the World of Ruin from bleak daemon-filled looking weather to just night time rain, and Insomnia from night to day! Although that doesn't last long before the rain sets in. In fact, Insomnia seems to cycle through many different weather types in the game. Rain, snow, dust storms, thunder, etc. May have been a testing ground for weather effects?
  • "(TOGGLE)Magic No Cooldown": Removes cooldowns on Magic usage. Set the world ablaze with just one debug command!
  • "BattleArea Element Info": Puts a list of elements on the right hand side of the screen which change when the ground has elements cast on it, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Light, Dark, etc. They all start at 100 and increase as different things happen.
  • "Tutorial": Does nothing. Presumably would've had something to do with debugging the tutorial. In the tutorial the debug menu is disabled, so really unknown where that would've been used.
  • "Encyclopedia Debug": Brings up a new menu with a list of every enemy and character in the game... but does nothing. I couldn't find any way to get this menu to do anything apart from scroll through the list and close it with Circle/B.
  • "Camera Position ON/OFF": Presumably would've printed the camera's exact coordinates to the screen to help developers get cool screenshots for promotional purposes. In reality, does nothing. Yaaay!
  • "Random_Aircraft": Presumably controlled the random Magitek ship attacks that happen midway through the game. But it actually does nothing. Apart from opening a menu with "highspeed request (5 sec)" and "normal request (180 sec)" it just does nothing.
  • "Field_Shift(TOGGLE)": Another menu item, another sack of nothing.
  • Normally this would be where the menu loops, but if you press left on the D-Pad you get another three options!
  • "DLC TEST": Testing things for the DLC. "Jump" and "Back" do nothing but "PRYNA" actually does! It calls in Pryna, Lunafreya's dog but she acts like Umbra does in Chapter 14, even saying "Umbra stares straight into your eyes". The name before the conversation wheel shows up however, says Pryna. Possibly a remnant of an earlier version where you could "talk" to Pryna?
  • "Clear counter data up": Opens a menu with "+" "5" "+10" and "+15". Does nothing.
  • "Buddy Magic": Opens a sub-menu with "Gladiolus", "Ignis" and "prompto", selecting either causes the selected Chocobro to hurl a firebomb into traffic! But they do nothing. Phew. Even in combat they do nothing. Probably used to test the animation or maybe they actually hurled a live firebomb at one point?

That's finally it for that section!


Opens a menu with "Ecology", "Multi" and "Timed Quests". Ecology lets you fight enemies and even bosses from the base game, Multi includes enemies and bosses from Comrades, and Timed Quests lets you fight -Cthulu- enemies from the timed quests! Clicking any brings up a menu with "Create", "Add", "Delete" and "Category". Pretty self explanatory, and fun to mess with!


Opens a menu with "main_story", which leads to a menu containing a list of chapters up to 9. Inside the chapters contains various events in the game. Not sure if they actually do anything of note, but I did manage to get the weather to change by picking one of the events in Chapter 3. More testing required.


This contains a whole slew of stuff relating to debugging random encounters, wildlife, and actually contains a working version of what the "Random_Aircraft" menu was supposed to do, even going as far as allowing you to spawn Aranea as she randomly does late game! "Dynamic Battle Test (PC Position)": PC meaning Player Character, is exactly the same as the "Battle Test" menu when you press "Test Battle". "Test Summon" however is a little interesting. Supposedly it would let you test a summon to see if they work properly, as you would do in debugging. In reality? Spawns four Dualhorns, one-shots you and leaves you for dead. Probably need to have the summons unlocked first to actually test them but I just find that hilarious. A lot of the options are just your standard debugging flair, until you get to this next one. "Animal": Gives you two options, "Whale Jump", which spawns you very far away from the map before loading in Altissia, and "Title Bird", which spawns you just outside Hammerhead, in the ground, and after a while shows another debug menu with the choices of "Title Bird Start", "Create" and "TTY Camera Position". The only working option is "Title Bird Start" which just spawns some birds that fly away from the camera. One could only hazard a guess as to what these were for.


Opens a sub-menu where you can spawn various guests into your party. The more the merrier! "Aranea": Spawns Aranea and adds her to your party. "Cor": Spawns Cor and adds him to your party. "Iris": Spawns Iris and adds her to your book club. ...What? She may as well be! She can't fight at all! "To Other Guest Select": A fancy way of saying "Next page". Which contains... "Arden": Spawns Ardyn and adds him to your party. May as well have some fun with the dude before the end. "Umbra": Spawns Umbra... the dog, and adds him to your party. Always nice to have a good pupper around. "Luna": Now this one's a funny one, it'll actually add Lunafreya to your party, kicking out any other guests, but she'll never spawn in. Ever. If you go to the menu to check if she's there, the game will sorta softlock and you'll never be able to leave the menu, forcing a restart of the game. Possibly an element from an earlier version of the story where she was meant to be with Noctis at some point before Chapter 9's events happen. Since Luna and Noctis *never* spend time together in this game physically, this just raises more questions as to why it's even here in the first place. It's possible this is a leftover internally for when she's present in the in-engine cutscenes, but that just flies off a cliff into the realm of speculation.


Things to do with training. A lot of these options don't do squat, apart from "Put Training Asset", which asks you to pick a location of a campsite, teleports you there with a message box filled with white squares, then after a while of loading opens the campsite training menu seen in the actual game.


Hoo boy there's a lot in here. Strap in folks!

  • "FPS Info Show/Hide": Toggles display of FPS, VRAM, etc.
  • "Finish Logging": Freezes the game for a second, then creates a folder in C:\temp called "MemoryInformation_*YYMMDD*_*HHMMSS*, containing "ALL_archive*YYMMDD*_*HHMMSS*.csv" and "MemorySummary_*YYMMDD*_*HHMMSS*.csv", both containing various information about the game.
  • "Memory Info Show/Hide": Toggles the display of a TOOOOON of items in memory. Seriously, a ton.
  • "Show/Hide All Distance/Angle Debug": Shows party member world position, distance from Noctis as well as the same for enemies. With enemies it includes distance from the individual party members too! After that in the list are the individual toggles for each item this bulk toggles. After those is;
  • "Show build revision": Pops up a message box with the current build revision number.
  • "Current time": Same but for current world time stored internally.
  • "World speed x1/x8": Toggles between normal speed or 8x speed for the world time.
  • "Player speed x1/x4": Toggles between normal speed or fast speed for Noctis.
  • "Get Exp before next level": Gives you enough EXP to reach the next level. Nice!
  • "Get Exp before next level+10": Levels you up 9 times and gives you enough EXP to reach the next level, making ten!
  • "Get Exp ONLY For Level 99": Gives you exactly enough EXP to reach Level 99. Oh boy!
  • "Get Exp ONLY For Level 999": Gives you exactly enough EXP to reach Level 999, but you're still capped at Level 120. Omega here I come!
  • "Get Exp ONLY For Next 100 Levels": Gives you enough EXP for 100 more levels.
  • "Stamina Free On/Off": Toggles usage of Stamina when sprinting.
  • "Element Magic Free On/Off": Allows you to use infinite magic to create Magic Flasks. When you create the flask, your magic will go back up to whatever it was at before the creation of the flask. This option is also duplicated for some reason, but below that is;
  • "Visible actor label": Does nothing. Presumably would be used to tell what an enemy or NPC is called internally without having to ask one of the devs.
  • "HP1/MAXHP1": Nukes you down to 1 HP and makes your max HP 1 as well. Hope you got a Megalixer handy!
  • "HP1": Same thing but doesn't nuke your max HP.
  • "Visible UI Safa Area": Yes it really does say Safa area. Anyway, it does nothing. Presumably would've been used internally to figure out the best placement for the UI for nearly all TVs.
  • "Switch HP/MP recovery speed": Makes your health and MP recover quicker than lightning!
  • "MP Free On/Off": Does nothing. Presumably would've acted like Stamina Free and disabled the need for MP when doing warp strikes or phasing through attacks.
  • "Wait Mode Free On/Off": Does something! Allows you all the time in the world in Wait Mode... which already gives you tons of time anyway. Yay?
  • "Switch enable enemy AI": Does what it says on the tin. If an enemy was in the middle of something before combat, such as a Garulessa eating grass, it'll continue that animation until you break something or topple it over, which then it'll do that animation, then go back to eating.
  • "Visible collision": This and "Visible convex collision" both do nothing. Presumably would've shown collision for various things in the game.
  • "Drive Mode Free On/Off": Makes you softlock when you get in the car to drive! Yay!
  • "Parking Point Free On/Off": Opens up every parking spot in the game *and* allows you to fast travel to them. Very handy!
  • "VFX Display Visible/Hide": Toggles the display of VFX in the game, Noctis's warp effects, hit effects, the like.
  • "Toggle water mark(China)": Does nothing. Either because I'm not in China, this isn't a Chinese version of the game or Steam account, or it just plain doesn't work. I'm gonna go with the third one personally.
  • "Add / Remove All Vehicle Items": Gives you all customization items and music for the Regalia. Now you can jam out to the FFXII Soundtrack without having to buy it!
  • "I'm stuck! Get me unstuck!": While the options name is cute as hell, it's actually very handy too. Basically it flings you into the air until you're no longer between the ground.
  • "Unlock All Ability": Unlocks every single ability in the game, and gives you the Steam achievements for them. Now your friends think you're a cheater!
  • "Consume Items On/Off": Does nothing. Presumably would've blocked the consuming of delicious potions.
  • "Show Phantom Gauge in digits": Shows the gauge for the Armiger ability in digits in the top left. Phantom is used internally to denote either the Armiger stuff or the Royal Arms, which the debug menu calls those the "Phantom Swords".
  • "Toggle Force Battle Mode On/Off": Toggles the ability to be stuck in combat, forevermore. Seriously. Once you turn this on you'll never get EXP tallied until you turn it off, and the game will always class you as "in combat" even if you're in a safe zone like a gas station or diner or major city.
  • "Get Max Empty Magic Flask": Gives you the maximum amount of empty Magic Flasks for all your magical crafty needs!
  • "Revert Empty Magic Flask": Gives you nothing! You lose! Gooddaysir! Honestly just does nothing, like a lot of options in this thing.
  • "Get Max Elemental Energies": Gives you 99 of Fire, Ice and Lightning to make spells with.
  • "No Recharge Summon": Seemingly does nothing. Testing required.
  • "Quick *summon name* Lottery": Again, seemingly nothing. After this are a lot of fishing items that are basically the same as in the "fishing" menu from earlier.
  • "Toggle Snapshot View": Whole lotta nothing.
  • "Log Last Photo Taken Info": Ditto.
  • "Toggle ON/OFF Log Dinner Select Photo Info": Honestly, that name is so confusing I wouldn't be surprised if it actually DID something and I was just looking in the wrong places.
  • "Toggle ON/Off Get All Prompto Color Effects": Gives you all of Prompto's Instagram filters.
  • "Disable Sub Quest": Not a thing.
  • "Event Script Force Skip On/Off": Seemingly does nothing. May need to test more.
  • "Log Spawned Enemy Group Info": As with all the "log" items in the debug menu, does nothing.
  • "Toggle Disable AI Proper": Disables AI with message boxes telling you that it has done so.
  • "Show Current Event ID": Does something but I was only get it to appear when EventScriptScene Auto Play was turned on. Testing required.
  • "Restart Ecology": Also nothing.
  • "EventScriptScene Auto Play On/Off": Runs through every single event script in the game, regardless of if you're in the right area or not, even cut ones presumably. Some of them will put "(DBG) NoText" or something similar into the subtitles text channel.
  • "Toggle Message ID Display": Possibly does nothing, will have to test more.
  • "Battle Area Display On/Off": Displays red wireframe blockouts of areas where random battles can take place.
  • "Battle Teritory Disp On/Off": Very similar to the above option, except the wireframes are yellow. Hmm. Testing required.
  • "Reveal all map icon": Does what it says on the tin. Reveals every single map icon that can appear in the game.
  • "FP Camera Mode When Noctis Control (test)": A testing version for the first person camera included in Royal and Windows editions. However if you look far down enough you can see Noctis's model, so it wasn't quite perfect at that point.
  • "Allow Summon On Battle On/Off": Presumably has something to do with summoning summons during battle. Seemingly does nothing, must test.
  • "Death Ring Attack X100 On/Off": Makes the "Death Ring" or the Ring of the Lucii absolutely OP. It takes seconds to kill even the final bosses with that where it wouldn't even effect them normally. Normal mobs go down in basically one frame. Mental. Has one hilarious side effect. With some enemies, the closer they are to being killed with the Ring, the thinner they become. Pictured on the right.
  • "Umbra(Draw Culling) On/Off": Does seemingly nothing. Presumably would have something to do with culling.
  • "AutoSnapshot On/Off": Does seemingly nothing. Probably controls the snaps from Prompto shown at rest and taken throughout the game.
  • "XB1 HeroStats *stat* Push": A whole boatload of items that presumably would update the Achievement Statistics on Xbox One, won't work here on PC for very obvious reasons. Might have worked on the Windows 10 Store version of the game however, in combination with the Xbox App.
  • "Fake Snapshot Test": No idea what this does. Seemingly nothing.
  • "Round trip driving automatically": Absolutely no idea. Seemingly nothing. Needs testing.
  • "30FPS Limit On/Off (Light Mode Only)": A setting exclusive for the PS4 Pro. Would've probably set a 30FPS lock when in Light mode.
  • "Toggle Showing Skill Points": Similar to "Phantom Gauge points", displays each characters individual skills... but only when in combat? How is fishing going to help Noct fight? Very strange.
  • "Control Skill Exp (*party member*)": Does seemingly nothing at all.
  • "Create All Fishing Records": Creates a record for every single catchable fish in the game. Handy! Doesn't give you an achievement though.
  • "Debug Invincible Suits *thing* On/Off": Some of them do nothing. One of them at least shows a debug prompt in the top left when in combat with all of the characters suits showing 0. Unknown what it means, testing required.
  • "Debug Equipment Mode On/Off": Does seemingly nothing, testing required.
  • "Prepare Gentiana for snapshot)": Presumably tells Gentiana to get her cold butt ready to photobomb the next picture Prompto takes. Unknown if it actually works. In the early days of FFXV, a bug happened where Gentiana was visible and blipping in and out of existence, but nothing like that happens with this debug option.
  • "Timed Quests Debug Info On/Off": Unknown if this actually works. Need to test.
  • "Timed Quests Comm Restriction On/Off": Don't know if this does anything of worth since I don't remember Timed Quests ever having "comms". Testing needed.
  • "Add Remodel Sword and Large Sword and Spear": Adds a metric fuckton of Engine Blades and basically any weapon you can get Cid to upgrade for you. And I mean a LOAD of them.
  • "Add Remodel Dagger and Gun and Shield": Ditto but for those other weapon categories.
  • "Add Machine 1": Ditto but for SOME of the machine weapons.
  • "Add Machine 2": Here's the other machine weapons. Y'know Square, if you didn't fill the entire inventory with needless copies of the same weapon you wouldn't need two of the same command!
  • "Pinch rescue debug info On/Off": Doesn't do a thing.
  • "Break Magic Bottle.": Nothing. Not even a little "Mazel Tov!"
  • "Create Dummy Score for Ranking (XB1)": Presumably does what it says on the tin. More than likely does nothing, even *on* the Xbox One.
  • "Clear questionnaire answer": Not too sure what this does. Possibly clears the answer the player gave in the survey held back in 2017 for what future DLC people would want. This was presumably to test that internally.
  • "Encyclopedia Kill Num Log On/Off": Seemingly does nothing. Testing needed.
  • "Rush Link 100% Debug On/Off": Ditto.
  • "Rush Link No Timeout Debug On/Off": Diiiiiitto.
  • "Destruct Parts": This entire article is gonna turn into a ditto in a minute, I swear.
  • "Rush Link No Timeout Debug On/Off": Hey guess what... ditto.
  • "JET FPS show On/Off": Finally. Turns on the FPS counter the PC version uses.
  • "JET Config show On/Off": Shows basically what your graphics are, including what NVidia exclusive stuff you've got turned on or off.
  • "Output JET FPS file On/Off": Starts recording your FPS similar to a Fraps benchmark, then saves it at your install directory in the Log folder. Neat!
  • "16:9 Mode at event On/Off": Seemingly nothing, may come into effect if you run the game in a resolution that isn't 16:9.
  • "Toggle Enable Show Guest Avatar Equip Menu On/Off": No idea if this does anything. If it does, probably has something to do with your Comrades avatar showing up at the final dungeon.
  • "Show Battle Mode Update Log": Nothing it seems.
  • "Set range to wait at NowLoading : (*default/near/infinite*)": Those are three separate options. Presumably they control how long the game waits to time out during a load. Testing needed.
  • "Enable All AddContents": Does seemingly nothing. Testing needed.
  • "Toggle MOD Info": Prints to the top left of the screen "PRODUCT jet(o) jet_demo(x) jet_trial(x). ApplicationVersion:Product. ModItem:enabled". Product meaning production? Jet meaning FFXVPC? Or FFXV as a whole is called Jet internally? So many questions, and none will get answered.

And that's finally it for QA Test!


Yep, there's two of them. None of the items do nothing but here's a list of what it contains. "Opening (cl_sd810_01cs)", "Car Repair (cl_sd020_01cs)": "Cindy Repairing (cl_sd810_01cs)", "Departure (cl_sd040_01cs)", "Ending (duscae-ending.bik")" presumably would've been used to test Episode Duscae's ending, "Title Movie" which in Japanese text has "FF-duscae-title.bik" in that entry, "Check Connection: Departure-Ending", "Dungeon: Ramuh/Morning" and "Dungeon Ramuh/Night". Well, that was quick!


And this is going to be less quick... Well here we go!

To do:
Changing the text to Japanese alleviates a TON of the mystery... if you speak Japanese, which I don't. A person fluent in Japanese would need to document what all of the options say, since the localization team got real lazy with a lot of this debug menu.
  • "World Quest Debug": Opens a sub-menu with a whole bunch of stuff.
  • >"quest for Hattori": Opens another sub-menu.
  • >>"UI test questrewardcheck": Opens a blank sub-menu where clicking any of the options will send you to Lestallum's parking lot if you're in Chapter 3 (where I did a lot of testing). I tried it in the World of Ruin in Chapter 14, same thing except it sends you to the void where Lestallum SHOULD be. Why only Lestallum?

(Afternote: In Japanese these actually have names, the second in the list is called "Cindy_Quest" which leads to a whole sub-menu with stuff related to Cindy, which a lot don't work but hey! The text is there!)

  • >"quest for 9000": Opens a sub-menu with "9000quest_start", which teleports you to a parking spot south of the Cauthess Disc, and gives you one potion. These are getting weird.
  • >"get 1000 gil": Gives you a thousand Gil.
  • >"type_d event": Does nothing, presumably would've activated the quest to go make the Monster Truck Regalia.
  • >"kurihara debug": Opens a sub-menu with "sleep zu:wait mode on off switch", allowing you to turn off or on the wait mode for the Zu. Does nothing seemingly. Testing required.
  • >"MogChocoCarnival": Various things to do with the Moogle-Chocobo Carnival event in the game. Including teleporting you to areas in Altissia and giving you quests.
  • >"quest for Nishi": Opens blank sub-menus which lead to more blank sub-menus. Clicking the top option for all 3 drops you off outside Hammerhead with the Regalia. Clicking all of the second options stops you at the second menu, gives you the side-quest "A Meat Most Magnificent" and adds a Catoblepas Brisket to your inventory. Only the quest doesn't show in the quests menu, making it unbeatable. May have been due to the fact I was testing this on Chapter 3. Anyway, selecting 1 then 3 gives you a bunch of weapons in your inventory. Selecting 4 then 4 finished the quest "Friends of a Feather", gives you the Chocobo Whistle and then begins "Saviour of the Species".
  • >"Cruiser Quest": Opens a sub-menu.
  • >>"Bismalk Quest": Presumably Bismark Quest, opens a sub-menu with "Bismalk Quest" and "Syasin Quest", clicking Bismark will teleport you to where Altissia is supposed to be, with the boat above you and a "Dummy LOD1" object to the left as shown on the right. Getting near that object or going high enough in general will load Altissia around you piece by piece. Selecting "Syasin Quest" does the same thing except you spawn higher up than Bismark.
  • >>"Syasin Quest": Does nothing.
  • >>"Photo Interaction ON": Does nothing. And that's it for World Quest Debug!
  • "Senario Quest Debug": Yep... spelled Senario. Opens a blank message box in English. Japanese shows the same but closes faster for some reason. Trying to click "Senario" quest debug again does nothing. Presumably it toggles something? Testing required.
  • "(Toggle) Activate Quest": Does nothing.
  • "Force to Progress": Does nothing... I sense a pattern emerging.
  • "(Toggle) Complete Quest": I was right. Does nothing.
  • "(Toggle) Accept All": Sorry nothing. And that's it!

The next in the list is "Debug Commands #2" but since it's entirely the same as QA Debug I'm going to save you the scrolling.

  • "Danger 1min": Puts whoever you select down to zero HP and in the "Danger" state. If out of combat it will just put you to a low HP.
  • "KO": Automatically kills whoever you pick. Except for Ignis for some reason, he just gets shoved down to zero HP and then immediately gains the effect of using a potion. Can't kill the chef I guess.
  • "Immortal": Turns whoever you pick into Cor. Actually it just makes it so they don't take damage, but they do still suffer the effects of knockback.
  • "Character Information": Opens a sub-menu with "PC status" and "Target status", both do seemingly nothing.
  • "Strength 9999": Gives whoever you choose 9999 strength, but doesn't list it in the Gear menu. Interestingly, "Avatar" is listed as one of the selectable characters. Remnant of Comrades debugging perhaps?
  • "Update GS General Car": Another seemingly useless item.
  • "Phantom Sword Get": Opens a menu asking you to pick "All(x13)", "Required for Stories", "First Half (x6)", "Second Half (x7)" or any one of them individually. Even snags you the achievement too!
  • "MultiPlayer", "EncountBattleDebug", "YorimichiQuestDebug", "Destruction Test" and "tuto_battle_all_end" all do nothing.
  • "HP reduced to zero": Allows you to kill anyone of your choosing like an earlier option.
  • "Atr Selector": Asks you to select from "Part0" to "Part4" but does nothing apart from do a fade.
  • "Move away buddy": Asks you to pick a party member, turns them into a Smartphone and flings them 100 world units in the sky above Noctis. I'm not joking. Picture on the right.
  • "Dungeon Clear": Opens a sub-menu containing "DungeonBossClear", clicking it gives you the "Menace Beneath Lucis" quest, regardless of dungeon completion.
  • "Character Status": Opens a sub-menu containing;
  • >"HP/MP Auto Recovery": Allows you to toggle HP auto recovery for all of the party, including guests, as well as MP auto recovery for Noctis.
  • >"Set HP/MaxHP/MP/MaxMP": Opens a menu similar to the previous one, but a lot of the options seem to do nothing.
  • >"SkillLevel": Allows you to easily max out everyone's skills, Noctis' fishing, Ignis' cooking, Gladio's... Gladioness, you get the idea. No achievements for it however.
  • >"Buddy Action": Opens a menu with "16809152", "16809153" and "16716101", as well as non-functioning next and previous page buttons. The numbers are the internal IDs for Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis, not in that order. Opening either of them allows you to "Disbale Debug Command". Yep, disbale. It does nothing though.
  • >"Enemy Action": An initially empty menu, but by clicking next page twice you get a very similar menu to the above, but with different IDs, and they all do nothing.
  • "Ignis Libra Elementia": Gives Ignis his Libra Elementia technique from Chapter 10.
  • "Fether DebugMenu": Does nothing.
  • "Debug Adaman Attack": Presumably would've debugged the Adamantoise fight, but does nothing. May do something if you're not in Chapter 3 like I was for most of the testing.
  • "Debug Adaman State": Ditto.
  • "Change Player": Opens a sub-menu where you could change into Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis or... Luna. Notice how I said "Could", because you can't. None of them work.
  • "Setting for Player Change": Opens a sub-menu with "Player Change Ability On/Off", "Toggle Reload Time Zero", "DLC Clear Skill On/ Off", "Special Motion 100% On/Off", "Enable NonBattle PlayerChange On/Off", "Reset Tutorial Finished Flags", and "Output CanChangePlayer Log For Battle End", all of which do nothing.
  • "Take Snapshot": Takes a picture which shows up when you look through Prompto's pictures at the end of the day.
  • "Encyclopedia Debug": Opens a sub-menu for debugging the Encyclopedia. A lot of the options do nothing, and one of the options is just a copy of the earlier option.
  • "Timed Quests": Opens a sub-menu with a ton of debug options relating to the Timed Quests.


Extensive efforts have been made to disassemble the retail executable (from build revision 1182906) in order to fully understand and document the game's animation system. This has resulted in some notable findings:

  • The animation system supports additional data quantization modes that were not actually used in the game's data. This includes 10-byte and 32-byte modes. Unpacking routines for those two modes can be found in the executable at 0x1483572E0 and 0x148356CF0, among others pointed to by the function table at 0x1483125B0.
  • The game utilizes a mechanism for caching the tightly-packed data in its animation clips, by expanding this data into full tables and caching it into a global list every time a clip is played. This pattern is somewhat unusual, as the packed data remains in memory at all times in addition to the expanded data. When running in a debugger, the presence of a critical section when inserting newly-cached entries into the global list can be seen to cause significant contention amongst job threads in especially busy scenes.

It's notable that the game could indeed leverage its existing animation system in order to provide additional precision in cinematic and facial animations, but does not appear to do so. It's possible that these other quantization modes were never exposed to content creators, or the lower precision mode was chosen to be broadly adequate for all of the intended use cases.

Regional Differences

The Chinese version of the game has Shiva wearing a skin-tight shiny outfit under her dress and more colorful skin to avoid running afoul of Chinese regulations on media.

Unused Textures

Early Maps

Maps are organized in tiles, as the game uses a tile based heightmap system, so if an early map has matching tiles they will be combined for easier viewing.

Lestallum Area

Lestallum Early Map 1.png

menu\map_resource\luchil\feather\ includes 4 tiles that have a detailed aerial image of Lestallum for map purposes.