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Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

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Title Screen

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

Also known as: Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted - Full Time Edition
Developers: Steel Wool Studios, Scott Cawthon
Publisher: ScottGames
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest 2, Xbox One, PlayStation 5
Released internationally: May 28, 2019 (Windows/PS4), May 21, 2020 (Switch), July 16, 2020 (Quest 2), October 30, 2020 (XB1), November 21, 2023 (PS5)

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To do:
  • There is a lot more unused content, especially in the DLC and later revisions of the game.
  • More unused models, mostly of props.
  • More unused animations.

Welcome to your brand new beta-testing gig, which combines the FNAF games you know and love into a easy to digest Virtual Reality experience.

A Flat Screen version was released on December 17th, 2019 for those without a VR headset or just can't handle VR. A Nintendo Switch version was also released on May 21st, 2020, a Meta Quest version was released 2 months later on July 16th, 2020, versions for iOS and Android(!) were released on October 27th, 2020 (albeit with quite a bit of the game cut), an Xbox One version was released on October 30th, 2020 and to top it all off, a Remaster for the PlayStation 5 titled the Full Time Edition was released on November 21st, 2023.

This page will focus on the version released for Windows, and comparing it to the previously mentioned Full Time Edition.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
FNaF VR HW Toy Proxy.png
Unused Models
Toy Proxy is someone's favorite FNaF character.
FNAFHW UnusedGraphicsIcon.png
Unused Graphics
FNAFVRHW foxyicon1.png
Revisional Differences
Quite a few fan-made assets snuck their way into the final game.

Unused Animations

To do:
There are more unused animations, including animations for the unused ToyProxy model.

Please note that due to technical restraints, certain gifs won't play on this page. If you want to view the animations, please view them on a separate page via opening them on a separate page.

Glitchtrap Jumpscare (Springtrap_Jumpscare_01)


A jumpscare animation for the scrapped Glitchtrap animatronic.

Everything_Animations Foxy Run Cycle (Foxy_Run_01)

Located in 'freddys/Content/ProductionAssets/Character_Assets/Foxy/Animations', this run cycle was supposed to be used by a fan-made model of Foxy that was created by Everything_Animations in 2015. It seems like the model was used very early on in development, likely as a placeholder. The animation itself is a bit of an oddball compared to the rest of the animations here as the skeleton it uses, which is also unused and is named 'FoxyRig_RB_Skeleton', normally doesn't have a model to go with since the Foxy model itself wasn't left in the files.

This animation is actually where Foxy's pose in the original FNaF 2 Night 2 icon comes from!

FNAFHW EAFoxyRun.gif

Jumpscare_WS Animations

Freddy Bonnie Chica Foxy Balloon Boy
FreddyJumpscareWS.gif BonnieJumpscareWS.gif ChicaJumpscareWS.gif FoxyJumpscareWS.gif FNAFVRHW BBJump2VR.gif

There are animations of the Withered animatronics and Balloon Boy leaping forward before abruptly freezing mid-air, the names of which are all suffixed with JumpScare_WS. These were intended to be used in Curse of Dreadbear's Trick or Treat level, and all of them begin with the animatronics standing in the same spot they stand in during their Idle_Door animations.

Withered Bonnie and Withered Chica Hallway Crawl Animations

Open Idle Close
WitheredBonnieOpen.gif WitheredChicaOpen.gif WitheredBonnieDoorIdle.gif WitheredChicaDoorIdle.gif WitheredBonnieClose.gif WitheredChicaClose.gif

In the files for the animations used in Curse of Dreadbear's Hallway Crawl minigame there are animations for Withered Bonnie and Withered Chica opening and closing doors, alongside idle animations for both of them.

Unused Code

Withered Animatronics in the Hallway

WitheredBonnie_DoorClosed WitheredBonnie_DoorOpen WitheredChica_DoorClosed WitheredChica_DoorOpen

According to some unused code, it appears that the Withered Animatronics were planned to appear in the Hallway levels found in Curse of Dreadbear.

Unused AI Parameters

There are unused AI parameters for FNAF 1, 2, and 3 which describe highly-aggressive AI for certain animatronics on Nights that are not normally possible to play. FNAF 1 has AI settings for a Night 7 for all characters, FNAF 2 has AI settings for Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica matching the FNAF 1 levels on a Night 9 (Nights 6, 7, and 8 are the different Withered Night difficulties), and FNAF 3 has Springtrap AI settings for a Night 6.

PAX Demo Leftovers

Although the maps themselves aren't in the game, the file names for the PAX demo's title screen and thanks for playing maps can be found in the BP_FNAF_GameInstance blueprint.

"DemoMainMenuLevel": "Demo_Level_Title",
"ThanksForPlayingLevel": "Level_ThanksForPlaying",

The blueprint also seems to have the ability to check if the game is in "Demo Mode" or not.

"Type": "BoolProperty",
"Name": "CallFunc_IsInDemoMode_ReturnValue",
"Outer": "ExecuteUbergraph_BP_FNAF_GameInstance",
"Class": "UScriptClass'BoolProperty'",
"BoolSize": 1,
"bIsNativeBool": true

Unused Map References

Some of the game's .umap files contain even more references to maps that aren't in the files, such as whitebox maps and a model lineup map for Night Terrors.

"URL": {
"Protocol": "unreal",
"Host": "",
"Port": 7777,
"Valid": true,
"Map": "/Game/FlashLight_Game_WhiteBox/Flashlight_Game_Ver_1",
"Op": [],
"Portal": ""

"URL": {
"Protocol": "unreal",
"Host": "",
"Port": 7777,
"Valid": true,
"Map": "/Game/Migrate/Saul_Migrate/Office_4/Model_LineUp",
"Op": [],
"Portal": ""

"URL": {
"Protocol": "unreal",
"Host": "",
"Port": 7777,
"Valid": true,
"Map": "/Game/Scenes/ClassicGameModeLayout",
"Op": [],
"Portal": ""

"URL": {
"Protocol": "unreal",
"Host": "",
"Port": 7777,
"Valid": true,
"Map": "/Game/Scenes/Level_Title_For_Whitebox",
"Op": [],
"Portal": ""

"URL": {
"Protocol": "unreal",
"Host": "",
"Port": 1000,
"Valid": true,
"Map": "GearStart",
"Op": [],
"Portal": ""

Below is a table which lists the .umap files that contain these references.

Unused Maps Referenced By
ClassicGameModeLayout H_GameOver_Level.umap, H_Six_Feet_Under_Test.umap, H_SplashScreen_Full.umap, Level_GameOver.umap, Level_Title.umap, Level_Title_FLAT.umap, Level_WinterTeaser.umap
Flashlight_Game_Ver_1 Vent_Game_Ennard_2.umap, Vent_Game_Mangle_1.umap
GearStart Flashlight_Game_Halloween.umap, Flashlight_Game_Ver_1_Bigger.umap, Flashlight_Game_Ver_2.umap
Level_Title_For_Whitebox Cassete_DarkRoom.umap, CaveatLevel.umap, H_CaveatLevel.umap, H_VictoryLevel.umap, Level_Victory.umap
Model_LineUp Glitchtrap_Menu_Ending.umap, MainMenuWithShowtime.umap

It is worth noting that these have been in the files since launch and they can even be found in prototypes, so the presence of them in the Curse of Dreadbear, flat mode and WinterTeaser maps are just the result of those maps being edits of pre-existing maps.

Coins Unlocking Levels

In the final game, each level category starts with only one level unlocked and other levels are unlocked by simply beating them. However, there is some code which reveals that levels would've originally been unlocked by collecting coins instead.

LevelInfoStruct contains a line of code that's supposed to dictate how much coins the player would need to unlock a level, which is set to 0 by default.

"RequiredCoins_10_CF93A3714980D859B4FF9487B71CAC20": 0,

This piece of code is also used in LevelInfoTable, which actually has coin requirements set for most of the levels.

Category Level Coins Required
Dark Rooms Fun with Plushtrap 1
Parts and Service Repair Chica 1
FNaF 1 Night 2 3
Parts and Service Repair Bonnie 3
Dark Rooms Funtime Foxy 5
Dark Rooms Fun with Balloon Boy 7
FNaF 2 Night 1 10
FNaF 2 Night 2 10
FNaF 2 Night 3 10
FNaF 2 Night 4 10
FNaF 2 Night 5 10
Parts and Service Repair Freddy 15
Vent Repair Vent Repair Mangle 15
FNaF 3 Night 1 20
FNaF 3 Night 2 20
FNaF 3 Night 3 20
FNaF 3 Night 4 20
FNaF 3 Night 5 20
Dark Rooms Fun with Plushbaby 20
Parts and Service Repair Foxy 23
Vent Repair Vent Repair Ennard 23
Night Terrors Nightmare Fredbear 25
Night Terrors Circus Baby 30
Night Terrors Nightmarionne 35
Night Terrors Funtime Freddy 40
Night Terrors Pizza Party 45

For whatever reason, Night 2 is the only FNaF 1 level with a requirement set, and the nightmare mode versions of the Dark Rooms, Parts and Service and Vent Repair levels also don't have any set.

These leftovers reveal that the order the levels are unlocked in was originally very different, with the biggest difference being that the order of the first four Night Terrors levels was reversed. These also confirm that there was originally 45 coins to collect instead of 30.

Unused Text

Early Level Descriptions

All of the base-game levels include descriptions that go unused in the final game in favor of shorter, broken-up instructions.

Fun with Plushtrap


Press right thumb pad to use flashlight 
Use flashlight to stop Plushtrap
on the “X” to survive.

Pull trigger to continue

Fun with Balloon Boy


Press right thumb pad to use flashlight
Use flashlight to stop Balloon Boy 
on the “X” to survive. 

Pull trigger to continue

Fun with Plushbaby


Press right thumb pad to use flashlight
Do not leave Babytrap in the dark too
Long or she will attack
Use flashlight to stop Babytrap 
on the “X” to survive. 

Pull trigger to continue

This description for Fun with Plushbaby describes an earlier version of the level that much more resembled Fun with Plustrap/BB, along with an early name for Plushbaby, Babytrap.

Funtime Foxy

Touch forward on the thumpad to move
in the direction you are looking
Press forward on the thumbpad to run
Pull trigger to continue

Interestingly, Funtime Foxy's Dark Rooms level is listed as a Vent Repair level, despite the description clearly describing the final's Funtime Auditorium. This is not the case for the Nightmare mode variant, so this was likely a mistake.

FNaF 1

Interact with buttons to operate doors, 
hall lights and switch cameras.
Do not run out of power...

Pull trigger to continue

FNAF 1 Night 1 uses this string, while all other nights use...

Interact with buttons to operate doors, 
hall lights and switch cameras.
Do not run out of power...

Pull trigger to continue

This doesn't happen for any other office segments, so it is unknown why this happens.

FNaF 2

Interact with buttons to operate 
lights and switch cameras.
Hold trigger to grab Mask 
and let go to attach to face. 
Pull trigger to continue

FNaF 3

Interact with buttons to switch cameras.
Pull trigger to continue

Parts & Service

Hold trigger to grab objects. 
Release to drop them.

Pull trigger to continue

Each Parts & Service level has their own string with the respective character's name, however the Nightmare levels all use Bonnie's description.

Vent Repair

Interact with buttons, switches and levers to restart power.

Pull trigger to continue

Ennard's description is identical, but with his name instead of Mangle's.

Night Terrors

Press thumbpad to toggle flashlight. 
Point at and Pull trigger to move to doors, closet, bed.
Hold trigger to grab doors. 
Use flashlight to drive away dolls from bed.  
Pull trigger to continue

This description mentions dolls on the bed, which don't exist in the final game. This is likely referring to the Freddles, potentially inferring that the original Night Terrors was a full-on FNAF 4 remake. All Night Terrors levels share this description except...

Circus Baby

Close the closet door to hide from Circus Baby when she is looking. 
Make sure you do not leave the dolls in the dark for too long.
Pull trigger to continue

DLC Levels

The DLC levels have null strings for these early descriptions, with the exception of the Withered Night, which shares the standard FNAF 2 descriptions.

Activate Glitchtrap

Activate Glitchtrap

Something to do with Glitchtrap, though what exactly it is is unknown.

Debug Mode Leftover

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Can this debug mode be activated, or do leftovers of it at least exist?
Welcome to Saul's Debug Mode

Probably the most interesting test string, mentioning a debug mode of some kind. It also mentions a person named Saul, likely referring to Saul Aguilar, a game designer and technical artist for Steel Wool Studios.[1]


An unused event was planned to occur in the main menu of the game. By pressing a button behind the monitor, Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica would begin dancing and singing, using an otherwise unused original song. Although the button itself was kept in the game, it does nothing.

According to the series creator, Scott Cawthon, he could not find the right voice for Freddy Fazbear, and as such, the feature was removed from the game, and the button labelled "Showtime" in the Main Hub remains unused. Despite this, the music is somewhat used as a leitmotif during the Pizza Party minigame.

(Source: IULITM, Red Stick, BenTheHybrid, and DestinyIsChoice123)

Development / Out of Bounds Text

Vent Repair Mangle

FNAFVRHW VentRepairDevNote.png

In the Mangle Vent Repair section, a Whitebox introductory note left by a developer can be found out of bounds. It states that another vent placed on the ceiling was originally planned, but seems to have been removed.

      #3 - VENT REPAIR (Whitebox)
       1st Pass Exploration
- No gameplay, win or fail states
- Set, Sound, Interactivity
- Use hands to flip levers, etc
- MANGLE - Model posed in ceiling vent
- Activate ceiling button to view Mangle

Additionally, two buttons can be seen below.

Go To Prev Level
Go To Next Level

These buttons are interactable. Pressing "Go To Prev Level" sends you to Fun With PlushBaby. However, pressing "Go To Next Level" sends you back to the title screen. This is because the game is actually trying to take you to a level named WalkShowcase, but since it doesn't exist in the files the game instead takes you to the title screen, since it's the game's default level. It's unknown what WalkShowcase is, or what it contained.

Fun with Plushbaby

Similar Whitebox text can also be found in the Fun with Plushbaby Minigame, referring to the minigame as just Prize Counter.

     #2 - Prize Counter (Whitebox)
               1st Pass Exploration
  - Press Trackpad on Right Vive Controller to toggle Flashlight
        - Flashlight loses power when n
        - Turn off to recharge flashlight
     - Flash the doll with the light before it attacks
        - Left Vive Menu button - Reset 

There are also the same "Go To Prev Level" and "Go To Next Level" buttons as Vent Repair Mangle, and while they can't be clicked in flat mode because of the player blueprint, viewing the level in an external program like FModel reveals that "Go To Prev Level" is supposed to take you to Fun with Plushtrap, while "Go To Next Level" is supposed to take you to another nonexistent level named Vent_Level. This text can also be found in Curse of Dreadbear's Plushkin Patch level with the same previous and next levels set, but its presence is likely just an oversight since Plushkin Patch (unsurprisingly) uses Fun with Plushbaby as a base.

Pizza Party

Placeholder Text

The Puppet's room contains placeholder versions of the messages on the signs and banners that are normally hidden. While some of these stayed the same when they were finalized, "Don't go here" ended up becoming "NOT THIS WAY", "Not this door" was replaced by "HE'S COMING" and "Celebrate!" lost its exclamation mark. The final versions are also all written in all caps and are decals instead of Text Render Actors.

FNAFHW FinalePuppet PlaceholderText.png

Unseen Decals

The Puppet's room and the Kitchen also contain some decals that go unseen in-game because there's normally nothing behind them that they can be displayed on.

Game Over Screen

The phrase "YOU ARE DEAD" can be found beneath the game over screen. Interestingly, the game's ESRB page actually mentions this text.

FNAFHW YouAreDead.png

Unused Areas


FNAFVRHW TheVoid.png

A map named EngineeringTest. Seems to just be a void with a cube. You can look around and thats it.


FNAFVRHW IconLighting.png FNAFHW IconLighting UnhiddenGalleryModels.png

This is a map that contains copies of the main four nightmares as well as some props. As the name suggests, this is where the Gallery icons for the DLC characters and the level select icon for Danger! Keep Out! Night 1 came from. While Nightmare Freddy and Nightmare Foxy use their Gallery models and are completely static as a result, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica play their DoorOpen animations from Hallway Crawl on loop, as their poses from the first frame of those animations are used in their Gallery icons instead of the models that are used when viewing them in-game. Interestingly though, their Gallery models are actually in this map, but are hidden by default. When unhidden, Nightmare Chica notably stands in front of all of the other animatronics while looking back at them, unlike Nightmare Bonnie who stands in the same spot as his animated counterpart. It's unclear why this map remains in the files.

Flashlight Freeze (Multiplayer Mode)

There are several files placed in a folder called "MultiPlayer". The folder contain files named "CharacterInfo", "CharacterInfoTable", "MPGameMode", and so on. We do know a Multiplayer Mode was scrapped, but substantial work was done on it, including a map, menus, and more.


MultiPlayer, CharacterInfo, CharacterInfoTable, MPGameMode, MPAIBB, MPAIBT

The ChararacterInfo and CharacterInfoTable files are used for the join game screen, and contain entries for Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. The table has three variables. Name, Icon, and Pawn Class, however the Icon variable is empty in all 4 entries.

The MPAIBB and MPAIBT files are what are known as Blackboards and Behaviour Trees, which are files in Unreal Engine used for coding character AIs. If you open the Behaviour Tree in Unreal Engine, you can read the code and get a proper understanding of how the mode would have worked. If you were to flash your light on an animatronic, they would freeze in place and then wait for 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds is up, there would be a random chance for the animatronic to either start moving towards the player again, or to wait another 5 seconds. There was no way to send an animatronic back, and all you could do was delay them.


This may have meant there was a singleplayer version of Flashlight Freeze being developed at some point, however it may also have just been used for animatronics not being controlled by a player.

If you were to load MPGameMode into the game, you would be able to see how the UI looked. The two cones were used to represent the player's vision, and the player's flashlight. The animationic's locations were represented by small squares containing their diffuse textures. Some of the code here was partially functional, however the animatronics could only slide around while controlled by a thumbstick, and none of the freezing code would run.



FNAFVRHW FreezeMap.png

Endo_SM Material Slot Names

The material slots belonging to the model of Endo 01 that's used in the Gallery reveal some interesting facts about the model. Not only did its fingers at one point use the "Char_Mat_Spring_Bonnie_Endo" material, a material for the scrapped Spring Bonnie model that was removed from the game after the Oculus "1 2" prototype build, but all of the slot names except the one for its head refer to the model as "Ghetto_Endo_Rig_V2", a name which doesn't appear anywhere else in the files. In both the final game and the Oculus "1 2" build, the model's fingers have no proper material assigned to them.

Materials Slot Names
Char_Mat_Endo Ghetto_Endo_Rig_V2:blinn3
Char_Mat_Endo Ghetto_Endo_Rig_V2:blinn4
Char_Mat_Endo Ghetto_Endo_Rig_V2:lambert4
Char_Mat_Mangle_Body Ghetto_Endo_Rig_V2:lambert3
Char_Mat_Bonnie_Repair_Head lambert1
WorldGridMaterial Ghetto_Endo_Rig_V2:Char_Mat_Spring_Bonnie_Endo


Prize Corner Icons

A handful of the icons for the prizes you unlock at the end of a level contain differences compared to how the prizes actually look in-game.

  • The icon for the Toy Freddy plush uses a plush of Freddy Fazbear instead of a Toy Freddy plush.
  • Similarly, the icon for the Bonnie Plush uses a T-posing Toy Bonnie plush instead of the posed Bonnie plush that's used in-game, which is especially weird since there is a separate Toy Bonnie Plush prize.
  • The UV mapping on the Toy Freddy Action Figure's microphone is noticeably broken. While this is consistent with how Toy Freddy's microphone looks in the FNaF 2 levels, the action figure itself has this error corrected in-game.
  • The Nightmare Fredbear Action Figure is colored brown instead of yellow, making him look more like Freddy Fazbear. The figure itself, though, still keeps the yellow colorscheme. This is most likely an oversight from when Nightmare Fredbear was originally colored brown for some reason, as seen in some prerelease material. The icon also uses an earlier, much simpler pose.