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GoldenEye 007 (Xbox 360)

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Title Screen

GoldenEye 007

Also known as: Project Bean
Developer: Rare
Platform: Xbox 360

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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This game was stuffed away in a cardboard box and found 30 years later in a garage
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
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The classic Nintendo 64 game was slated to receive an HD remaster in 2007. It reached a beta stage, mostly complete barring bugfixes and polish, before issues with at least one of the other stakeholders in the original game (Bond rights holders Danjaq, MGM, and EON? Original publisher Nintendo? The actual MI6? It changes with every telling of the story...) resulted in the project's silent cancellation. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered on PartnerNet, the internal development/test version of Xbox Live, and its existence was made known to a world that would never be allowed to play it.

...until February 2021, when a build of the game was leaked online by a group calling themselves Fyodorovna, after Natalya Simonova's middle name.

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Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Changes and Differences from the Nintendo 64 version
They've made a few.

Debug Menu

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The patch can no longer be found on the provided link, search somewhere else to find this patch, or maybe post it here
GEXBLA Debug.png

As suggested by the scene .nfo file included with the prototype's release, a debug menu can be enabled by setting 0x82189F2B to 00. A patch file for the Xenia emulator to use can be found here - just set the Debug Menu patch's "is_enabled" property to "true" using a text editor.

Upon being enabled, pressing LB will toggle the debug menu, which you'll immediately notice looks very different from the one in the original N64 game. While enabled, the game is frozen. Use the left stick to select entries, A to select or toggle, and B to go back.


Handles unlocking stuff. Naturally.

  • Unlock All Levels - Unlocks all levels on all skill settings, and saves the game to ensure they stay unlocked.
  • Unlock One Level
  • Unlock All Cheats - Does exactly that, but only seems to save Big Head Mode, Magnum, Laser, and Golden Gun to the save file. Odd.
  • Unlock Paintball Mode
  • Unlock Invincible
  • Unlock DK Mode - Judging by the debug toggle, would have been renamed "Big Head Mode" to remove the Nintendo reference from an Xbox-exclusive rerelease.
  • Unlock 2x Grenade Launchers
  • Unlock 2x Rocket Launchers
  • Unlock Turbo Mode
  • Unlock No Radar
  • Unlock Tiny Bond
  • Unlock 2x Throwing Knife
  • Unlock Fast Animation
  • Unlock Bond Invisible
  • Unlock Enemy Rockets
  • Unlock Slow Animation
  • Unlock Silver PP7
  • Unlock 2x Hunting Knife
  • Unlock Infinite Ammo
  • Unlock 2x RCP90
  • Unlock Gold PP7
  • Unlock 2x Laser
  • Unlock All Guns


Enables specific cheats mid-game, replacing the button codes from the N64 original. Some cheats are only in this menu.

  • All Weapons - Activates the All Guns cheat.
  • Big Heads - Activates DK/Big Head Mode.
  • Fresco Mode - Activates an odd oil-painting shader effect over the HD graphics display.
  • Infinite Ammo - Toggles the Infinite Ammo cheat.
  • Invisible - Toggles the Bond Invisible cheat.
  • Invulnerable - Toggles the Invincibility cheat.
  • Invulnerable Chars - Toggles all AI characters becoming invulnerable to conventional weaponry. When on, they'll flinch and play pain animations, but won't die. (Explosions will still take 'em out, though.)
  • No Radar - Toggles the No Radar cheat.
  • Slow Motion - Applies some form of untogglable version of the Slow Animations cheat.
  • Stick Insects - Horribly distorts the necks and limbs of characters, so as to loosely resemble stick insects.
  • Tiny Bond - Toggles the Tiny Bond cheat.
  • Turbo Mode - Toggles the Fast Mode cheat.
  • Vaseline-o-vision - Toggles applying the N64 graphics display's blur filter to the HD graphics display.
  • Next Level - Immediately loads the next mission upon closing the debug menu.
  • Prev Level - Immediately loads the previous mission upon closing the debug menu.
  • Trial Version - Restricts single-player levels to Dam and Facility, and multiplayer maps to Temple and Complex. Multiplayer is also locked to Normal scenario, 10 Minutes, Automatic weapons, no health changes (handicaps), and additional match options are all off except for unequal character heights which is forced on. Only the first four characters can be selected as well.
  • Move View - Toggles the N64 version's "move view" debug option, except you can now change your camera height with X and Y. Tends to be very buggy and unstable (for example, switching back doesn't restore your first-person arms, resulting in a crash when trying to pause).

Net Stats

Does nothing in single-player. Needs checking in system link.

Net Connection

Does nothing in single-player. Needs checking in system link.

Net Print Packets

Does nothing in single-player. Needs checking in system link.

Memory Stats

Draws a print out of the game's memory usage on the screen.

Drawing Options

  • Draw Background - Toggles drawing all level geometry.
  • Draw Background Opaque Non-Decals - Toggles drawing most solid level geometry.
  • Draw Background Opaque Decals - Toggles drawing certain effects, like ladder shadows.
  • Draw Background Transparent Decals - Toggles drawing certain effects.
  • Draw Background Transparent Non-Decals - Toggles drawing transparent level geometry, like water.
  • Draw Background Hits - Toggles drawing the level geometry as a wireframe.
  • Draw Decals - Toggles drawing all map decal effects.
  • Draw Char Hits - Toggles drawing characters as incomplete, buggy-looking wireframes.
  • Draw Char Seperate Heads - Toggles drawing characters' heads.
  • Draw Chars - Toggles drawing characters entirely.
  • Draw Doors - Toggles drawing... well, guess.
  • Draw Fog - Toggles drawing fog effects.
  • Draw Guns - Toggles drawing weapon pickups.
  • Draw Man Pos - Toggles the N64 version's "testing man pos" debug option.
  • Draw Portals - Toggles the display of boundaries between rooms as flat, transparent purple surfaces.
  • Draw Prop Hits - Draws props, breakable glass, and dropped guns as wireframes, and draws large buggy green wireframe boxes around the place.
  • Draw Props - Toggles drawing props and breakable glass.
  • Draw Safe Area - Toggles drawing a white border on the screen, indicating the "safe area" that won't be cropped out by some TVs.
  • Draw Sky - Toggles drawing the 2D skyboxes used by the HD graphics display mode.
  • Draw Stans - Toggles drawing transparent polygons, visible through level geometry, indicating all the surfaces the player and characters can stand on.
  • Draw Door Squashing
  • Draw String Borders - Toggles the grey outline on the ammo display font.
  • Force 60fps

Character Models

Provides a list of character models that can be toggled. You can only have one enabled at a time. When enabled, all AI will use this model on the next level load. Some models, like the HeadBrosnan ones, tend to crash the game.

Hat Models

Provides a list of hat models that can be toggled. You can only have one enabled at a time. When enabled, all AI will wear this hat on the next level load. Some results seem to be unexpected (i.e. wearing a head as a hat).

Effects Settings

These all have minimum and maximum values when using the Left Stick, but you can press A to keep going past the maximum.

  • Exp Scale - Scale of explosion sprites.
  • Exp Alpha - Alpha of explosion sprites, from 0 to 1. This is modulo'd to 1, so 1.1 => 0.1.
  • Exp Debris Amount - Amount of debris to create on bullet impacts. Note that there's a limit to the amount of debris at once, so setting it to 10.0 just causes every impact to delete all the previous debris.
  • Exp Fireball Amount
  • New Fog Distance - Modify the level's fog distance for remastered graphics.
  • Exp Additive - Explosions become totally opaque, including a few frames with black boxes.
  • New Fog Red - Modify the level's fog color for remastered graphics.
  • New Fog Green - As above.
  • New Fog Blue - As above.
  • Near Decal Bias
  • Far Decal Bias
  • HowFarIsFar
  • Near Clip Plane - Minimum distance to render anything. Anything below 1.0 generally causes glitchiness.
  • Far Clip Plane - Maximum distance to render anything. Set this to 0, and render order is reversed.
  • Sea Height - Modify the sea level. This only has an effect on Frigate with original graphics, the only level with a (rather buggy) sea. Each level seems to have its own minimum value for this.


Displays a page of warnings, largely illegible due to there being so many (usually around 525) that they all overlap each other.

The majority of these are models with skeletons that don't contain optional bones. (For example, guns can optionally have "cartridge", "flash", "finger", "slide", and "muzzle" bones. The slappers/"fist" has none of these, and so causes 10 warnings: 5 from its original model, 5 from its remastered model.)

Sound Effects

A fairly simple sound test.

  • Next Sound - Cycles to the next sound, and prints its number and internal name to the bottom message display.
  • Play Sound - Plays the selected sound.
  • Prev Sound - Cycles to the previous sound, and prints its number and internal name to the bottom message display.

Hide This Menu (Press A or B to show)

Self-explanatory. Hides the debug menu, but keeps the game frozen. Likely helpful for screenshots.

Enable Voice Chat

Does nothing in single-player. Needs checking in system link.

Random Sound Spam

Toggles playing a random sound every few frames, resulting in an unholy cacophony.

Reset Audio

All audio stops working.

Error Message

To do:
Replace image

If a text file were to be edited incorrectly or deleted, the text will be replaced by the placeholder "WHO THE FUCK BROKE BUILD?" and can be caused as simply as changing one line incorrectly.