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Goosebumps: The Game

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Title Screen

Goosebumps: The Game

Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publisher: GameMill Publishing
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: October 13, 2015 (Windows/PS3/PS4/360/XB1/3DS), October 9, 2018 (Switch)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Goosebumps: The Game is a first person point-and-click game made as a tie-in prequel to the 2015 Goosebumps movie... at least before the original opening of the movie (which the game leads into) got cut, leaving any connection between them tenuous at best now.

Unused Graphics

Save File Icons

In what seems to be a WayForward tradition, the game has a set of five placeholder save file icons in PNG format in its data folder. The game can save up to three profiles but the icons shown are gray silluetes of either a boy or a girl depending on the gender you choose when starting a new game.

DuckTalesRemasteredSAVEICON0.png DuckTalesRemasteredSAVEICON1.png DuckTalesRemasteredSAVEICON2.png DuckTalesRemasteredSAVEICON3.png DuckTalesRemasteredSAVEICON4.png

Console Differences

  • As expected, the 3DS version has more compressed assets and some subtle particle effects and animations were removed. The music is also downsampled to 16000Hz compared to the other versions' 44100Hz.
  • The 3DS version has an additional image during the start-up showing Slappy the Dummy using headphones along with the message "Headphones are recommended to fully enjoy the game" written above.
  • The 3DS version actually has The Game written as part of its name in the title screen and credits compared to the other versions that just read Goosebumps.

Switch version

Being released almost three years later to tie-in with the release of Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, the Switch version has the most noticeable differences compared to every other version.

  • It features GameMill and WayForward's usual logo animations and jingles during the start-up, replacing the static logos used in all the other versions.
  • It also has the same headphones image as the 3DS version, though it's now relocated to when starting a game from the title screen instead of during the start-up.
  • The title screen itself was almost completely redrawn and is more well-animated compared to the other versions. The copyright info at the bottom was also updated.
Other Versions Switch
Goosebumps-thegame title.png Goosebumps-thegame switchtitle.png
  • Some other assets and backgrounds throughout the game were also redrawn to be more detailed compared to the other versions.
  • The credits were expanded with a new section for the people at WayForward that worked on the Switch version specifically. It also means they run slightly faster to fit within the same time length as the other versions.

Revisional Differences

In the haunted house, there's a room leading to the attic that has shrinking walls and a pipe that, if opened, constantly spouts slime into the room, its puzzle requiring you to use the slime plus an item you acquire at another point to make the walls stop moving. If you take too long (in other words, do too many unnecessary clicks), either the walls close and you're crushed or the slime fills up the room and you drown, leading to a game over.

At launch, with enough planning it was possible to completely bypass this by performing the steps necessary to enter the attic in the least amount of clicks possible. Two days later, a patch was released that made it so that trying to enter the attic results in the walls closing instantly, forcing you to solve the puzzle before instead. The Switch version already comes patched by default.