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Gran Turismo 4/Manufacturers

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This is a sub-page of Gran Turismo 4.

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Even with as many as manufacturers that Polyphony Digital can be and are included with the game, there are also some leftovers for marques that didn't make it. Some of the manufacturers (mainly tuners) that do appear also have some unused assets relating to them.

Unused Manufacturers


GT4 tuner logo daimler.png

Daimler (not to be confused with Daimler-Benz; the Daimler here is a Jaguar-owned marque) has an unused logo asset. The brand is not featured in the game. It is unknown as to what car(s) this would have belonged to if the brand were to have been used.

GM Design

GT4 tuner logo gm design.png

There is an unused logo asset for GM Design. This logo is never seen in the game, either as a make/manufacturer, or as a tuner. In Gran Turismo Concept, the Pontiac Solstice Coupe Concept '02 and Cadillac CIEN Concept '02 were branded as GM Design before being changed to Pontiac and Cadillac respectively for this game, so the purpose as to what this would have been used for is unknown, or it could be an unused carryover from the aforementioned title.

An updated GM Design logo asset would later appear in Gran Turismo 6 for their planned Vision Gran Turismo car, but as of Gran Turismo 7, no Vision GT car had been released under the GM Design banner, although they were involved on the Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo project, which is branded as a Chaparral in aforementioned games, including Gran Turismo Sport.


GT4 tuner logo rover.png

An unused logo asset for Rover still exists in the game's files. This was perhaps meant to be used for the MINI COOPER 1.3i '98 (which can only be found in the Japanese/Asian versions of the game) before it was placed into the Mini brand in the game. As the Rover Group manufactured the aforementioned vehicle themselves, this logo would have been used for only this car, but seeing as how BMW bought out the Mini brand name of the Rover Group to manufacture their own lineup of cars, this car was moved into the Mini brand, starting from this game onwards; this technically includes Gran Turismo 3 as well, which would contradict the previous statement, but the aforementioned car was the only car under the Mini brand name in that installment at the time, presuming licensing of the car was already taken care of before the game's release.


GT4 Tickford logo.png
GT4 Tickford dealer.png

Due to changes in Ford Australia's performance division (the company being bought out by Prodrive resulting in Ford Australia replacing them with the in-house FPV brand), the 2000 Ford Falcon XR8 (entered by Ford Tickford Racing in Australian V8 Supercars in real life) was moved from Tickford to Ford Australia dealership. As a result, the Tickford dealership is left unused in this game, although it is still listed as a valid manufacturer/tuner having description text:

US English text:

Tickford: In 1991, Australian performance engineering firm Tickford was tasked by Ford Australia to design high-performance automobiles. It showed the world its considerable engineering capabilities with cars like the XR6 and XR8. In 2001, Tickford's parent was bought by British motor sports constructor Prodrive, which combined Tickford with its other Australian operations to create Ford Performance Vehicles. Today Tickford's know-how and passion for automobiles lives on in FPV.

European English text:

Tickford: This is a technical development company that took on the role of the high performance division of Ford Australia in 1991. Although the XR6 and XR8 clearly demonstrate the high engineering capabilities of Tickford, the company merged with the English motor sports constructor Prodrive in 2001, and so the know-how and passion was transferred to the new Ford Performance Vehicle company.

The brand does have a functional dealership, but it is identical to Ford Australia (right down to using a copy of the main Ford logo), except that no cars can be purchased or tuned there and the tuning shop uses Ford logo instead of Ford Racing one.

Toyota Modellista

GT4 Toyota Modellista logo.png

There is an entry for Toyota Modellista as a valid make in the game's database, under the internal ID of "toyotamodellista". While the car name of Toyota Modellista Celica TRD Sports M (ZZT231) '00 implies Toyota Modellista is the assigned tuner, the car is treated as a TRD car by the game, right down from being sold from the Full Model section of Toyota's tuning shop (although it cannot be tuned from TRD's unused tune shop, as described below). The tuner also has a description text:

US English text:

Toyota Modellista: Toyota established this customized-car company in 1997 to keep up with diversifying consumer tastes. The company makes its own original parts and offers car buyers "customized cars not listed in any catalog." These offerings include everything from custom seats and exterior add-ons to completely made-to-order cars.

European English text:

Toyota Modellista: This is a customisation brand that Toyota established in 1997 to handle the diverse preferences of customers. From development of custom parts, changing seat materials, and body tuning, to full order-made customisation, Toyota Modellista offers parts and technology aimed at customers' desires for "a car that is not in the catalogue".

Unlike most of the other unused manufacturers, forcibly loading the Toyota Modellista dealership will make the player able to buy the aforementioned Celica. Advertisements for the brand can also be seen in some original tracks, most notably Motorland and Seoul Central.


GT4 tuner logo vemac.png

A logo asset for Vemac can be found, alongside being registered as a valid make/tuner in the game's databases. There is leftover description text for the manufacturer to supplement its possible inclusion:

US English text:

Vemac: Tokyo R&D, a company that traditionally built racecars and electronic vehicles, established Vemac in 1998 to achieve its long-cherished dream of building road-going sports cars. Vemac is developing the RD series, which combine original Vemac bodies with Honda engines, and their release is much anticipated. Vemac has already entered prototypes in the Japan GT Championship. Despite regulatory concerns, these prototypes have demonstrated the cars' considerable potential.

European English text:

Vemac: The Vemac brand was established in 1998 in order to realise the long-held dream by R & D Sports of creating a road-going sports car. Up to this point their work had been concerned with mainly race cars and electric cars. The RD series was developed as a combination of a unique chassis mated with a Honda engine, and its release is highly anticipated. Before the release of the road car, the advanced development car will enter the All Japan Grand Touring Championship (JGTC). Although it will be constrained by race regulations, the vehicle has amazing potential and will undoubtedly show the way forward for the company.

It might have been possible that the Vemac RD320R would have featured in the game as its inclusion was a common topic of speculation around 2003. However, the logo asset appears to be a simple placeholder created with one of the game's default white sans-serif fonts, hinting that the inclusion of the manufacturer didn't make it very far during development.

Unused Manufacturer Description Text

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Some of the used manufacturers/tuners also have unused dealerships, and with it, description text. As these texts are available in every language featured, only English text will be featured on this page.

It should be noted that if these manufacturers are forcibly accessed, all of them will appear to use Nissan's front menu banner pictures and the tune shops (the only available option in each of these brands' unused front menus) works with their brand's respective cars as intended, except otherwise mentioned.


As a tuner selling its own complete cars from Honda's tuning shop, Mugen has an unused manufacturer description text, as if it is accessed from the Tuner Village menu:

US English European English
Mugen: Mugen is a tuner that specializes in Hondas and also competes heavily in motor sports. The company was started in 1973 by Hirotoshi Honda, eldest son of Honda founder Soichiro Honda. Although Mugen is known for competing in a wide range of motor sports events, with a special emphasis on Formula 1, its tuning parts also have a strong following among non-professional car enthusiasts. Mugen: This was a special brand of Honda formed in 1973 based on the two pillars of motor sports and tuning. The founder of Mugen was Hirotoshi Honda, the eldest son of the founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda. Although Mugen is famous for success across a broad range of motor sports, with F1 at the peak, the variety of tuning parts that are developed and fabricated within the company also attract a lot of support.
GT4 Mugen dealer.png


Like Mugen above, Nismo sells complete cars from Nissan's tuning shop and thus have an unused manufacturer description text:

US English European English
Nismo: Nismo (short for Nissan Motorsports) is Nissan's works division, created in 1984 by merging two Nissan departments: an advertising department that worked for Nissan's motor sports customers, and a department that developed special experimental vehicles. Since then, Nismo has made its name in numerous events, including the Le Mans 24 Hours Race, the All-Japan Touring Car Championship, and the Japan GT Championship. Using this motor sports experience, Nismo also makes tuning parts for street cars and even builds complete cars; both have firmly established reputations for quality. Nismo: Nismo is a works brand of Nissan that formed in 1984 from the merger of the number 3 publicity division that had been promoting motor sports to end customers, and the special vehicles testing division that had been developing race cars. The Nismo name has made an impression with successful performances at a number of venues, include the Le Mans 24 Hour race, the All Japan Touring Car Championship and the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship. Nismo tuning parts and complete cars for street use that utilise the know-how gained from the circuit are also highly valued.
GT4 Nismo dealer.png

Polyphony Digital

There is only one car registered under the game's own developer, Formula Gran Turismo '04. While making the Polyphony Digital manufacturer hidden keeps the car under secrecy, it also makes the aforementioned car only able to use Racing: Medium tires outside of Arcade Mode.

US English European English
Polyphony Digital: This single model is a crystallization of all the automotive passion and aspirations in Gran Turismo. Although it does not exist in the real world, this "dream" car represents the same love of cars and the same craftsmanship as any "real world" machine. Polyphony Digital: The spirit of Gran Turismo is the portrayal of an intimate appreciation of, and passion for, the world of cars. This car is an original, dream model designed by the development team, to encapsulate these emotions.

Note that the Formula Gran Turismo cannot be purchased this way, nor any tuning parts (including tires) for the car, except for Increase Rigidity and Rigidity Refresher Plan.

GT4 Polyphony dealer.png


As with the Mugen and Nismo examples above, TRD sells complete cars from Toyota's tuning shop and inevitably has its own manufacturer description text:

US English European English
TRD: Toyota Racing Development (TRD) began as the motor sports and tuning department of Toyota Technocraft, established in 1954. Using know-how gained by competing in the Japan GT Championship and other motor sports events, TRD has over the years developed a wide array of functional and reliable sports parts. Today TRD products can be found in competitive Toyota cars all over the world. TRD: This is the Toyota Technocraft motor sports and tuning division that was formed in 1954. TRD provides feedback on knowledge and skills gained through motor sports operations such as the All Japan Grand Touring Championship, and produces many parts that are overflowing with functionality and reliability. These operations are not limited to Japan, with TRD fixed as an essential sports brand for Toyota cars around the world.

Note that although the TOYOTA MODELLISTA CELICA TRD Sports M (ZZT231) '00 can be purchased from there (a Full Model option appears in the Tune Shop screen), that particular car cannot be tuned by forcibly accessing the TRD dealership. Additionally, TRD is also the only tuner without a front menu banner picture.

GT4 TRD dealer.png