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GuitarFreaks (Arcade)

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Title Screen


Developer: Konami AMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami System 573)
Released in JP: March 15, 1999[1]
Released in US: March 1999
Released in EU: 1999
Released in AS: 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Do ya feel it? Huh, do ya feel it?
Show me your love, Show me your love...
Sounds rockin' the nation!

Konami, observing the success of beatmania and Dance Dance Revolution, decides to create a guitar-simulation game. It was just as successful as the former two, spawning many sequels (and a companion game, drummania).

Extra Debug Options


Place the MAME codes below in gtrfrks.xml, though it also applies to the game's clones. After the game loads, enable the main debug function code and enter the service menu. Upon selecting the GAME MODE option, the game redirects to an extra debug screen with three additional functions. As there is no input to exit these menus, a code to exit them is also bundled.

 <cheat desc="Debug Functions">
  <script state="run">
  <script state="off">
 <cheat desc="Exit Debug Functions">
  <script state="on">
(Source: Revenant)

Model Viewer

A viewer for some of the game's models.


  • 1P Strum - Zoom in.
  • 1P Wail - Zoom out.
  • 1P Red - Skew up.
  • 1P Green - Skew down.
  • 1P Blue - Change model.
  • 1P Effect 1 - Skew left.
  • 1P Effect 2 - Skew right.
  • 1P Start - Change model set.
  • 2P Strum - Rotate X clockwise.
  • 2P Wail - Rotate X counterclockwise.
  • 2P Red - Rotate Z clockwise.
  • 2P Green - Rotate Z counterclockwise.
  • 2P Effect 1 - Rotate Y clockwise.
  • 2P Effect 2 - Rotate Y counterclockwise.

The model sets shown are, in order:

Order Description
1 Broken. Contains 12 models.
2 The pillars from Chicago Blue. Contains 10 models.
3 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of L.A. RIDER's textures.
4 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of Cool Joe's textures.
5 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of JAZZY CAT's textures.
6 The wall from SHAKE IT UP. Contains 14 models.
7 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of THE ENDLESS SUMMER's textures.
8 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of Cutie pie's textures.
9 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of DRY MARTINI's textures.
10 The guitarist from Happy man. Contains 18 models.
11 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of Hypnotica's textures.
12 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of FIRE's textures.
13 Broken. Resembles model 2, though it uses some of LUCKY? STAFF's textures.
14 The cubes from the CG test in the main operator menu. Contains 2 models.
15 Mr.B.BONE, from the Practice Stage. Contains 14 models.
16 The guitars and mode select icons. Contains 16 models.

VRAM Viewer

A sprite viewer.


  • 1P Red - Change graphic type.
  • 1P Green - Next palette.
  • 1P Blue - Previous palette.
  • 1P Effect 1 - Decrease X.
  • 1P Effect 2 - Increase X.
  • 1P Strum - Decrease Y.
  • 1P Wail - Increase Y.
  • 2P Red - Apply graphic set.
  • 2P Pick - Next graphic set.
  • 2P Wail - Previous graphic set.

The graphic sets are as follows:

ID Description
Common Default. Shows the current VRAM.
Does not update if one of the below sets was already selected.
Blues Chicago Blue
Hrock L.A. RIDER
Funk Cool Joe
Mtown Cutie pie
Toydolls Happy man
Digirock Hypnotica
Nrock FIRE
Demo How To Play sequence
RIFF Practice Stage

Sound Test

A sound test menu.


  • SPU
    • 1P Pick - Move up.
    • 1P Green - Play sound effect (if hovered on NAME).
    • 1P Effect 1 - Previous option (does not work on MUTE).
    • 1P Effect 2 - Next option (does not work on MUTE).
  • CDDA
    • 2P Pick - Move up.
    • 2P Effect 1 - Decrease volume (if hovered on VOL).
    • 2P Effect 2 - Increase volume (if hovered on VOL).
    • 2P Green - Previous track (if hovered on NAME).
    • 2P Blue - Next track (if hovered on NAME).

Unused Graphics

Extreme Mode

Graphical remnants for Extreme Mode, a harder difficulty option which was later added in the next game.

GuitarfPS1-extremeicon.png GuitarfPS1-extremetext.png

(Source: tikal.)

Leftover Session Play Graphics

Based on these unused graphics, which include two incomplete Session Play backgrounds, poster graphics, and song selection graphics for three songs, it seems the original drummania was planned to be released alongside this game.

GuitarfreaksAC-drummaniaCPDM2.png GuitarfreaksAC-drummaniaHM2.png GuitarfreaksAC-drummaniaHY2.png
GuitarfreaksAC-drummaniaCPDM3.png GuitarfreaksAC-drummaniaHM3.png GuitarfreaksAC-drummaniaHY3.png

(Source: tikal.)


Song selection graphics for the song LUCKY? STAFF. As it only appears as the Extra Stage song of the Expert difficulty, these graphics go unused. Note that the preview pictures seem to be placeholders.

GuitarfPS1-12.png GuitarfPS1-test12.png GuitarfreaksAC-luckyguitar.png

(Source: tikal.)

Title Screen Variation


A variant of the title screen graphic, featuring a red background. While could have been used while performing a code (possibly Extreme Mode?), it could also be just a version from earlier in development.

(Source: tikal.)

Background Animations

Cutie pie

An unused "Happy man" text graphic. One thing to note is that while some songs' background animations were slightly different when playing in 2P mode (e.g. Chicago Blue), Cutie pie does not have such quirks.



Separate graphics for a spotlight and lighting. The final game uses "combined" graphics instead.


(Source: tikal.)

Unused Sounds



An alternate take of the sample heard during the title screen. Comparing to the used variant, this features a much deeper voice.

"Air Guitar"

Where this could have been used is unknown.


Would have likely been played if the aforementioned unused Extreme difficulty was selected.

"Press Start Button"

Would have likely been used when a credit is inserted, but no sound plays in-game.

"These are the top hits on the weekly chart"

Where this could have been used is unknown.

"Today's recommended song is this one"

Where this could have been used is unknown.


Nine assorted sounds that don't seem to fit anywhere in the game. Strangely, most of these are taken from Bishi Bashi Champ: Minigame Senshuken.

(Source: tikal.)

Regional Differences

Excite Gauge

A new lifebar configuration was added in the Asian release of the game: the player starts with the Excite Gauge at a low level, and must fill it to a specific level (marked in red) for the stage to be cleared; finishing the stage with the Gauge any lower fails it. While not playable under the default settings in the Asian release, it is the default lifebar mode in the American and European releases of the game, and can be changed anytime in the operator menu, under "Game Over During Song" in "Game Settings".

Turned On Turned Off
GuitarfreaksAC-gameplayJPAS.png GuitarfreaksAC-gameplayUSEU.png

How to Play

Depending on the Excite Gauge setting, there are appropriate changes done in the How to Play screen.

Turned On Turned Off
GuitarfreaksAC-exciteAS.png GuitarfreaksAC-exciteUSEU.png

"The game will end when your excite gauge runs out."

This audio line is also replaced with booing.