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Gun.Smoke (Arcade)

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Title Screen


Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom (INT), Romstar (NA)
Platform: Arcade (custom)
Released internationally: November 1985
Released in US: 1986 (Romstar)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
In a pretty genius(?) way to get around the potential legal issues with the game's name, its rerelease on Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is referred to as "Gan Sumoku" with a brand new katakana logo in all regions. Get that on the page.

Capcom's Gun.Smoke is a scrolling shoot 'em up...sans spaceship? What's going on here?

Yes, this game is set in the Wild West, and that means shootin' everyone you come across. Based on the long-running TV show, but not really. Watch out for cow skulls!

Unused Graphics

Notable cymbals {}
While there are around 50 special characters in the game's font, only 18 of them are used.
The 32 other unique characters don't appear anywhere, even in the name entry screen.
Notable symbols include a Hot Spring symbol and a small POW icon.
Tank.Smoke?! Something particularly strange is in the text graphics ROM; an entirely unique, completely unused font!
Note that this image was modified from how it's stored on the ROM; all tiles have been rotated 180°.
It's unknown where this font would be used, and it doesn't match a font used in any of Capcom's games.
The only clue as to what kind of game would use this font is the tank character in the 6th row.
Sign your name where no one will set it until decades later
The name Takashi Aoki is stored in the object graphics ROM.
Those aren't rubies, Petunia
A human skull with red eyes. Cow skulls appear in the game as a power-down item. This does not.
An alternate design for the POW item. This appears in Savage Bees as a weapon power-up.
It might have had a similar effect in this game.
Sure, they're cacti, but are they killer?
Despite being setting in the Wild West and all, there's a conspicuous absence of cacti.
There are some in the object graphics ROM, but they never appear in-game. Odd, that.
This is your left, that's your leftSooo sleepyThis is your right, that's your right
Graphics for an 11th boss! He wields two pistols, has a nifty hat, and looks very sleepy.

Presumably he would appear in the cut 11th stage seen below.
But it wasn't a rockIt was a Rock Mobster
A boulder is found near the cut boss's graphics. Presumably the boss would hide behind it.
There are two boss frames that are cut off at the torso; those could only be used if he was behind something.
A boulder. Another boulder.I like that boulder. That's a nice boulder.
Three other boulder sprites can be found in the object graphics. The boulders in the game are background graphics.
Perhaps they were planning to hide stuff behind them.
He's plotting something. He's a grown boy. He can take the pain.You'd think that's his Mexican mustache. But according to the German release, those are his eyes.Left this world while holding an imaginary bomb.
A cut short enemy with frames for walking, jumping, taking multiple hits and throwing bombs.
While the final game does feature enemies that throw explosives, they throw dynamite, not black bombs.
Oh my god, JC a bomb!
This is the bomb he was supposed to throw.
The frames suggest that the bomb was meant to work more or less the same way as the dynamite.
Looks kinda like Sagat, doesn't he?. Fetch!Alley-oop!K.O.
A cut bald enemy with an eyepatch (Sagat??) with the ability to throw dynamite, looking quite similar to the used bomber enemy.
He's stored right next to Pig Joe, the stage 5 boss, possibly suggesting he was meant to accompany him in his boss battle.
With unique frame for landing on the ground included! :D The color palette is just a guess.Quite experienced at High Jump events.
Another cut smaller enemy, containing only frames for jumping and throwing knives while in the air.
He bears a strong resemblance to Fat Man, the stage 9 boss, and he's stored right next to him, so he was probably meant to help him in battle.
They just don't make them like they used to.
Here's the knife he'd throw.
It's different from the ones thrown by Roy.
Wingate Father spreads bullets in 5 directions, while there's only 3 of these. Maybe that was the reason for the change.
A larger bullet type stored near the Wingate Family.
All of the family members shoot the basic round bullet type during the fight.
Hmm... barely noticeable.Much more detailed. :)
Animations of the gunman enemy and his Native incarnation being killed and falling into water.
The background collision prevents them from getting anywhere near the water, so they never get the chance to be killed there.
Nice hair. Or is it a jacket?That's probably his hair.Most of the enemies in this game fall on their backs. This one is special!
A Native version of the bomber enemy, intended to appear in stage 6.
The regular one is used instead.
The... secondary special.
The Native version of the gunman enemy has frames for performing every action of his original incarnation, including falling from a height, which has no use in Round 6.
Cutter prefers to jump too, but at least he walks during his entrance.
Pig Joe has frames for walking
He's got no time for that when he's constantly jumping around and throwing dynamite.
The game spawns the regular ones by displaying their walking frame at random.This one is even angrier than the used one.
A different design of the bull with a different color palette.
It's located near the end of the tileset along with other Native versions of the enemies, meaning it was supposedly meant to replace the regular bulls in stage 6.
However, said stage doesn't feature any bulls.
Perhaps they didn't wanted horse being killed by the protagonist?
Wolf Chief jumping off his dead horse.
His horse can't be killed during the ambush segments where he's spectating, and he fights without it at the end of the stage.
Early Final
GunSmokeArcBootsEarly.png GunSmokeArcBootsFinal.png

In the tileset of the German version of the game, there exist copies of the power-up graphics near the unused POW item.
These tiles are completely blank in all other versions.
While almost all of the power-ups look identical to the original counterparts, the boots that increase movement speed uses a different, less detailed design.

(Translation: divingkataetheweirdo)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Stage Select

A rudimentary stage select is in the game. Set the Slot A / Slot B credit settings to the appropriate value, then turn the Service Mode switch on when the copyright warning screen appears.

Slot B
Slot A
1 / 3 Credits 1 / 3 Credits Stage 2
1 / 4 Credits 1 / 3 Credits Stage 3
1 / 6 Credits 1 / 6 Credits Stage 4
2 / 1 Credit 3 / 1 Credit Stage 5
3 / 1 Credit 3 / 1 Credit Stage 6
4 / 1 Credit 3 / 1 Credit Stage 7
1 / 1 Credit 1 / 2 Credits Stage 8
1 / 2 Credits 1 / 2 Credits Stage 9
1 / 3 Credits 1 / 2 Credits Stage 10
1 / 4 Credits 1 / 4 Credits Ending

(Source: MAME "gunsmoke.cpp" driver file)

Unused Map

River keeps on rollin'

The map has been rotated to fit in the article.

An unused area is stored in the game's tile map starting at offset 5D40 and ending at 6938. This is probably where the cut boss would be fought.

This map can be seen in the game by modifying the RAM address E04F and set the value to 5F. This address controls the checkpoint position and requires to purposely lose a life to make it work.

However there seems to be no Background Collision implemented in this map whatsoever.

Otherwise, this is a fairly unremarkable level using the river archetype. The only structures of note are the two parallel bridges near the end of the stage.

Given how the tilemap mostly matches the order of the stages in the game, it can be assumed this map was meant to be Round 6, which is Wolf Chief's stage in the final game. Wolf Chief's stage is the only one whose tilemap is stored out of order, being the last one, so it's safe to assume it replaced this cut stage.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Music

Two tracks are unused.

ID# Track Notes
An unused boss track. Could have been used for either Stage 4 or 7, the only stages to share boss themes.
This is the same length as the other stage clear tracks, so it might have been used for that.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Serial String

A hidden string can be found at 7E50 in each version. These strings also give an early title for the game.

Japan World NA Set 1 NA Set 2
85113    Gunman   J
    == GSJ_03 ==
85113    Gunman   N
    == GSE_03 ==
85113    Gunman   A
    == GSR_03 ==
85113    Gunman   A
    == GSA_03 ==
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Firefly Secret

Insert 16 credits and start the game. A Firefly worth 10,000 points will fly by near the start of the stage.

Regional Differences

Japan World North America
Gun.png Gun.ogg Gun.zzdummy

In a standard mid-80s Capcom game change, the number of letters per name was reduced from 8 to 3. The Romstar releases further alter the first two names from the World version's high score table.

German Version

Just like Commando, the version of the game released in Germany had major graphical changes in order to abide by Germany's strict laws about killing people in media. Their solution to get around this? Making everyone a cyborgǃ It's one of those cases of censorship that absolutely has to be seen to be believed.

International West Germany
A typical bandit. Don't look Marian, keep your eyes shut!

Most of the enemies (including unused ones) were given flashing eyes.

International West Germany
*Insert Magnum Force theme here* Professional Assassin for hire.
The only boss that can be revived. Also the only boss which has a visible round shadow during his jumps.
Fun fact: the game wasn't originally planned to have ninjas. However, the president of Capcom requested to add one for the sake of the game's reception. Now he looks more mysterious and deadly.
He preferred to not change his name in the NES port. Interesting design.
That one specific portrait using the green color palette. That's Pig Joe. Or is it Pig Josh?
In comparison to previous Round worth $20000. This Round rewards with $80000 for beating the longest Stage in the game. No spear in this version.
Then the game jumps back to smaller amount of rewards, $20000. I knew it! He was a robot all along! No wait...
In later appearance he's the main leader of the bandits. Not gonna lie. Some of the edits actually look scary.
The Pre-Final Boss of the game, who's able to demolish the entire town. Now he became the Triclops!
GunSmokeArcPortrait11INT.png GunSmokeArcPortrait11GER.png

The boss portraits received easily the most notable makeover. And what a makeover it isǃ

Still sleepy. Yes. Even the Unused Boss has received a Robotic Makeover.

Even the unused boss' portrait was roboticizedǃ

Some of the bosses' in-game sprites were altered to match these design changes.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcNinjaINT.gif GunSmokeArcNinjaGER.gif

Ninja has his face covered in black with an eye blinking when he's throwing shurikens darts.

What appears to be a small leftover of his original face is visible on the standing frames of the German sprite.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcCutterINT.gif GunSmokeArcCutterGER.gif

Cutter received a metal bar attached to his head.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcFatManINT.gif GunSmokeArcFatManGER.gif

Fat Man received a mechanical mouth and three eyes flashing red.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcWingateSonINT.gif GunSmokeArcWingateSonGER.gif

The Wingate Sons had a minor change to their eyes. Note that, while they both received a different kind of cyborg eye in the German portraits, they both use the same sprite in-game, with this one seemingly based on the left portrait.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcWingateFatherINT.gif GunSmokeArcWingateFatherGER.gif

Wingate Father has a mechanical mouth. His crawling sprites were left intact, though.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcPigJoeJumpINT.png GunSmokeArcPigJoeDefeatINT.png GunSmokeArcPigJoeJumpGER.png GunSmokeArcPigJoeDefeatGER.png

Aside from these changes, a few other sprites were redrawn.

Pig Joe's jumping frame has been changed to not having mouth open, which results him spitting fireballs with his mouth closed.

Also, one of his defeated frames had his arms edited to be symmetrical.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcWolfChiefHitINT.png GunSmokeArcWolfChiefHitGER.png

Wolf Chief no longer holds his shotgun in his damaged frame.

International West Germany
GunSmokeArcNativeSpearINT.png GunSmokeArcNativeSpearGER.png

The spear throwing Native enemy is actually shown holding a spear nowǃ His right arm was made a bit thicker too.

Revisional Differences

There are two revisions of the North American game. The following changes were made to Set 2:

  • The copyright year was changed from 1985 to 1986.
  • The boss demonstration dipswitch was changed. It now controls the number of starting lives, and the demonstration never plays. If the dipswitch isn't flipped, the player will start with 5 lives instead of 3.
  • The default high score was changed from 100000 to 110000.
  • Stages 3 and 6 were swapped, making early progress in the game much more difficult.

(Source: MAME "gunsmoke.cpp" driver file)